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It was the Pearl of the Sea.

It was something that could only be created at great cost when the Water-type Upanishad reached the final stage.

It had almost zero combat effectiveness.

However, the only usage of the pearl was to create a fantasy realm.

A fantasy realm that was so realistic that no one would believe that it was unreal.

It was an absolute realm that no one could unveil except the master of Power Upanishad!

It would be such a difficult task for ordinary people to make the fantasy realm into reality with all the details.

However, Water Ghost was so good at it as if he had done it umpteen times.

In just a few seconds, he had finished his creation of the fantasy realm.

With a snap, the two “Pearls of the Sea” integrated perfectly into the Way of the Heavens, waiting for someone to activate it.

“I wonder who will arrive first.”

Water Ghost mumbled.

His eyes were filled with expectation.

After he had set up everything, he turned around, back-facing the sea of clouds on the Lone Cliff.

With a wave of his hand, the Lone Cliff exploded with a loud thud.

Traces of battle could be seen everywhere.

Water Ghost smiled as he imagined the expression of the two people upon seeing the traces of a great battle and the illusion created by the Pearl of the Sea.

It was such a pity that he could not see it with his own eyes.



Water Ghost spat out a mouthful of blood and fell into torpor as if he was being punched by someone all of a sudden.

He flew backward and fell into the sea of clouds between the cliff and disappeared in thin air.

Fifteen minutes later.

The clouds and fog in the sky above Lone Cliff converged and transformed into a figure of an elder.

The figure was hidden in the fog.

No one could see his appearance clearly.

“I have come to see you, my friend.

What kind of surprise are you intending to give me”

Jiang Buyi, the demi-saint, burst out in peals of laughter as he spoke.

Then, he strode out of the clouds and landed on the Lone Cliff.

Jiang Buyi was speechless.

His expression froze upon seeing the dead silence in the vicinity.

“Where is he”

“Is there a battle here just now”

Jiang Buyi looked around and saw the shattered ground all over the Lone Cliff.

It was absolutely different from what he had seen the last time he visited this place.

He was certain that it was the result of a great battle!

Furthermore, Water Ghost, the Night Cat, did not come out to greet him till now.

It seemed that Jiang Buyis deduction was not wrong.

“Could it be that something happened after he contacted me”

Jiang Buyi felt something was amiss here.

It was such a coincidence!

Who the hell in the world could beat Water Ghost, the Night Cat, and cause him to vanish in thin air in such a short period

Jiang Buyi took out his communication bead and started to contact Water Ghost.




After a long time, no one responded on the other end of the call.

Hence, Jiang Buyi concluded that Water Ghost must have met with some mishaps.

Otherwise, he would not dare to neglect him.

“Who could have made the move

Jiang Buyis eyes narrowed slightly.

He had made a guess in his mind.

Could it be that someone counter-attacked Water Ghost when he intended to take down the two Yama members as a gift for him

Could it be Lord Huang Quan that counter-attacked him

When Jiang Buyi came to think about it, he took his strike without further hesitation.


With a wave of his hand, clouds started to gather in the sky above Lone Cliff and form a hazy barrier that isolate the Lone Cliff from any possible prying eyes from the outside world.

When an ordinary person did not receive any response, they might make wild guesses and go astray.

But, the demi-saint was different.

Demi-saints Power had the ability to “backtrack”.

Jiang Buyi did not have space-time attributes that could assist him in “backtracking” perfectly and seeing everything at its origin.

But, people tended to leave trails behind when they left.

The testimony of the sky and Ways of the Heavens could not be denied.

Jiang Buyis expression turned serious all of a sudden as he formed a seal with one of his hands.


With just a single seal, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy roared as it transformed into a few misty figures on the Lone Cliff.

The rainbow gave the misty figures their colors, allowing others to be able to distinguish them.

That was right!

What Jiang Buyi intended to do at that time was to let the Way of the Heavens answer his query.

He wanted to know what exactly had happened here just now!

The scene changed at the speed of light.

The answer given by the Way of the Heavens appeared gradually.

The orange misty figure that represented the Five Decays of Heaven and Man was no match to Water Ghost, which was represented by the sky-blue misty figure.

Hence, he jumped off the cliff into the sea of clouds as he chased after Lord Huang Quan of Yama.

It was exactly the same information conveyed to him from Water Ghosts communication bead a moment ago.

At that moment, the misty figure of Water Ghost was holding onto Meng Po which was represented by a green misty figure.

