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The man with messy hair finally moved.

He shook his head and hair to the side, revealing a very young face that looked to be in his early twenties.

“Someone really came” His tone was fragile, but he sounded very young.

“Who are you!” Gu Qingyi did not relax at all.

Because when he was young, he had heard the ghost stories of his Supreme Master before he went to bed.

When the big shots possessed people, they all looked so young, and their weakness was even more obvious.

“Youre too weak.

You cant save me.

Go back…” The young man looked at the person below the totem.

Seeing that he was so young, he suddenly let out a long sigh.

“Alright.” Gu Qingyi turned around and left.

Staying far away from trouble was the key to surviving on this secret and sacred Abyss Island.

Turning around and leaving so straightforwardly was obviously beyond the expectations of the man on the totem.

Pausing, he raised his voice, pleading:

“My friend, if you could, please tell the Holy Divine Palace to send someone as soon as possible.”

The young man seemed unwilling to give up.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the color of hope in his eyes became even more vivid.

“In addition, lets say that the scouts have made a major discovery, and theyd better not send anyone below the demi-saint level in vain…”

Demi-saint and below will all come in vain

Gu Qingyis footsteps suddenly froze, and his heart sank to the bottom.

Thats not right!

Thats not the main point!

The main point was… the Holy Divine Palace!

The Holy Divine Palace had only grown into the number one faction on the continent after the rise of the era of spiritual cultivation.

This guy said “holy divine palace”, which meant that he wasnt a powerful figure from the ancient era.

Gu Qingyi turned around, he said coldly, “Theres no need to think about it.

I should be the second person other than you to be mysteriously teleported here.

Forget about finding the Holy Divine Palace.

I cant even contact the outside world.”

The young man who was tied to the totem laughed self-deprecatingly.

“So its alucky guy…”

Gu Qingyi was silent for a while, but he couldnt help but be curious.

They were stuck in the same situation.

He didnt want to become a pendant on the totem as well.

After hesitating for a while, he still asked, “You, who exactly are you”

The rain continued to fall.

The totem man flicked his wet hair, and his gaze fell on the sword in Gu Qingyis arms.

His eyes suddenly lit up again.

“The most famous sword, Demonic Sword Yuelian” The surprise in his words couldnt be suppressed this time.

“Yes.” Gu Qingyi nodded.

“You are Gu Qingyi The Gu Qingyi of the Burial Sword Tomb” The man seemed to have finally seen the face of the person holding the sword clearly, and his eyes widened.


“Good, very good!”

The man on the totem suddenly burst into laughter, that was the laughter of hope, “Now you are qualified to know my name…”

“So you are”

“Spirit Division Chief, Yu Lingdi!”


Gu Qingyis pupils constricted and he was petrified on the spot.

Yu Lingdi

Why was Yu Lingdi locked on Abyss Island



In the Yunlun mountain range, near the Ninth Dragon Range, a crack appeared in the air and two figures stepped out.

The two of them were dressed in the same way.

They wore masks, big robes, and hoods, but one was orange and one was green.

There were a man and a woman.

The orange-masked man was tall and thin, like a skeleton.

When the wind blew past his robes, one could clearly see that his body was only skin and bones.

His voice was mournful and low, with a hoarse graininess.

It was like the screams of a ghost.

Hearing it could make a baby cry, and it could also make an adults skin crawl.

He had probably talked about something interesting in the spatial fragment.

As soon as he landed, the orange-masked mans mournful laughter followed:


“Water Ghost Who is this person When did you owe him so many favors, Meng Po”

Even though the green-robed masked woman had a graceful figure.

Although she was wearing a mask and a large robe, it was difficult to hide her body shape.

After landing, she subconsciously maintained a certain distance from the person beside her.

Then, she resisted the urge to shiver and replied with a bitter smile,

“I dont know.

I only know that hes one of the Night Cats men.”

“To be honest, Im very surprised that he could send me a message at this special time.”

“But what he said should be true.

We must be careful during this mission.”

The orange-masked man laughed strangely, turned his head and said faintly, “There is noshould.

Lord Huang Quan has already sent me a message… The cooperation has been achieved.

This time, we have another mission.”

“Its really done” The woman called Meng Po sounded surprised.

“Yes.” The orange-masked man only nodded and did not continue speaking.

The scene suddenly fell silent.

The green-robed woman, Meng Po who was responsible for delivering the tea of forgetfulness, was not used to it.

In this Yamas internal mission, she had no choice but to partner with the person she most did not want to.

The person in front of her was the person who had followed Lord Huang Quan the longest in Yama organization.

He was also her senior.

No one knew what cultivation level this person was at.

They only knew that he was extremely strong and was deeply trusted by Lord Huang Quan.

He was not on the same level as the other members of Yama organization.

Logically speaking, a lot of things could be learned from partnering with such a strong person.

However, every member of Yama organization avoided this person.

This was because his ability was too strange.

He had a special power that made people die inexplicably.

Even if without fighting, just chatting a little more, or getting closer, people would also be affected by bad luck.

After that, all sorts of unexpected incidents would occur and they would die without knowing why.

Everyone in Yama organization had a code name.

Meng Po thought that her code name was very close to her own ability.

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