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When he came up against an enemy like the Five Decays of Heaven and Man that he could not fight against, he could also take control of his body.

He could either fight with them or seal them off.

Mo Mo glanced back at the coffin on her shoulder.

She thought for a moment, put it down, and sat on it.

She looked into the distance.

The mountains were silent and the wind was strong.

There was no one around.

“What am I resisting”

After waiting for a long time, Mo Mo finally snapped out of her daze and subconsciously thought about it.

Feng Yujin had a good attitude and she approved of it.

“What was there to hate about the Ghost Beast Host Body”

Xu Xiaoshou could calmly accept himself as the Ghost Beast Host Body and became friends with him.

However, she was subconsciously resisting the identity of the Ghost Beast Host Body.

Fate could not be chosen.

Since it was destined to be a symbiotic state, what was she resisting

The wind was blowing again.

Mo Mo thought for a long time and when she finally had the answer, she smiled in relief.

Perhaps, what she was resisting was just a stereotype.

The rumors from the continent about the Ghost Beast Host Body, were the filthy kind of stereotypes.

However, Feng Yujin…

“Hes also a living person.”

Mo Mo sat on the coffin and smiled.

The setting sun of the Yunlun mountain range shone on her serene face and the wind rustled her clothes.

Everything in this world was beautiful in her eyes.


At some point in time, the space moved, and a figure landed on the spot, breaking the silence.

“Sorry to disturb you.

Im here to collect something.”

Mo Mo stood up and looked to the side.

It was a man with a Golden Beast Mask and a trident in his hand.

His image was clearly outlined.

He was the one who rode the waves in Yunlun and was the Demi-Saint who had confronted Ai Cangsheng.


Mo Mo nodded slightly.

She realized that this should be the person that Feng Yujin had asked her to wait for.

Even if he was in a deep sleep.

But before that, all he could do was to make all the arrangements and wait for his awakening again.

It turned out that this Water-type also knew Feng Yujin…

Mo Mos thoughts ran wild.

If it had been before, she wouldnt have hesitated and would have directly sent out the Godhood Sealing Coffin.


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