He held this person hostage while taking out the communication bead to contact Jiang Buyi.

“An accident should have happened after the conversation ended…”

Jiang Buyi watched quietly.

He really wanted to know what had happened after the conversation ended.

As expected.

Not long after the conversation ended, a golden misty figure appeared out of nowhere.

“Huang Quan”

The shocking voice of the Water Ghosts misty figure helped Jiang Buyi to identify the identity of the golden misty figure.

With doubts, Water Ghost continued to ask, “Arent you suppose to be in the deep sea below the Lone Cliff”

“Haha! It is just a space-time clone.

I did not expect you to believe that it is me!” Huang Quan sneered, “What beyond my expectation was that a mere Night Cat would have the guts to lay his fingers on Yama members!”


A great battle took its place.

Obviously, Huang Quan came to rescue Meng Po, who was in Water Ghosts hand.

However, Water Ghost agreed to give her to Jiang Buyi as a gift.

How could it be possible for Water Ghost to give it and handed Meng Po over to Huang Quan

Thus, the battle began.

Jiang Buyi watched quietly as he thought about it.

“It turns out that the Huang Quan mentioned by Water Ghost who had entered the deep sea is just a space-time clone! Well, it is unexpected indeed.

It sounds reasonable too.”

He then continued, “After all, there is a forbidden barrier there.

Even I have thought of getting my clone to enter the deep sea in order to prevent any accidents from happening.”

It was such an exciting battle.

It was the battle between Water-type Upanishad and space-time attributes.

Jiang Buyi sighed at how powerful the young man was.

However, he was not interested in the battle at all.

He fast-forwarded the play to see the ending.

No matter how strong the Water-type Upanishad was, he was still no match for the combined power of space and time attributes.

Water Ghost took the last punch as he spat out a mouthful of blood and flew into the sea of clouds off between the cliffs, which was also the Spell Forbidden Barrier of the deep sea.

“So, he was being knocked down too.

No wonder he did not respond to me…” said Jiang Buyi as he finally understood what had happened.

However, it was not over yet.

The golden misty figure that represented Huang Quan managed to rescue Meng Po, the green misty figure.

After taking her away, Huang Quan returned and jumped into the sea of clouds between cliffs.

It was because there was another member of Yama waiting for him to rescue.

It was the orange misty figure that appeared at the beginning, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man.

Then, the scene ended.

It was finally over.

Jiang Buyi gave it a deep thought.

Indeed, it was absolutely beyond his expectation that Huang Quan was so strong.

Obviously, the bizarre space-time attributes were not something that a demi-saint clone could take down easily.

Now that Huang Quan had entered the deep sea in person, there was only one possibility left to get him.

“I have to go down in person as well!”

A flash of fear struck Jiang Buyis mind as he looked at the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

He had heard about the power of the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

However, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Even Huang Quan of the higher void realm dared to go down.

For the sake of the Lei Familys Eyes, he had already set up such a big plot for it.

Now, he was only one step away from success.

What was there to hesitate about

The space-time attributes could not be executed in the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Couldnt a demi-saint defeat someone from the higher void in such a case


Without further hesitation, Jiang Buyi leaped into the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

He had to find Huang Quan of Yama as soon as possible.

It was because Huang Quan was too powerful.

Perhaps, he would be able to escape from the Spell Forbidden Barrier soon after he found the last member of Yama, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man.

Another fifteen minutes had passed.

Huang Quan, who wore a golden robe and golden mask with a saber and a sword behind his back, had arrived.

He landed on Lone Cliff.

Indeed, he was late.

“The Demi-saints power…”

He could sense the aura of the Demi-saints power in the vicinity.

In fact, Huang Quan had arrived fifteen minutes ago.

But at that time, the aura of Demi-saints power on the Lone Cliff was too strong that he did not dare to approach it.

It was only until the tension of demi-saint faded that Huang Quan dared to land on Lone Cliff.

It was because the faint aura meant that the demi-saint had left.

He saw the dilapidated environment in the vicinity.

With just a glance, Huang Quan knew that something had happened.

Meng Pos voice was last heard from Water Ghosts communication bead.

However, the conversation was disrupted after two sentences.

Something must have happened here.

A demi-saint would not act recklessly.

But at that time, no doubt that it had traces of Demi-saints power on the Lone Cliff.

It only explained one thing, which was the demi-saint of the Jiang Clan arrived all of a sudden during the conversation.

Water Ghost was no match for him and his life was in danger.

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