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With the abyss of the deep sea and Spell Forbidden Barrier, the courage of a higher void was long gone.

Little Ninja resisted the urge to attack.

He felt that this would undoubtedly speed up his death.

Suppressing his anger, he could not suppress his gnashing teeth.

Little Ninja forced an ugly smile and asked, “May I ask, Senior, since you and I have no enmity, why are you not willing to let me go”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

No enmity

Little Ninja even wanted to exchange Xu Xiaoshous head for a reward.

He actually said that they had no enmity.

Speaking of that, Xu Xiaoshou was the most innocent one.

Why could everyone take his head and exchange it for cultivation resources However, he could only sit and wait for death.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed silently.

After laughing for a long time, until Little Ninjas scalp went numb, he calmed down all the emotions on his face and put on an indifferent face.

He then said coldly, “Anyone who is bitten by a dog on the road will be in a bad mood, right Im in a bad mood today, and I want to kill someone to cheer me up.

Are you satisfied with this explanation”

The sudden change in killing intent was so cold that it seemed to be able to freeze all the cold currents under the deep sea.

Looking at the indifferent look of Water Ghost and Golden Beast Mask, Little Ninja got so angry that his whole body was trembling.

Just because of that

“There must be something that provoked this guy.”

“And Im just an innocent person.

Im just passing by.

Why should I bear all of this for that thing”

Little Ninja was roaring inside.

He was angry at Water Ghost and the unknown guy who provoked Water Ghost.

Why did the guy provoke this pervert for no reason He was totally sick!



.” Little Ninja hesitated and couldnt make a decision for a long time.

“Stop! Ive chosen the third option for you!” Xu Xiaoshou said indifferently.

He paused for a moment as if he had remembered the most important thing.

Then he said, “Remember, during the escape, you can still use any means you can, including exposing my identity and transferring hatred.”

“And now, theres not much time left.

Im going to start counting.”

Little Ninja raised his eyes in shock.

Before he could figure out the meaning of his words, he had no time to say anything else.


The countdown for Xu Xiaoshous death began.

With a thud, Little Ninjas heart was hit hard.

He felt the suction force of the water ball increase in an instant, and his entire body became weak.


The Death Gods voice did not slow down at all as it continued to appear.

At this moment, Little Ninja only felt that the man with a golden beast mask holding Sea Gods Trident in front of him had become as tall as the sky, as if he was possessed by the sea god.

He originally wanted to fight to the death, to fight his way out.

However, after such a long time, for some baffling reason, the opponents aura completely suppressed him.

At this moment, Little Ninja didnt even have the slightest intention to make a move.

It was as if he had completely lost the will to make a move.


Three breaths had passed.

Little Ninja finally realized that he was afraid.

He didnt dare.

He didnt dare at all!

Since that was the case, he might as well follow the rules of the game and find someone to respond to him in order to extend his lifespan.

“As long as I can escape from his sight, as long as I leave this place…”

“Then I can live!”

Little Ninja muttered to himself silently.

He was afraid that he would waste time so he turned his head around.

With a shake of his body, golden light bloomed all over his body.


A loud and clear dragons roar echoed in the deep sea.

Immediately after, the water ball around Little Ninja cracked open.

Horns grew out of his head, Golden Dragon Scales grew out of his skin, and his body was rapidly growing.

In just a blink of an eye, a small boy with a round head and big eyes transformed into a ferocious dragon that was a thousand feet long, with four claws on the bottom and golden horns on the top of his head.

“Gold-swallowing Dragon!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the mysterious scene under the deep sea and felt that the dragons aura around him could almost blow away his condescending aura.

He was almost pushed back by this terrifying aura.

Fortunately, Xu Xiaoshou was prepared.

Even though his legs and stomach were trembling from the dragons aura, he didnt show it at all.

According to the information from Golden Foots soul, Little Ninjas original body was a Gold-swallowing Dragon!

This was almost a natural-born sacred physique with a sovereign physique.

It had the special ability to swallow metal to grow, and the toughness of the body far surpassed that of an ordinary sovereign physique.

Golden Foot also understood more than half of Little Ninjas other abilities.

However, it seemed that none of them could be used in the forbidden barrier.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know if Little Ninja still had a trump card that no one knew about.

However, no matter what, when Little Ninja was pushed to the limit, he could disregard everything.

Even if he had to burst through the water ball, he would return to his original form.

The physical strength of Gold-swallowing Dragon was enough to support it in the deep sea.

It could withstand the heavy pressure and stay out for a long time before killing Xu Xiaoshou as a master.

This was also the reason why Xu Xiaoshou didnt take the initiative to kill.

He had many killing methods in the deep sea.

But in order to kill a higher void, perhaps the only way was to use the water ball to kill someone with water pressure.

Obviously, this wasnt suitable for Little Ninja.

To be exact, the reason was that Xu Xioashous instantaneous explosive strength wasnt enough, so he could only use the water pressure to grind it to death!

Every higher void had a trump card.

Just like Golden Foots Heart of marrow absorption and Little Ninjas original body Gold-swallowing Dragon.

If Xu Xiaoshou wanted to solve the problem, he had to be careful.

Otherwise, he knew that he would be the problem to be solved.


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