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The Five Decays of Heaven and Man: “”

“What was going on”

He grabbed Fengtang Meng Po with one hand, kicked out at the Void with one foot and prepared to make his getaway.

Who knew that when Feng Yujin reached out his hands to toss the Bronze Cauldron that was the Legendary Beast Control Artifact aside, a drop of Holy Blood flew out from his finger tip and instantly entered his throat.

“Little girl, watch carefully.

This is a move that you must learn.”

“After this move, I will fall into a deep sleep again.”

“I have used up all my trump cards to help you this time round.

I only hope that when I fall into a deep sleep, you will not cast any useless Sealing Power on me.

This is ridiculous!”

“Furthermore, I am just in a deep sleep, Im not dead.

Do not try to self-destruct or use any methods to pull me out of this body.”


“Youre so noisy.” Mo Mos voice appeared.

“Uh okay, I wont talk anymore.” Feng Yujin meekly held back and did not say anything more and even forcibly suppressed his Cultivation Deviation.

No matter how hard Mo Mo struggled, she couldnt free herself from his control.

He looked at the Five Decays of Heaven and Man who had escaped into the Spatial Fragment, then he kicked off into the space and followed them.

At this moment, a hesitant voice appeared in his mind.

“Dont worry, if I encounter any danger later… Ill call you.”

Feng Yujin suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He was pleasantly surprised and said, “Really”

“Awesome, thats great…”

“This aunt actually promised, is this a guarantee”

“It should have been like this from before!”

“Whats so embarrassing about the Ghost Beast Host Body Do you know how many people envy you for having this old grandpa with you I dont eat people, I just want to stay alive.” Feng Yujin almost burst into tears.

God knows how many kinds of enticement he had used to try and impress Mo Mo.

This woman who had no desires and no demands, finally…

“Chase after them.”

“Oh okay, okay!”

“Are you kidding”

Within the Spatial Fragment, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man was fleeing frantically with Fengtang Mengpo.

He could not believe that the person who had confronted him just now was a fellow who cant even lift the Legendary Beast Control Artifact.

“Did his fight end in a tie with a Ghost Beast whose strength was suppressed Did this mean he hadnt utilized his entire strength yet”


He took out a pill bottle and popped open the stopper.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man poured out one drop of Holy Blood and swallowed it.

The stronger one at the back had taken the Holy Blood too.

If he didnt take it now, he might not be able to run.

His aura rose.

The Holy Power began to surge in him.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man felt the internal surge of power in his body.

He wanted to vent and destroy everything, but he could only think about it but was too scared to do it.

It had been too many years!

He was almost invincible after the Demi-Saint level.

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man was well aware of the failure of his Plague Attribute.

Even if he was a Demi-Saint.

he wouldnt want to fight against him.

Even if he killed him, it wasnt easy for him to get the Demi-Saint rank.

This was because for the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, the Demi-Saint would have to undergo the saint tribulation again.

If he couldnt pass it, he would be dead instantly!

Who could withstand this

However, the person behind him seemed to have gone crazy!

When he applied his Holy Blood, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man knew that this fellow wanted to kill him.

Otherwise, there would be no outcome if both sides continued to fight endlessly.

However, when you used the Holy Blood, the result would be different.

How could he consume the Holy Blood without any hesitation Only if he truly wanted to kill the enemy who was stronger than him.

“I kicked an iron plate!”

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man felt extreme regret.

He crazily channeled the Holy Power and rampantly pierced through the Spatial Fragment without looking back.

However, the Holy Blood needed to be increased slowly and gradually.

Indeed, this was an external power.

The damage would be very significant when he forcefully endured the power with his Higher Void body.

If he directly grasped the power of the Holy Blood, he would probably explode and die instantly.

“If I had the Sovereign Physique…”

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man hated that his physical body was not strong enough to contain more Holy Power.

He couldnt run any faster.

But he was not afraid.

The fellow behind him would be like him as well.

No one in the world could consume the Holy Blood and instantly grasp the Holy Power.

This was impossible!


While he was thinking about this, a light flashed in front of him.

Feng Yujin was standing in front of him.

“ ”

The Five Decays of Heaven and Mans brain froze and he was instantly stunned.

“How could it be”

“How could it be… so fast”


Feng Yujin blocked the way with his body.

He smirked and said sarcastically, “What are you going to use to run away Can you outrun from me by drinking the blood of a Demi-Saint”

The Five Decays of Heaven and Mans lips were dry.

He looked at the person in front of him and suddenly understood.

“Thats right!”

He drank the Demi-Saints blood.

This was not his own power.

Therefore, it would take a long time for his Holy Power to reach its maximum strength.

But this person in front of him…

Holy Emperor Fengtian!

He might have consumed the blood of his own body when he was still alive!

Holy Emperors blood!

It was still his own blood!

There wasnt any transition period required

Didnt he suddenly recover up to seventy and eighty percent of his maximum potential Even if he didnt, he could still use the attack of the Holy Emperor, right


The Five Decays of Heaven and Mans heart raced.

He remembered that he still had many tricks that he had yet to use.

He remembered that he still had too many Spiritual Weapons that could save his own life.

However, his tricks and weapons couldnt withstand the attack of the Holy Emperor.

“Lord Huang Quan, save me!”

The Five Decays of Heaven and Man screamed at the top of his lungs.

Face was no longer important.

This Holy Emperor had gone mad.

He was not afraid of anything as he dared to use the power of the Holy Emperor in the Five Regions.

Wouldnt he be afraid of being punished by the Holy Emperor

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