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Oh no!

I have given the exact location of the Yama organizations members to Water Ghost…

Enlightenment dawned on Meng Po.

She closed her eyes sadly and said softly, “Then, are we still going to do our first mission”

“Of course we are.” Five Decays of Heaven and Man seemed to have poor memories as well.

After thinking for a while, he took out the portraits from his bosom and opened them.

He looked at them and said,

“The bait operation will only begin after half a day.

We still have a lot of time now, so we can go and find the person on this portrait.”

“According to Lord Huang Quans instructions, the power of Lei Familys Eyes should appear on this little girl…”

He poked the portrait with his finger, and his eyes revealed a rather interesting expression.

“Mu Zixi, it sounds like a very nice name, isnt it”

How is that a nice name !

Your interest is like your ability.

Its absolutely abnormal!

Fengtang Meng Po had a million things she wanted to complain about.

She wasnt like this in the past.

But when she followed Five Decays of Heaven and Man, she wanted to complain about every of his word loudly.


She just wanted to say something, but her heart suddenly twitched.

Fengtang Meng Po grunted.

“Whats wrong” Five Decays of Heaven and Man looked up.

His dark eyes were like the grim reapers.

Meng Pos heartbeat accelerated, and she felt the palpitation of death becoming stronger.

However, she could only stare at the portrait as if there was no one else around.

She tried to divert the attention of Five Decays of Heaven and Man to another place and said, “Nothing… Im just excited to find Lei Familys Eyes and participate in the saint-slaying operation.”

“Hahaha…” Five Decays of Heaven and Man laughed bitterly and nodded sincerely, “Im also very excited.”

I was just pretending to be excited, but youre definitely a real pervert!

Fengtang Meng Po did not expect that her fake words would attract Five Decays of Heaven and Mans true interest.

She tried her best to make him normal, so she pointed at the portrait and said,

“This Mu Zixi, Spider Lily has taken action before, but he lost Yin-Yang Blood Eyes because of this.

The gains dont make up for the losses.”

“There should be people behind her, at the very least, they are the special masters by Young Master Xus side.

With the protection of masters, perhaps we shouldnt find her directly.

Instead, we should shift our target and attack from the side.”

“Youre right.” Five Decays of Heaven and Man nodded in agreement.

I didnt expect you to be so rational… Fengtang Meng Po was surprised that senior Five Decays of Heaven and Man, who was so powerful, wouldnt be blindly arrogant.

However, she didnt dare to probe further.

She was afraid that he would be more interested.

So she waved her hand and gestured for senior Five Decays of Heaven and Man to change the portrait -because she didnt dare to touch anything that Five Decays of Heaven and Man had touched.

Then, she continued,

“This girl is not bad.

I have paid attention to her and she is also a strange person.

However, no matter how she disguises herself, her symbol is very obvious.

We can find a breakthrough from here.” Fengtang Meng Po nodded.

“The little bronze cauldron” Five Decays of Heaven and Man noticed the thing that her fingertips were pointing at.

“Yes.” Fengtang Meng Po nodded and distanced herself slightly.

“Every time she travels, she will carry this little bronze cauldron in her hand.

Even if she disguises herself, she hasnt changed.

I am very curious about this… Why”

Five Decays of Heaven and Man fell into deep thought and said after a long time, “Fishing She is actually a very powerful person.

She is using this insignificant detail to attract the attention of all the enemies who are paying attention to her.

She is waiting for them to take the bait and then kill them back”


Fengtang Meng Po gasped.

She didnt agree with this idea, but she was surprised that senior Five Decays of Heaven and Man would be so cautious that he wouldnt even look down on a mere master.

On the contrary, he was treating her equally!

“Maybe, but it shouldnt be to this extent…” Fengtang Meng Po didnt know whether to agree or refute, so she could only give an ambiguous answer.

At this moment, Five Decays of Heaven and Man suddenly looked up into the distance.

“Is it her She looks a little similar…”

“Who is it”

Fengtang Meng Po looked up and caught a glimpse of a woman slowly walking toward them from the rubble in the mountains.

She looked ordinary and didnt have any special features.

However, her white clothes were as white as snow, and she looked calm and carefree.

Her temperament was like a snow lotus from the Heavenly Mountain, which would always be placed in her own world, unmoved by any external things.

Most importantly, in the womans left hand was a small bronze cauldron that was still burning with a faint sandalwood scent.

Her appearance was exactly the same as the one in the portrait!

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