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“But in the eyes of people at their level, this bit of danger should be worth a personal attempt, right”

Then, things should proceed as planned.

Next, Rao Yaoyao and the others plans were to either leave one person to guard the door while the rest went in, or use a special secret method to summon the other people from the Holy Divine Palace over and completely demolish this Void Gate, so that the people from the Holy Divine Palace could enter and explore.

Either outcome would be disadvantageous for him.

This was because Xu Xiaoshou still hoped that this door would become his last safeguard.

At the same time, if possible, he also wanted to let these people in front of him share the risk that the Demi-Saint of the Jiang clan might subject him to.

“What should I do…”

After thinking for a while, Xu Xiaoshou, who frequently had many tricky ideas, came up with this plan.

Under the Spell Forbidden Barrier in the Deep Sea, few of them seemed to be a big threat, other than Rao Yaoyao, since most of their combat strength had been reduced by at least 90% .

Since that was the case, if he was afraid to die, they too should be even more afraid to die.

And if Rao Yaoyao encountered an enemy that she couldnt contend with on a normal day, what would her reaction be

“Would she attack under pressure”

“Or would she become more alert”

“Come on!”

“Lets give it a try!”

As he thought about this, a crazy flame ignited in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

He sent Greedy the Cat Spirit into his Yuan mansion and transformed into Bazhunan.


“I can stay here and keep watch.”.

“Teng Shanhais Cang God Armor can withstand anything below the level of a Demi-Saint.

You can go in and check it out”.

“Dont forget, we still have people in Sky City.

As long as you go in and find him, you might be able to join forces to explore or even destroy the city and return.”

In front of the Void Gate, Rao Yaoyao stared at Teng Shanhai as they were in the midst of forming a plan.

Without a doubt, even if there was danger at the Void Gate, even if Granny Tianling was a cautionary example, they still had to send one of their own into the Gate.

And Teng Shanhai was undoubtedly the best candidate.


With the order in hand, Teng Shanhai nodded and accepted the task.

After seeing Granny Tianling disappear, although he was still worried, his fear of the Void Gate was no longer like before when it was an unknown territory.

With the Cang God Armor on him, he could go anywhere!

“Take it.”

Rao Yaoyao took out the Void Token from the Space Barrier and ordered, “Find Yu Lingdi.

With this Void Token, you can return safely from the city gate of Sky City.

After that, you can tell me everything that happened inside.”

Teng Shanhai took the Void Token and nodded silently.

He walked solemnly to the Void Gate as if he was going to his funeral.

He slowly stretched out his hand…

“Clap, Clap, Clap!”

At this moment, applause could be heard from afar.

Along with this, came a hoarse teasing voice:

“Courage is praiseworthy, courage is praiseworthy…”

“I didnt expect that the death trap set by Yama would really cause people to sacrifice themselves, one after another.

This is really an eye-opener.

Ive heard of it before.”

“The reputation of the Holy Divine Palace is well-deserved.”


At this critical moment, Teng Shanhai stopped.

His heart skipped a beat, and he suddenly looked back.

Rao Yaoyao, Ye Xiao, Mu Ling, and Bai Lian of the Holy Palace did the same.

When everyone looked back, they saw an extremely skinny figure standing in the vast waters behind them.

He had handsome facial features and a resolute face, but he was in an unkempt state.

His beard was straggly and his turbid eyes showed his listless mental state.

What caught everyones eyes was the sword-like scar on his neck and the eight-fingered mark.


Rao Yaoyaos eyebrows rose and her pupils constricted in disbelief.

Ye Xiaos face, which was hidden in the shadows, finally showed some emotions.

He looked at the familiar figure in front of him, but felt that some of the details were slightly different, and he fell into deep thought.

“There was no sack…”

His mental state was even worse than the one on the Lone Cliff, who was also in the Spatial Fragment…

“Is he the genuine one”

“Or was the other person the real one”

“Bazhunan, First-in-Command- Saint Servant…”

Mu Ling turned his eyes and was slightly stunned.

He stared at this face that he had met a few times when he was young.

It looked slightly familiar, but he did not know what to say because he had not seen it for decades.

In a flash, he was able to distinguish this person from the sloppy man who carried the sack on the Lone Cliff and reach a conclusion as to who was real and who was fake.

Some things could be inferred from the aura alone, regardless of the realm.

Sang Qiye had been bewitched by this fellow and went astray.

In the end, he betrayed the Holy Palace and completely cut off all ties with the Infernal Lineage.

“How many years had it been” He finally saw another side to this person!

“He is the true Eighth Sword Deity”

Bai Lian, the only one who had risen from a junior to an equal position, saw the reaction of his Supreme Master and Rao Yaoyao and understood something.

He couldnt recall what the enmity between the two was initially.

He only glanced at theEight-fingered man who was notorious throughout the continent with curiosity.

It could be said that even though he was in the Central Region, he had grown up listening to the story about the man who stood in front of him.

Even though it had not been that long ago since they had met in such a manner in the Deep Sea, Bai Lian still felt slightly excited as if he had met a historical figure.

However, he quickly calmed down.

“Supreme Master Sang left the Holy Palace because of his betrayal and ended up in the Sacred Mountain prison.

Although Master did not say it, he should be quite angry, right”

“Hmm, judging from everyones reaction, this shouldnt be fake”

Bai Lian secretly looked at the expressionless Mu Ling.

He realized that his masters brows were tightly furrowed, and the wrinkles between them looked deep enough to crush anyone at the Higher Void level .

He immediately looked down.

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