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Chapter 127: Why Dont We Have a Fight

Mo Mo left.

The other folks hovering above his head also left.

Few of them were acquainted with Xu Xiaoshou, which meant few were concerned for his wellbeing.

The only person who lingered around was Yuan Tou, who seemed nonchalant, but Xu Xiaoshou had a watchful eye on him.

Watched, Passive Points 1.

This was one of the many notifications that he received, and he was certain that that fellow was the source of these Passive Points.

He had no idea what the man wanted.

Hence, he didnt pay him much attention.

Instead, Xu Xiaoshou turned to Zhou Tianshen and asked, “Where are you heading”

Zhou Tianshen brushed his fingers against his Golden Domineering Blade before saying hesitantly, “Anywhere will do.

The spiritual energy in the Tianxuan Gate is so rich I can cultivate anywhere.

I guess if Im lucky enough, Ill find the secret realm…”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that Zhou Tianshens Innate Elemental Power was extremely unique.

It was an art form in its own right.

Focusing solely on the cultivation of his spiritual energy wasnt the best way to strengthen himself.

Cultivators like him typically had to undergo years of grueling training before they were suddenly struck by an epiphany.

They might even break through to the Master Stage with that sudden revelation!

He didnt say a word and instead touched his jade scroll to his forehead, and the information contained inside it immediately appeared inside his head.

It was an extremely detailed map that was marked with the locations of various secret training realms.

It must have cost a fortune.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little taken aback.

He stared at Mu Zixi.

“Is this from Elder Sang”


“Hes trying to force me to head for the Black Cliff, isnt he…” Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

He knew that the Spirit Palace didnt recommend new Inner Yard disciples who were entering the Tianxuan Gate the first time to seek out secret training realms.

Just managing to remain in the Tianxuan Gate for the full three days was considered a good enough job.

The secret training realms had been set up for the new cohort of the Inner Yard Thirty-Three.

Training in those secret realms was incredibly tough and was accompanied by the risk of death.

He looked at Zhou Tianshen again.

“Hundred Soldiers Field and Slaughter Cape.

Pick one.”

Zhou Tianshen froze momentarily.

Both were names of secret training realms in the Tianxuan Gate.

“You know their exact locations”

Xu Xiaoshou waved the jade scroll in his hand.

Zhou Tianshen had a good heart, so Xu Xiaoshou didnt mind sharing the information he had with him.

Zhou Tianshen would have to make up his mind and decide for himself, though, if he wanted it or not.

“That star is pointing north.” He pointed at the sky.

In the Tianxuan Gate, the skies were pure white and had only one lone star.

“Head for northwest to the Hundred Soldiers Field and south for the Slaughter Cape.

You can decide for yourself if you want to head for either of those places!”

These were the two locations that best suited Zhou Tianshens training needs.

There was no point in heading elsewhere.

Zhou Tianshen was a little startled, not expecting Xu Xiaoshou to share this information with him so freely.

Such information couldve fetched a pretty price outside the Tianxuan Gate.

The Tiansang Spirit Palace coddled their disciples in the Outer Yard, but once they entered the Inner Yard, it was akin to entering a microcosm of the real world.

The Spirit Palace would provide you with resources, but if you wanted information, then you would have to make a fair trade for it.

Alternatively, you could seek out persons who knew such information.

For example, you could seek out the last cohort of the Inner Yard Thirty-Three and trade resources for information on the locations of the secret training realms.

“Ill head south, then!” Zhou Tianshen paused for a moment.

“Thank you!”

Received Gratitude, Passive Points 1.

“Why are you thanking me Treat it as repayment for the information that you shared with me outside the Tianxuan Gate!” Xu Xiaoshou said nonchalantly.

Zhou Tianshen wasnt very smart or tactful, but he was a nice guy to hang around with.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt have many friends.

On account of the information that Zhou Tianshen had delivered to him, albeit a few days late, Xu Xiaoshou was happy to call Zhou Tianshen his friend.

The giant grinned when he heard that.

His grandfather was right.

A good deed was always rewarded.

“Where are you headed” he asked Xu Xiaoshou.

“Me” Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Yuan Tou, who had his legs crossed and was cultivating in midair.

He seemed eager to make use of every second that he had.

But as a newly appointed member of the Inner Yard Thirty-Three…

Shouldnt he be heading for the secret training realm instead of setting up shop here

“I think Ill head west!”

The Black Cliff was located in the east.

Since Elder Sang had talked so much about it, he should really head there and have a look.


Zhou Tianshens eyes shone brightly as he pulled out his sword and declared loudly and proudly, “When youve reached a respectable level in your cultivation, Ill issue a challenge to you again.

Ill defeat you!”

His loud booming voice nearly gave Mu Zixi a fright.

Her wide eyes flickered between the two young men and almost seemed to sense the slightest ripple of passion course through the air.

Xu Xiaoshou pushed Zhou Tianshens blade aside with two fingers and patted the young man on the shoulder.

“Youre extremely childish, but I like it!”

