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After all, it sounded like a plot set up by Yama indeed.

Huang Quan possessed the Power of Space-Time.

No doubt that he was the best at “teleportation”.

Now, everyone had evidence to prove that the Void Gate might not be that dangerous.

After all, they had managed to teleport successfully through the door.

However, who could assure that one would be teleported to Sky City instead of another prison somewhere in space-time after the modification of the Power of Space-Time

“What do you think about it”

Rao Yaoyao took a glance at the Void Gate as well.

Then, she had no choice but to turn around and looked at Mu Ling, who remained silent.

At that moment, she really needed some help out there.

Mu Ling said, “Based on my superficial knowledge about this matter, it is not appropriate for me to make a decision for you.

At the same time, I am not in the position to decide on behalf of Holy Divine Palace too.

It is too presumptive! If I really have to say it, I feel that 50% of Bazhunans words were true.”

Rao Yaoyao burst into the raging fire upon hearing what Mu Ling said.

She almost slashed him with her sword out of anger.

Nonsense! Utterly nonsense!


Everyone knew that they could only believe half of what Bazhunan said.

When she was about to go crazy, Bai Lian spoke.

“Cant we just wait and see Well, no doubt that there is a need to verify the truth behind what Bazhunan had said.”

He then continued, “After all, with the arrival of demi-saint in person, there is no room for falsehood.

If the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan dares to show up, we will be able to clear our doubts.

Isnt it”

Rao Yaoyao was stunned slightly.

Needless to say, it was the case indeed.

As long as the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan arrived, all their doubts would be cleared for sure.

By then, they would know if Bazhunan was lying.

“Do you mean Jiang Buyi”

After Rao Yaoyao calmed herself down, she narrowed her eyes.

She seemed to have some thoughts in her mind.

There would be no smoke without fire.

Bazhunan would not come out with something that could be overturned easily.

Ever since the demi-saint was being imprisoned, he could actually move around occasionally.

However, he had to report his movement from time to time.

Therefore, why was it that the movement of the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan was not reported to the Holy Divine Palace this time It was suspicious indeed!

After crossing the Holy Divine Palace, whatever the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan intended to do would touch the baseline of the Holy Divine Palace.


Rao Yaoyao looked at the surface of the deep sea.

However, her sight seemed to have gone beyond the vast sea as she saw someone out there at a distance.

“What are you up to, Jiang Buyi”

At the ruins of Lone Cliff.

Water Ghost, who wore a golden beast mask, carried the Five Decays of Heaven and Man in one hand and Meng Po in another hand.

He returned to the place where he belonged.

Both of them had their vital signs sealed.

Fortunately, the seal only lasted for a short period.

So, it should not put their lives in danger yet.

When they woke up eventually, they should regain their strength and power gradually.

In three to five days or even half a month, they should regain their usual strength and power.

However, it would all depend on their level of cultivation.

“Two hot potatoes indeed!”

Water Ghost mumbled as he shook his head.

He smiled as he sighed about the impermanence of the world.

Not long ago, he had just gotten in touch with Meng Po and got to know about the exact location of Yamans members.

Not long after, two of Yamas members were already in his hand.

It was such a miracle when it came to fate!

He then gave it a thought.

If he wanted to lure the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan into the water, it would not be enough by having only a fake Huang Quan acting under the deep sea.

It seemed that the gift from Elder Feng Yujin was not bad at all.

After all, it was really one of the Yamas members.


Without further hesitation, Water Ghost threw the Five Decays of Heaven and Man into the water first.

He had no connection with the Five Decays of Heaven and Man at all.

However, Saint Servant and Yama had some relationship though.

Well, it would all depend on Heavens will whether the Five Decays of Heaven and Man could survive.

If the Five Decays of Heaven and Man died in the deep sea, he could only regard it as part of the contribution to slaying the saints.

Of course, the most important thing was the opening of the Void Gate.

It required a large amount of energy from Cutting Path and Higher Void as the sacrificial offering.

Water Ghost then turned around as he took a good look at Meng Po, who was unable to move at that moment and with a broken mask.

He reached out his hand and gave her a few tight slaps.

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