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In the dead silence of the darkness, the sound of a heart beating could be heard.

It was just a tiny, barely noticeable sound.

“Where… is this…”

Returning to his consciousness, Night Guardian realized that he was still in the solution.

However, unlike the cold current in the deep sea, the liquid flowing around his body was very warm and contained a rich amount of energy.

It was like a babys swaddling, making him feel very safe.

“Creak –”

Outside the darkness, there seemed to be a door that was pushed open.

A ray of light penetrated through, and soon, the door closed with a bang.

However, through the precise instrument that was used to soak the solution, Nigh Guardian could vaguely see that when the light shone, two blurry figures were standing by the door not far away.

“How is it” It was an extremely calm voice.

However, for some unknown reason, the calmness in the other partys voice gave people a feeling of extreme sadness.

Night Guardian was soaked in the solution, and his heart began to beat faster.

It was the beginning of his sorrow.

He even felt tears flowing out of his eyes for some unknown reason.

“We failed, Lord Beihuai…”

“All 365 ghost breeders ended with failure.

We clearly picked the best seedlings for this first batch of trial-takers.

“Among them, there were powerful physique cultivators, ancient swordsmen with astonishing comprehension quality, and extremely rare dark attributes.

Unfortunately, without exception, all of them died under the power of ghost beast.”

The identity of the person who answered obviously lowered his status by more than one level.

Night Guardian vaguely remembered this voice.

Did it seem to be the… experimenter of this dark laboratory

However, he could tell that even this powerful experimenter was speaking while sobbing.

In the end, he could not help but apologize.

“Im sorry, Im sorry, Lord Beihuai!

“All of this is clearly my fault.

If I had worked harder, perhaps one of the ghost breeders would have succeeded.

“If thats the case, our plan will definitely be completed at the final stage.

“I have committed an unforgivable sin, and I should be executed…

“Ah, please dont kill me, Lord Beihuai! I was wrong…”

These contradictory words stunned everyone.

It was because Night Guardian did not hear any movement from that “Lord Beihuai”.

After a long time, when the experimenters mood slightly improved, that calm but sorrowful voice sounded again.

“Control your fear.

Dont be affected by my ability.

This is only the first batch of experiments.

Its not your fault.”

“Also, I hate the crying sound.

If you do it again, Ill really kill you.”

“Uh…” The experimenters voice seemed to be blocked.

After clearing the snot, he said in a perverse tone, “Im sorry, I lost my composure! But Lord Beihuais ability is really too hard to handle.

After I cried, I felt much better.”

“This place is too depressing.

Since the experiment failed, Ill give you a break.

You should go out and take a walk.”


The experimenter was obviously more high-spirited, but it quickly turned into sadness.

But this time, only low sobbing sounds appeared.

It seemed that the experimenter had mastered the method and tried his best to not reveal his emotions so clearly.


The door was pushed open again.

With the help of the light, Night Guardian wanted to see the figure of the high-ranking person who had left.

However, only a black figure entered his eyes.

He could not see anything else clearly.


At this moment, the figure who had left suddenly stopped and his tone became strange.

“You said that all of them failed”

“Uh, yes, all of them failed.

All of them are dead.

Not a single one is left.” The experimenter said and became frightened again.

Then, he sobbed.

“Sob, sob, sob.

Lord Beihuai means…”

“I heard that there was a third emotion in this place.

Your experiment succeeded.

Someone is alive.”


There was no argument.

The sound of footsteps was getting closer and closer.

They were clearly very close.

Night Guardian tried his best to open his eyes, but he was still unable to see the faces of the two people clearly.

“What number is this” A calm and sorrowful voice sounded in front of him.

“Number seven, that dark attribute Spiritual Cultivator.

Hes also Moonless Sword Deitys subordinate,” the experimenter said while crying.

“Hes one of the white-clothed teams black and white twin walls.

He was originally a little fellow with the light attribute, but unfortunately, he was rejected in the first round.

His physical condition isnt as strong as this Night Guardian.”

“Night Guardian”

“Yes, his name is Night Guardian.”

“Keep an eye on him.

His emotions are revealed, which means that hes already starting to recover.

Who knows, in the future, he might even remember this memory from when he just woke up… and the information that you revealed in your words just now was too much.”

“Lord Beihuai, please forgive me!” The experimenter was instantly terrified, and then he cried out, “Please kill me, please kill me, my sins are unforgivable.

Ah ah…”

“Ill give you three seconds to restrain your emotions.” A voice of disgust sounded.

“Uh, Im sorry, I lost my composure again.” The experimenters expression changed rapidly and he immediately guaranteed.

“Lord Beihuai, dont worry, his memories cant awaken.

In this aspect, we have the means.

We can be absolutely sure!”

“In this world, nothing is absolutely certain.

If something happens to Night Guardian, bring your head to see him.”

The sound of footsteps faded into the distance.

The ray of light at the door was once again drawn into the darkness.

Everything returned to silence once again.


The sound of a heartbeat sounded again.

Night Guardian opened his eyes.

This time, he saw a chaotic world.

In this world that was filled with gray and mania, there was a ray of grand vital energy that represented justice that descended from the sky to protect a clear and bright place.


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