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Chapter 156: Grey Mist Figure

Pursued, Passive Points 2.

Pursued, Passive Points 2.


Xu Xiaoshou felt that he seemed to have infuriated everyone there was too infuriate.

The two whod been going at each others throat had all come after him instead.

If it wasnt for his Master Level Agility, he wouldve been forced to stop shortly after running.

It was fortunate that while the two of them had formidable powers, they completely lacked the terrifying speed that Luo Leilei had, preventing them from being able to even keep up with him.

Yet, they were anything but slow and were actually faster than usual.

It was during the chase that he was able to tell that not only was Mo Mo already at the peak of Voidness Level, but Mu Zixi was already at the peak of Origin Court Level.

He continued to scratch his head as he ran, feeling quite puzzled.

He wondered if Elder Sang had duped him or if his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Well, as far as Mo Mo was concerned, this wasnt surprising given that she was very weird to begin with.

Both her progress and level were nothing less than shocking, so he could understand her being so fast.

“But whats the deal with Mu Zixi” he thought.

“Is she actually even more of a genius than Su Qianqian

“Its only been a day since I last saw her, and shes already faster at making breakthroughs than I am What the…”

All these thoughts rendered him quite dizzy.

He looked at the red interface in his Origin Court and pondered this.

“Maybe they have their own cheats too…” he mused.

“Xu Xiaoshou, you liar! Stop right there!”

Mu Zixi, who was chasing him from behind, was truly infuriated.

She had warned herself over and over again that Xu Xiaoshou was a crackpot, yet a lapse of judgment had caused her to fall for his tricks all the same.

“That ba**ard!” she thought.

“Hes really a piece of work, and spiritual crystals… Arrgghhh, Im going crazy!”

Swoop, swoop, swoop!

The girls vines lashed out as she cranked up her speed.

She used the vines as she pouted, her face all twisted.

She looked sinister.

She swore she would give him a good whipping with her vines when she caught up to him.

The swishing branches whipped about as they moved, and using the terrain to her advantage, she managed to increase her speed to where she was only a little bit behind Xu Xiaoshou.

Mo Mo, who was dressed in a green dress, was soon left in the dust by Mu Zixi as her speed slowed, her expression becoming increasingly pained.

The incense above the small cauldron in her right hand burned quicker, and smoke billowed like crazy from it, seeping into her body as she kept moving forward.


She finally stopped chasing them abruptly after struggling to keep up.

The two of them before her kept chasing one another, and they seemed to be having a good time, which prevented them from noticing what had happened to her.

“Those two, I cant…” she said, squeezing the words out through her gritted teeth.

She shuddered and looked up.

Her eyes turned red in an instant, and the last two words she hadnt managed to get out before casually escaped her lips:

“Kill them!”

However, her voice was no longer composed and had become indistinct.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was running away like a breeze at the very front, shuddered all of a sudden.

He felt the hairs all over his body stand on end and a cold shiver go down his spine.

He quickly realized that Mo Mo was no longer within the vicinity of his Sense.

He scanned the place around with his will and found her struggling at the very tail end.

However, that presence there was no longer Mo Mo herself.

The very next instant, Mo Mo, who was standing in the same place like a log, crumbled to dust and instantly disappeared.

“Holy sh**!”

Xu Xiaoshou became thoroughly frightened.

He could tell from his scan that her cauldron was next to where shed been standing.

That was something shed never left behind ever, and the way Xu Xiaoshou saw it, that thing held far greater symbolic meaning than the actual meaning of its own existence.

She was no longer holding that thing.

Was that to say…

“Her right arm… the seal is undone”

His pupils contracted, and he saw that behind Mu Zixi, who was giving chase at blitzing speeds, there seemed to be a whiff of grey mist following them.

“Look out!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of turning around and immediately put this thought into action.

Sparks flew from under feet as he managed to finish the hard turn in an instant.

However, it was still too late.

He was simply still too far away.

The grey mist behind Mu Zixi solidified, and Mo Mos silhouette was vaguely seen, yet he was able to determine that it was definitely someone else in there instead.

Xu Xiaoshou charged at Mu Zixi as he warned her, “Behind you!”

Mu Zixi, despite being in a state of rage, wasnt lacking in reason.

She simply said coldly, “Dont even think about duping me again, Xu Xiaoshou!”


“Sh**, this is getting out of hand!” he thought.

“Behind you, you doofus!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

He trembled all over after that shout, and his skin crawled.

This was because other than what his eyes and Sense could tell, he was unable to detect Mo Mos presence in his spiritual sense at all.

