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Chapter 173: Killing Field

“How dare you hang up on me How rude!” Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

It was a pity that he did not get the answers to his questions.

It was probably hard for him to get his hands on the other treasures of Suppressing Barrier.

He looked at the jade scroll in his hand as he thought about the request which the Master Dean had made.

“This appears to be more than just an ordinary communication jade scroll.

Could it stall the Small World in Tianxuan Gate from shattering after I put it into the seal of the Treasure of Suppressing Barrier”

Xu Xiaoshou wondered how such a simple jade scroll could allow people to communicate between the two worlds.

He felt fired up.

Could the item possibly be an extraordinary treasure Perhaps it was.

It probably might be.

No, no.

It was a life-saving item.

Xu Xiaoshou told himself that he should not get too greedy!

“Ladies and gentlemen!”

He looked at the crowd regretfully and said, “I have some bad news to tell all of you.

You may have to wait for a while more before you can get out.”

“What do you mean”

“Although I do not enjoy this.

But, as the Chosen One, I might have to be your savior this time!”

Xu Xiaoshou flicked the sleeve of his robe dramatically and looked up at the sky.

Then with a soft sigh, he added, “Alas, the Heavens rendered me an important task.”

“Suspected, passive points, 7.”

“Mocked, passive points, 4.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, stop acting so self-important.

Just tell us what the Master Dean told you to do.


“Well, if it is about saving the world, it is impossible for it to be you since Senior Sister Leilei is here!”

Luo Leilei felt surprised upon hearing it.

She wondered why the Master Dean wanted to talk to Xu Xiaoshou when she was still there.

She had a vague understanding of what was happening.

Xu Xiaoshou had no intention to explain further.

He felt that there was no need to speak to them anymore.

Although they were among the Inner Yard thirty-three, they probably did not understand why the Tianxuan Gate was collapsing.

It would be useless to say anything more.

His gaze swept across the crowd and finally rested on Luo Leilei.

“Protect the passage.

Wait for my return!”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

“Xu Xiaoshou, leave the jade scroll with us.

Do not take it with you when you are about to face death!”

The situation instantly incensed the rest of the group.

To them, Xu Xiaoshou was merely at the beginning stage of the Origin Court level, and there was little he could do.

The guy was not just taking away the jade scroll, but their lives with it!

Who would not be angry

One of them wanted to catch up with Xu Xiaoshou, but Luo Leilei stopped him.

“Senior Sister Leilei, what do you mean by stopping me”

Luo Leilei said nothing.

Her pretty eyes narrowed, and her body radiated with electric light.

“Shut up!”

She had figured it out.

There was only one passage.

If they wanted to get out of there, she had no choice but to trust Xu Xiaoshou, no matter how he had acted earlier.

Besides, she was fully aware of the situation, even though the others were not.

In terms of strength, Xu Xiaoshou was the strongest amongst everyone present.

Luo Leilei wondered what he could achieve this time.

Perhaps he would save the world, as he said.


Luo Leilei rebuked three infuriated people from the group.

They were among the newly promoted thirty-three and became a little wary.

Though they were not familiar with Xu Xiaoshou, they knew Luo Leilei very well!

Did the woman intend to fight the three of them by herself

What kind of joke was it

“He is doing it to save Zhou Tianshen!”


Look, this world has collapsed to such a state, so what are we awaiting death by staying here”

Some of them were still sensible, thinking that they should avoid a fight if they could.

However, Luo Leilei felt annoyed, and retorted, “I said, shut up!”

The atmosphere became tense, and they were almost getting to the verge of a fight.

It was then that Mu Zixi and Mo Mo stood behind Luo Leilei, indirectly showing their support.

After some hesitation, Zhao Qingteng walked over and stood with them.

The other three were so full of rage that they burst out laughing as they vented out their anger.

“Do you think that you and these three scums who have just entered the Inner Yard can fight us”

Luo Leilei glared disdainfully and scowled.

“You guys think too highly of yourselves.

I have enough to deal with you!”

The three of them bounded toward her.

Luo Leilei raised her hand, and a bolt of purplish lightning shot down from the sky, instantly giving them a good roasting.


They did not have the body of a Master.

They collapsed to the ground, spurting blood and twitching in pain.

“What the hell! How could she be so strong”

The three were all bewildered.

