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“I dont know anything.”

“In any case, with the Supreme Master present, this current matter should be left to those from the old generation to handle!”

Under the Deep Sea, the deity Bazhunan suddenly appeared, and there was no one by his side to protect him.

Rao Yaoyao didnt say much and immediately pulled out the Cang Godhood Sword.

She was prepared, but she didnt dare to act rashly.

She only asked in a slightly shocked tone, “Why are you here”

She remembered that there was an anti-sackEighth Sword Deity on the Lone Cliff.

However, she had fought that fellow during the night battle in Dongtianwang City.

He was an impostor.

The person before her…

He fitted every aspect of the information that Gou Wuyue had submitted, including his appearance, cultivation level, turbid eyes, and listless temperament.

Furthermore, he was able to stand so calmly amid the raging sea.

The familiar lingering whiff of Sword Cognition which pervaded his whole body from inside out could not be disguised at all.

Based on her intuition alone, Rao Yaoyao was dead sure.

This was indeed Bazhunan!

“Dont! Theres no need to fight.”

Xu Xiaoshous Bazhunan incarnation felt greatly relieved as he faced Rao Yaoyaos Cang Godhood Sword.

He smiled and said,

“Today, Im not here to fight.

“Moreover, under the Spell Forbidden Barrier in the Deep Sea, your Spiritual Source and Attributes are gone.

Even if you combine them together, they cant hurt me.”

“Of course, we can just have a little chat.

Theres no need to make a big deal out of it.”

“Have a little chat”

“What would the Holy Divine Palace and a Saint Servant possibly chat about”

Teng Shanhai sneered.

He suddenly remembered Bazhunans words and said, “What do you mean This Void Gate…”

“Its a trap!” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted with a smile, exposing the fear in the hearts of the people in front of him.

He had heard all this when he was in the Disappearing State, so how could he not understand what the people of the Holy Divine Palace were most afraid of.

And the trick to is to naturally say what the people were most afraid of hearing.

“Of course!”

All of this had to be built on the premise of beingvery strong, or at leastpretending to appear very strong in the eyes of others.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored Teng Shanhai and Rao Yaoyao and turned to look at Mu Ling.

In order to prevent the Masters disciple from ambushing him and causing his disguise to be revealed, he still had more tricks up his sleeve.


He casually took out Elder Sangs Three-legged Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix bathtub and Xu Xiaoshou leaned beside him and said, “Lets be a little more cordial today! We should have met this person from the Holy Palace before…”

He looked at Mu Ling and smiled:

“Lets not talk about the old stuff anymore.

We dont have time.

Lets talk about new things!”

“Your disciple is now in my hands.

This Alchemy Cauldron is the best proof.”.

“Of course, due to our relationship, I wont hurt her.

Ill just use her as a shield.

After were done talking, Ill let her go.

What do you think”

Bai Lian was stunned.

“This, this wasnt the Hua Yings Alchemy Cauldron, right”

But he suddenly remembered that this was theHua Ying Alchemy Cauldron that had appeared on the Lone Cliff… and he seemed to have understood something.

Mu Ling appeared stunned too.

Then, his brows relaxed and calm was restored.

“What do you want to do”

He asked on behalf of Rao Yaoyao.

At the same time, he moved slightly to the side between Rao Yaoyao andBazhunan to prevent anyone from launching a surprise attack on her.

“Its very simple…”

Xu Xiaoshou really liked this astute Grandmaster.

He looked back at Rao Yaoyao and said, “Today, I am merely a simple and warm-hearted citizen.

I want to report something.”


Rao Yaoyao, Teng Shanhai, and Ye Xiao were stunned.

They thought that they had heard wrongly.

“You, the Leader of the Dark Faction want to report something to the official justice of Holy Divine Palace

“Is there something wrong with you!”

“Thats right, I want to make report.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

He would not rest until his words gave them a shock:

“Everyone here is not an outsider.

Theres nothing we cant talk about.

Ill speak frankly.”

“I want to report that Yama, Water Ghost and the Demi-Saint of the Jiang clan is in collusion with the Northern Regions Pu Xuan.

They conspired to ruin the Lei Familys Eyes.

At the same time, they tried to rehash the massacre of the Lei family in the previous year in an attempt to make a big profit.

Now, they have laid a plot at the Lone Cliff and buried hundreds who were at the Sovereign Stage, the Cutting Path Stage and even at the Higher Void level on the continent…”

“Well, you dont have to look at me like that.

The Jiang clans Demi-Saint will be here soon to verify my words if everything goes according to plan.”

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