He knew that this meant that so long as Mu Zixi didnt turn around, it would be almost utterly impossible for her to detect the grey mist behind her.

“What the f**k! What kind of level of power and spiritual technique are these” he thought.

He wanted to just turn around run, but his emotions completely overwhelmed his reasoning.

His Agility was cranked to the highest, and yet he regretted not having put more points into it instead.

He was still too late.

He saw that dumb girl continue to charge at him.

Not only was she completely oblivious to the danger looming over her, but it looked like she was grinning, completely pleased with herself.

“Okay, she really is dumb!” he thought.

She was still completely oblivious to it all.

The grey mist figure behind her extended its right hand as she continued to speed up by stepping on her vines.


It was a hit.

Mu Zixis body was completely twisted, and she was sent flying in another direction.

Her body felt like it was about to come apart, and she spurted blood, all of it flying into her face.


Xu Xiaoshous knuckles cracked as he clenched his fists, his gaze turning completely cold.

“Mo Mo…” he thought.

“No, that grey mist has completely taken over Mo Mo.

I should be calling this the grey mist figure instead.”

The grey mist figure sent Mu Zixi flying with a single thrust of her hand and it actually didnt keep attacking.

Seeing Xu Xiaoshout shoot in the direction Mu Zixi was falling, it turned its head around and grinned.


He managed to make it there to catch her just as she was about to hit the ground.

In order to avoid his Recoil causing her further injury, he went even further beneath her and dug his legs into the ground.

He managed to land safely.

“You stupid or what I just told you to look behind you!” Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but shout at her.

He scanned his body with his spiritual source and found that her entire energy reserve was sealed, which made him realize why she hadnt been able to defend herself.

That hit had almost destroyed the meridian pathways in her, causing her to almost be reduced to a cripple.

Yet she somehow there was lifeforce seeping out of that wreck of a body of hers, which then began to repair her body.

“Eternal Vitality” he thought.

“No… this is probably the result of all those pills she pops in her free time.

Residual energies, then”

Xu Xiaoshou fished out the Spirit Mark of Life.

Theoretically speaking, the mark would heal best when plastered on the abdominal area, but he couldnt bring himself to do so, as she was wearing a one-piece dress.

To plaster it on her abdominal area, he would have to go up her dress from below, and that would be rather unsightly.

He hesitated for a bit before tearing off her clothes without a care and shoving the mark into her chest.

Lifeforce instantly surged into her energy reserve and started to spread its healing effects.

Her body shuddered slightly as her eyelids remained closed.

“You liar…” What remained of her consciousness obviously wasnt enough to enable her to talk much.

Her eyes looked dazed as they flickered about, making it apparent that she had little consciousness left in her, yet she was nonetheless able to ask with a very drowsy, weak tone, “Who hit me”


“She really is dumb!” he thought.

He was completely flabbergasted.

He wiped the blood off of her face and gently put her on the ground before turning around to look at that grey mist figure.

It became apparent that the grey mist figures goal was to get him rather than of Mu Zixi.

He took a look at its right arm.

Whatever was there had been completely activated, and Mo Mo had become something else altogether.

Xu Xiaoshou had wondered just how terrifying that thing actually was that was sealed in her right arm, but hed never thought that it was an old man.

What the f**k, man…

The presence of that grey mist figure soon broke through Voidness Level and climbed to Upper Spiritual Level before continuing to make for Master Level.


However, their surroundings trembled at that moment, suppressing its aura.

“Heh, this truly is some crappy small world.

Barely breaking Master Level and no further eh…” an indistinct voice was heard saying.


This was the thought that immediately came to mind, yet his legs felt like theyd taken root instead.

It wasnt that his legs were getting wobbly like they used to in the past; they were standing their ground out of utter fury.

He wiped the blood on his hand with his sleeve and said coldly, “Youve hurt my sister-in-training.”

“You seem hardly surprised by my presence.” The grey mist figures indistinct voice sounded very screechy and unpleasant to the ear.

The young man, who was slowly taking to the air, didnt reply to what the grey mist figure had just said.

Instead, he simply repeated to himself mechanically, “Youve hurt my sister-in-training!”

The grey mist figure could hear the suppressed fury in his voice.

It smirked and asked, “What of it, then”

Crack, crack.

The Infernal Heavenly Flames washed all over the place as crackling sounds were heard hundreds of meters radius from where he was, burning anything and everything there was within the vicinity.

“Nothing much…”

Xu Xiaoshous expression relaxed, along with his clenched fists.

He snapped his fingers.

“Im just p*ssed.”


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