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Chapter 134: Getting Rich Quick!

Awakening Pool: Performs Awakening to Extended Passive Skill.

The short line of introduction immediately caused Xu Xiaoshou to shudder.

Passive skill…awakened

He knew just how formidable the passive skills he currently possessed were, and he wondered if the skills would become insanely overpowered if they were further awakened.

But he soon calmed down after noticing the conspicuous word “extended” in the introduction line.

“Onlyextended passive skills are available for awakening, eh”

The line didnt mention any other limitations, yet it stressed the word “extended,” which apparently meant that “basic” and “expertise” passive skills were already out of the question.

It went without saying that “special passive skills” were also incapable of being awakened, given that that type wasnt even available for level ups.

He turned his gaze from the Awakening Pool and looked at the boxes in the mall instead.

There were four items in the boxes.

Level One Skill Point (purchase: 1000 Passive Points)

Level Two Skill Point (purchase: 5000 Passive Points)

Passive Key (purchase: 5000 Passive Points)

Awakening Stone (purchase: 10000 Passive Points)

Being a stingy guy to begin with, the first thing he saw when he checked out the prices was that the price of the Passive Keys had increased by more than five times, and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

“What a godd*mn rip-off! That thing only cost 1,000 Passive Points before… The price of one thing going up causes the others to go up as well, eh You actually wanna do it like this”

The next second, he saw that an Awakening Stone would cost him 10,000 Passive Points and felt as if hed just taken 10,000 points of damage to his heart.

His face turned ashen.

“What the…”

“I went through all that sh*t to get only like 60,000 points, yet I could only do Awakening six times”

He wouldnt have cared about this if success were guaranteed, but when he recalled the probability of getting something good from the System, he figured that he would end up getting severely ripped off again.

“Hold it for now.

Dont do anything rash,” he encouraged himself, returning his gaze to the “Level Two Skill Points” that hed been anticipating for a long time.

When compared to the other d*mned things, at least skill points didnt depend on chance.

Level Two Skill Points cost 5,000 passive points, and he imagined the kind of power that a Master Physique would bring.

But the price was so reasonable that he felt like the System was being a little too generous, and he wondered if something had gone haywire in the System for it to sell it to him at such a bargain.

However, he quickly came to realize that he had nine passive skills, and upgrading just one to Master Level would require 50,000 passive points.

Nine skills…


“Holy sh**!” He immediately slumped onto the sands of the Black Lake.

“What kind of a f**ked up System is this Thats a godd*mn slaughter, man!”

He felt like he was the one whod gone haywire instead for actually thinking that the System would be generous.

Had the consecutive breakthroughs rendered him dumb

With a massive burden of 500,000 passive points, he looked at the Black Waterfalls again, and the rumbling of the water was like music to his ears.

Hed initially felt that he was a man with a strong spine and that Passive Points earned through pain wasnt his way of doing things, yet at that moment…

He launched himself into the falls.

“Come on!” he thought.

“Whip me hard, baby!

“If you cant get me down on the ground today, you should stop calling yourself Black Waterfalls and just call yourself a white one instead.”

The howling sword aura immediately stunned him.

It was invigorating and caused him to immediately cool down and put up his defenses.

“Woah, woah, hold it right there.

“How about an upgrade to uhh… Eternal Vitality”

He frowned.

Hed initially thought that faster recovery meant he would yield more Passive Points.

But come to think of it, “Strengthen” would be a better choice.

“So long as my physical resilience goes up, the lower the damage the sword aura could inflict on me.

“What I really need to be concerned with right now is that I cant afford to upgrade it all the way to Master Level.

If I were to gain a Master Physique and the sword aura could no longer deal me any damage, boy, imagine the losses!

“I have nine passive skills to feed here, man!”

He then traded his points for a “Level Two Skill Point.” Even though he couldve easily traded for ten with over 60,000 Passive Points at his disposal, he chose to cautiously trade his points and go for one level at a time instead.

“While bulk purchases of skill points are indeed awesome, lets just leave it for some other time in the future.”

Strengthen (Innate, Lv.6)

After going beyond level five, a blast of white sword aura, which couldve resulted in a huge gash on his shoulder at an earlier level, was reduced to little more than a flesh wound.

It was right at the sweet spot where it could deal him damage and earn him Passive Points, yet was far from able to affect his movements.

“Couple that withEternal Vitality… boy, thats like earning points unscathed!


With his hands behind his back, he stood in the Black Waterfalls and casually walked about inside, feeling completely at ease.

After walking for a bit, he suddenly recalled that being at Innate Level meant he could fly.

He quickly connected himself with his surroundings and his body levitated midair in no time.


Being able to fly in the air without having to use Hiding Pain was a dream come true to him.

He was feeling very, very pleased with himself, and there was a happy look on his face as he flew through the air.

He found the experience an utter pleasure.

He was wracking up points, getting accustomed to Innate Level powers, and familiarizing himself with flight all at the same time.

Furthermore, his training continued without at all stopping.

“My gosh, after getting into Innate Origin Court Level, it really feels like Im gonna take off in more ways than one!”

He then recalled Yuan Tou.

“Hehe, that dude is beneath my notice now.

“Zhang Xinxiong, was it You dared to come and try to kill me over and over, eh Ill give you a taste of what Im made of when I emerge from the Tianxuan Gate.

“I was called theLittle Animal Xu.”

“But from now on, I shall be known asXu the Beast!”

He felt all his glee and pride were going to his head, and he felt a little pompous.

He knew that it was bad for him, yet somehow, he was unable to just quell that restlessness inside him.

His sword will spread out in a burst.

Having infuriated the falls meant that the place was enraged enough to assail him with a tightly packed sword aura right away as expected.

Pfftt, pfft, pffft.

Bloody gashes appeared on his body and quickly healed.

He was very pleased with himself.

The white sword aura blasts that had tortured him several hours ago was now something he could totally ignore after having undergone just one breakthrough.

Passive Points, which were coming at 30 to 50 points per second, immediately doubled, shooting to over 100 per second.

Furthermore, by this point, he no longer even needed to rest.

“Lets do a few calculations…” He was so excited that his hands were trembling.

While his mind was being slashed into mush by the sword aura blasts, he put his fingers up again, his mouth shuddering the whole while.

“Six times six equals 36, an hour has 3600 seconds, considering that Id earn at least 100 points a second…


“D*mn, I could feed all of my babies into grown-ups in just two hours!

He became beyond excited and his hands, which hed kept stuck to his thighs, spread outward, and he shot upward like Iron Man.

“Come on! The one who fails to continue after 2 hours loses!”

The higher he flew, the more enraged the blasts of white sword aura became, and the number just kept rising.

The number rose from 100 points per second to 200 and then 300 points per second.

His smile was so bright his face felt like it was about to split.

“Yeah, no point in increasing the number of attacks without adding to the damage.”


But as soon as that thought came to mind, a supersized blast of white aura came at him from out among the others, almost tearing his arm right off of his shoulder.

He was immediately startled.

“Man, stirring up trouble now, are you”

He immediately became focused.

While his spiritual sense couldnt detect that supersized sword aura among all the other tightly packed blasts, his Sense could.

As such…

“Evade! Dodge!”

“Hehe… you missed!”

He flipped about, conserving his strength throughout the whole time as he played around.

The blasts of white sword aura from above became even crazier.

He looked at the Information Bar and, seeing the numbers jump like crazy, became concerned that the System wouldve immediately blown up right now if it hadnt been upgraded earlier.

“Hmm, doesnt seem like it would.

Its crude, but its still the System.

“Come on! Make me rich!”


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