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1321 What?1

“Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, here I come!”

The moment he charged into the Barrier, Xu Xiaoshou felt all the pores on his body start to tremble.

The fragrance of the Spiritual Medicine and the dense Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy…

It was too full!

It was overflowing!


The Void Suppression Stele was too ostentatious, and Xu Xiaoshou had long thrown it into an inconspicuous corner of the Forest of Miracles.

At this moment, he had transformed into the Void Suppression Stele, and he felt so comfortable like the first time he used this breathing method to take drugs.

He was instantly controlled by the Spiritual Energy in mid-air.

“I cant breathe, I cant see, I cant break through!”

“Ill just to bear with it for a little longer, I can definitely do it!”

Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to close his eyes and did not even dare to look at the images sent by hisPerception.

boxn ovel.


He was afraid that when he personally caught a glimpse of the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer with tens of thousands of Holy Medicine in Double Dumba*s memory, he might go crazy all of a sudden and suddenly lose control, just like that guy.

The plan was still going smoothly.

Hong Dang had already entered the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

He only needed to pick a Medicine in order to divert the Void Attendants attention.

At that time, what Spiritual Medicine that couldnt be kept in his pocket, and what Holy Medicine couldnt be sneaked away with his Breathing Technique

“Vanishing Technique!”

Without any hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou resisted the temptation with his strong willpower and disappeared into the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer using the Vanishing Technique.

On the other side.

Hong Dang was the first to charge into the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

However, after one breath, two breaths, three breaths, he was still standing dazedly at the entrance of the Barrier.


“Oh my God…”

“What the hell did I just see!”

The Dragon-Fighter, Hong Dang, who had boasted about being a Higher Void Level for many years and had a full Treasury, looked at the Herb Garden in front of him, much like a country bumpkin entering the city.

He was stunned by such a luxurious and well-stocked treasure land.

The Herb Garden of Divine Farmer was boundless.

A first -grade spiritual herb was three steps away and Holy Medicine five steps away.

The flowers were bright, colorful, and dazzling in a myriad of colors.

There were so many varieties and so abundant that it was even more exaggerated than all the auctions held by all the Holy Medicine shops on the sacred Shengshen Continent!

“Phoenix blood flower, Peach Fairy Spiritual Wood, Holy Miracle Fruits…”

“How is that possible How could such Holy Medicine be placed at the entrance like this!”

“Shouldnt the best Spiritual Medicine be placed in the center of any herb garden How can it be placed at the entrance for people to admire What if you accidentally trample on it!”

“Its too inappropriate, its simply too inappropriate…”

Hong Dang muttered incoherently to himself.

He spread out his hands and shook his head, completely unable to to express the shock in his heart at this moment through any action or words.

There were three types of Holy Medicine at the entrance.

Apart from that, there were also many other Holy Medicine that emitted Holy Power fluctuations of the same level, but Hong Dang couldnt name them.

As for the first and second grade Spiritual Medicine…

The Double Dumba*s were right!

In the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, the first and second grade Spiritual Medicine were really just random flowers and weeds.

They were not even worth a second look.

“Under the bright moon, how could there be fireflies”

‘”Its too much! How can you give me so much How am I supposed to choose”

Hong Dangs remaining consciousness allowed him to quickly approach the direction of the Holy Miracle Trees.

“Yes, there were too many Holy Medicine in the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, but Hong Dang thought about it calmly.

No matter how high the quality of the Holy Medicine were, no matter how strong they were which could increase ones Combat Strength, they were far less attractive than theHoly Miracle Fruit of the Higher Void level.

Hong Dang rejoiced that he recognized the Holy Miracle Fruit and could make the Holy Medicine his first choice.

However, he also regretted his ignorance, because there would inevitably be Holy Medicine that were more powerful than the Holy Miracle Fruit in the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, which were just waiting to be plucked by others.

What a pity…

He didnt recognize any!

He didnt have time to study and recognize any!

He rushed to the side of the Holy Miracle Tree.

There were only two Holy Miracle Fruits left on this tree, but it didnt matter, because at a glance, Hong Dang had discovered a few more Holy Miracle Fruit trees in the distance.

In other words, if he took one fruit of the Holy Miracle Tree now, he and Double Duma*s would not fall out in the future.

One can have Holy Power at the Higher Void Level.

This was equivalent to drinking Holy Blood all the time.

“You must know that I havent even gotten a drop of Saint blood since I was born.”

“And as long as I eat the Holy Miracle Fruit, I will have such an ability!”


Hong Dang laughed madly.

He reached out for the Holy Miracle Fruit, which was the size of a human head, and plucked it without hesitation.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had disappeared, finally opened his eyes and looked down at the Herb Garden in shock.

After he forced himself to look away, he saw a sinkhole located somewhere in the distance of the Herb Garden.

Inside the sinkhole was the 3000-foot-tall Void Attendant whom he had seen before.

Without a doubt, Hong Dang had also seen it with his Spiritual Sense.

However, at first glance, the sleeping Void Attendant was too huge and had no fluctuations of life.

Anyone would think that it was the Guardian of a mountain range guarding the Herb Garden at first glance.

Xu Xiaoshou was no exception.

However, he had a preconceived notion, which was why he could tell that the Black Mountain was actually the body of the Void Attendant, in repose!

When he turned his head, Xu Xiaoshou naturally saw Hong Dang plucking the Holy Miracle Fruit.

At this moment, he laughed.

He couldnt help but laugh happily.

“Brother Hong Dang, take care!”

Just as he was thinking this, the moment the Holy Miracle Fruit left the Holy Miracle Tree…


It was accompanied by a violent sound.

The sky turned dark!


Holding the Holy Miracle Fruit which was the size of a human head, Hong Dang was slightly startled.

“What was happening”

He turned his head and was shocked to find that the Black Mountain Range in the distance had moved.

The mountain was like a man who blocked out the sun and sky when he stood up.

It blocked all the light from the sky and left the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer in total darkness!

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