“Onward, Pikachu!”

He turned to Mu Zixi.

“Are you headed for the Senluo Woods”

The Senluo Woods was the second location that had been specially marked out on the map.

From the looks of it, it was a wood element treasure trove.

The young lady definitely had her sights set on that place.

Mu Zixi nodded.

“Thats right.

Why do you ask”

Xu Xiaoshou glared at her.

“Well, what are you waiting for, then Make a move!”

Mu Zixi was silent.

Shed just given him a jade scroll and this was what she got in return

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

“Fine, Im going! Why are you yelling at me” The young woman pouted before whipping her head away from him and marching off in fury.

“You think I want to hang out here with you”

He couldnt believe it.

Was she mad because of what hed just said

Xu Xiaoshou was tickled.

He yelled at her, “Cant you tell Im worried that youre going to treat me like some amazing blood bag and be overcome by the urge to suck my blood”

Mu Zixi halted in her tracks.

Then, she flew off.

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…


Shes gone.

Now for the next step…” he mused.

Xu Xiaoshou looked up at the sky.

“Hey guys, theres no one here now.

Why dont we have a fight”

Yuan Tou froze when he heard what Xu Xiaoshou said.

“A fight right now” he thought.

“Is he joking The rest havent gone that far yet.

If Xu Xiaoshou dies, Ill be the primary and sole suspect for his murder.

“Three days later, lost in the secret realm, is how hes going to die!

Yuan Tou sniggered and ended his cultivation.

All of a sudden, his hairs stood on end, and the heavy shadow of death enveloped him.

His spiritual senses flooded the area.

There were two strange objects on the ground.

They drew two black lines that intersected with each other.


A deafening thunder shook the ground under Yuan Tous feet, and waves of terrifying heat surged outward.

Caught off guard, Yuan Tou was flung into the distance by the force of the explosion.

His whole body was blackened like soot and his face as dark as thunder.

Blood came up from his chest and spilled from his lips.

“Are you nuts” Yuan Tou was dumbstruck.

He couldnt believe Xu Xiaoshou was serious and actually dared to attack him here.

“This is the Tianxuan Gate.

Fighting isnt allowed here!”

Insulted, Passive Points 1.

Warned, Passive Points 1.

“Fighting isnt allowed” Two Refined Fire Seeds appeared between his fingers.

“If you really believe in those rules, why are you still hanging around instead of searching for a secret training realm” he scoffed.

He paused for a moment.

“Do you think Im a swan or something Are you going to eat me”

“Youre crazy!” Yuan Tous face turned green underneath the layer of soot on his face.

Was Xu Xiaoshou calling him a toad lusting after a swans flesh

“Hold on a minute,” he thought.

“That isnt whats important right now… This guy has to be crazy to get into a fight with me after the rest just left.”

Had his breakthrough turned him fearless

But he was still only at Spiritual Cultivation Level Ten, even after his breakthrough.

Why was he so full of himself

“Control yourself.

Control yourself!”

Through his spiritual senses, Yuan Tou could sense someone approaching.

He knew that this wasnt the time for him to make a move.

He had to take a step back… and not allow this to escalate.

Three days.

He only needed to wait three days.

When everyone was gone, he would make sure this punk ended up lost in the secret realm.

Xu Xiaoshou watched as Yuan Tou flew higher into the heavens before leaping onto Hiding Pain.

Unfortunately, the speed of his Reverse Sword Subduing left something to be desired.

There was no way he could catch up with an Innate Stage cultivator.

“If youre a man, get down here and fight me!”

“Hahah! Look at that stupid idiot who cant fly!” Yuan Tou didnt look back as he flew away.

Xu Xiaoshou landed on the ground and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Hed finally managed to chase that annoying fellow off.

After everyone left, his Sense had informed him of the mans intention to attack him.

Xu Xiaoshou wasnt at all confident of his chances, and there was no way he was going to let Yuan Tou make the first move.

Wouldnt it be fantastic if he could have more time to breakthrough to the Innate Stage before fighting the man

That was the reason why hed feigned wanting to fight the man when he actually wanted the opposite.

The idiot had fallen for his trick, and hed earned himself more time.

“Hes probably going to try and kill me again three days later,” he thought.

“Well, after three days go by… itll be too late by that point!

“What an idiot!”

Xu Xiaoshou caught the figure of Mu Zixi approaching from the distance and was tickled.

The young woman still cared for her senior.

She was a decent girl, unlike the ingrate Zhou Tianshen, whod left and hadnt returned.

“Why did you come back”

Mu Zixi froze momentarily.

“Werent you in a fight”

“What fight” With a jerk of his arm, he sent the two Fire Seeds flying into the air.

“I was setting off fireworks! Look…”


A loud explosion erupted in the sky, and waves of hot air surged outward.

“Isnt that pretty”

Mu Zixi was silent.

She left without giving him another look.

She knew it.

She shouldnt have worried about him.

Nothing was going to happen to this guy.

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…


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