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It may seem near but is quite far away.

Looking from the stone tablet, the ancient city looked exactly like an ancient city.

Other than mottling and decaying, it has nothing special.

However, as he walked gradually toward the center of the city, Gu Qingyis uneasiness slowly crept throughout his entire body.

Sky City was too big!

After entering the long street, the deeper he walked, the taller the old buildings became.

In just a few miles, the surrounding buildings had grown from average height to ten and hundreds of feet tall.

“This is simply a giants country…”

Gu Qingyi walked on the streets of the ancient city, where he felt so tiny.

He even lowered the volume of his speech to a soft level.

He could do anything, and the building was a hundred feet tall.

But he didnt dare to speak loudly because he feared disturbing the celestial beings.

This was the actual portrayal of Gu Qingyi at the moment.


With the concept of time and space completely blurred, Gu Qingyi walked to the end of the first long street.

He did not know how much time he had wasted and how far he had crossed.

However, the eternal loneliness and boredom did not leave at the end of the street.

Gu Qingyi stopped at the end and stared in a daze at the vast, boundless square ahead of him.

His body began to tremble.

It was too big!

In the Shengshen Continent, no square could be described as “Vast and boundless.”

However, the square at the end of the street was more than ten miles or even more than ten miles away.

Gu Qingyi could not see how wide it was.

How could such a vast and empty place be called a “Square”

Gu Qingyi couldnt believe that this was a “square” either.

Judging from the hundreds and thousands of feet tall surrounding buildings, this circular and empty place surrounded by them might be just an ordinary “small square” in Sky City.


The vastness reflects an even smaller self.

Gu Qingyi exhaled heavily, finally letting go of the sense of absurdity in his heart, trying to make himself more stable.

It was just “a little bigger.” What was there to be amazed about This was the Abyss Island!

No matter how preposterous it was, it was not as absurd as coming from the deep sea to the sky city!


The sound of rain was gentle.

There was no rain at the edge of the square.

However, with the colossal totem that cuts through the clouds as the center, there was usual-sized rain falling in its surrounding area.

“Is there a Heavenly Image in Sky City”

Gu Qingyi hesitated and walked into the square.


As soon as he entered, the Demonic Sword Yuelian in his arms trembled even more.

Gu Qingyis spiritual quality froze.

He suddenly realized that in this square, there was something that he had overlooked on the streets of the ancient city which was missing.


That was Heaven and Earth spiritual energy!

“Water-type element…”

“What a dense energy! Other than water-type elements, there are almost no other elements.”

“Thats not right.

Based on the path Ive taken before, perhaps there is no heaven and earth spiritual energy in Sky City.

If this square has it, it will be strange…”

Gu Qingyi gently comforted the Demonic Sword Yuelian.

Suddenly, he bent down and touched the ground of the square.

The ground of the square had many complicated engravings.

Gu Qingyi initially thought this was the strange standard element that belonged to the square of Sky City.

After touching it, he realized that it wasnt.

“Element power!”

“This is… the manifestation of the Power Upanishad Formation! And its a water-type!”

Gu Qingyis pupils constricted as he thought of something.

The lightning from before had landed in a nearby area.

If Gu Qingyi was not wrong, there was someone here…

“Is it someone who has lived since ancient times, or is it someone who is a victim like me”

Gu Qingyis body trembled slightly once again.

He could not imagine how strong the ancient monster would be.

Although this matter sounded ridiculous, it could happen on Abyss Island!

However, even though it was horrifying, Gu Qingyi was still able to maintain his rationality as the successor of the Burial Sword Tomb.

He thought the chance of the ancient monsters survival may not be significant, although it is still possible.

And if it was alsovictim…

Water-type Upanishad.

Right now, he could only think of this possibility.

“Save… Save… Me…”

A soft cry for help rang in his ears as he was thinking.

Gu Qingyis body trembled.

He bounced up, and his sword flew out of his arms.

“Who is it!”

Followed by a loud voice, the Demonic Sword let out a clanging sound, and the sealing strip fell off.

The blade was unsheathed and the grey demonic aura instantly dyed half of the sky.

A biting cold aura shot out of his blade and slashed around its surrounding.

After deflecting all the possible risks, a colossal ice lotus more than 100 feet long slowly spread out its lotus leaves.

It then closed itself layer by layer, protecting Gu Qingyi in the middle.

“Fantasy Sword Technique, LianYou!”


There was silence for a long time.

The stern Gu Qingyi was unable to detect the source of the cry.

There was an awkward silence in the air as if mocking him for making a fuss.

“************, trying to scare me…”

As there were no juniors around him, Gu Qingyi unscrupulously swore.

He was angry and used an exaggerated posture to better vent the fear and uneasiness in his heart.

However, as he thought he was hallucinating and withdrew the Ice Lotus, that faint cry rang in his ears again.

“Save… Save… Me…”

“**** your mother!”

Perhaps it was because he had been repressed by his teacher for too long.

After being alone, Gu Qingyi did not care about his “face” anymore.

With a shout of anger, he was prepared and had found the source of the sound.

He swung out his sword.

The Demonic Sword Yuelian, whose blade was completely unsheathed, swept across the space like a crescent arc.

The awe-inspiring gray demonic aura turned into sword light, expanding layer by layer into a vast super sword light.

Instantly, it flew past the rising sky totem pillar in the center of the square and arrived at the opposite of this boundless land.


An ear-splitting explosion sounded the moment the sword light disappeared.

The square started from Gu Qingyi, with the totem pillar as the middle section and the far side as the end.

A vast, bottomless black chasm that was as deep as the Heavenly Chasm was cut open.

The smoke dissipated, and the dust settled.


Gu Qingyi kept his sword and sheathed it silently.

However, he was surprised to see that even this ancient city building and square that could withstand the higher void attack had been split into two by him.

However, the massive totem in the middle of the square was utterly unharmed under the attack of the demonic sword!

Not even a single crack was inflicted!

“Its that solid”

Gu Qingyi raised his eyebrows.

He could not believe what he saw with his naked eyes.

The attack of the demonic sword that was completely unsheathed was an incredible power that even the supreme master had to temporarily avoid.

What kind of material was this totem made of to be able to withstand a single attack without being injured

“Save… Save… Me…”

The strange voice appeared once again.

Gu Qingyis face turned pale.

He couldnt withstand this palpitating feeling anymore.

He held the demonic sword and performed the Swordless Sword Form, shielding the Sky Citys terrifying gravity.

He flew directly into the rain, wanting to see the true face of this totem.


Just as he entered the area covered by the rain sac, the water-type Upanishad Formation flashed under Gu Qingyis feet.

He discovered that he had been transferred to the back of the totem.


The first thing that came to mind was the grandness of itsBig size.

The totem was like a pillar that held up the sky.

It was so big that it did not look like a cylinder but a square from the front.

On such a vasttotem wall, blood stains were flowing down from time to time.

Gu Qingyi looked up.

He saw that at the high point of the totem, there was a miserable man with disheveled hair tied up by the Way of the Heavens chain.

He was soaked through.

The man was dressed in tattered white blood-red clothes.

His face was unclear, his feet were bare, and his skin was torn.

If hes not mistaken, the cry for help came from here.

Gu Qingyi narrowed his eyes.

He was already prepared to resist the “Possession” and asked.

“Who are you”

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