Luo Leilei was like a different person compared to her previous state.

What was happening

How could she have improved so much after entering the Tianxuan Gate

Or perhaps she was all along just pretending to be weak

After dealing with the troublemakers, Luo Leilei looked at the pitch-black sky, feeling a slight sense of uneasiness.

She was less worried about this world, but when she considered the outside world, it was another story.

She shook her head and stopped thinking about it.


Another bolt of lightning struck from the sky, knocking down the three who tried to get up.

They felt like crying.

They did not wish to fight anymore, and all the three wanted to do was to get up!

But seeing how Luo Leilei was acting, they did not dare to move.


Luo Leilei looked to the south.

It was the direction in which Xu Xiaoshou was heading.

Xu Xiaoshou rushed to the place where the “Killing Field” was located.

If he was right, Zhou Tianshen should be there as well.

“This guy might have over-cultivated, so he does not even know the world is about to blow up!” Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

It was a likely situation for the tall guy.

Honestly, he wanted to save Zhou Tianshen, but he had the jade scroll in his hands.

Unfortunately, all he could do was to think about it!

If he made a round trip, the passage would open, and those people would have left by the time he came back.

What should he do then

Should he sacrifice for Zhou Tianshen

Although he and Zhou Tianshen had a good relationship, the reality was cruel.

One death is always better than two deaths, he thought.

He felt much less guilty knowing he was merely abiding by Ye Xiaotians order.

Since he was looking for a potential Secret Realm to place the jade scroll, he could take a detour to check what the guy was doing.


As he heard the explosions in the space up ahead, Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly dashed toward the gradual darkness at top speed, atop a small fireball at his feet.

Xu Xiaoshou could reach the destination in a quarter of an hour at full speed, but the others would take half a day to do so.

A high wall blocked the way.

He felt an ominous sense of murderous energy lurking near him.

The heavy smell of blood was disgusting.

Xu Xiaoshou covered his mouth and nose.

He could feel deep in his heart that the killing energy was attempting to draw out his violent and destructive desire.

Based on the experience of awakening the Berserk Giant, the murderous energy could not form a magic barrier.

So, he did not lose his mind.

“This shoddy place is evil!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately realized why Zhou Tianshen did not come out.

The tall man had probably died.

Or maybe the killing energy attacked him, making him lose his mind.

So, there was no way he could not leave the place.

“I am too overconfident.

I should not have come to look for Zhou Tianshen.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt a tinge of regret.

He did not have the confidence to stay there for half a day.

Zhou Tianshen…

Was he still alive

He continued to fly onward.

And soon, his line of sight passed over the high wall.

He could see the view inside.

It was a black-walled arena for gladiators, and bloodstains were visible on the ground.

All eight iron doors leading into the center were open, and the steel puppets with swords kept walking out from behind those doors into the arena.

Each puppet was over two meters tall, and they looked powerful!

In the middle of four or five puppets stood a one-armed youth with red eyes.

The muscular young man was holding a dazzling golden sword.

Clang! Clang!

The angles of his strikes were rather extreme, for his sword was flashing very close to the stump of his severed arm.

With each strike, he was cutting some part of the surrounding steel giant bodies.

“Zhou Tianshen”

Xu Xiaoshou fixed his gaze on his severed arm.

The guy…

Did he chop his arm off himself

Judging by the way he struck, it was a safe bet.

Is the simpleton cultivating an evil spiritual skill

The power was strong.

The muscular youth did not notice that someone had approached.

He had his hands full combating the puppets.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his body once and disappeared from the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a few muffled sounds, the terrifying steel giants got flung into the sky like toys.

Xu Xiaoshou held Zhou Tianshen down by his shoulder.


Zhou Tianshen turned around and stared at him with his scarlet eyes.

Suddenly, a golden Blade Light bore down from the sky.

The terrifying killing energy made the stone plates under Xu Xiaoshou crack.


Xu Xiaoshou caught the golden blade with two of his fingers.

The red-eyed Zhou Tianshen looked flabbergasted.

He wondered why the man of flesh was even harder than the steel puppet.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar and found no additional information.

He was quite annoyed after realizing that there was no benefit to gain.

“How dare you attack me!”

He slammed his head onto the tall mans forehead.

Powerful energy waves surged and sent Zhou Tianshen spinning into the high black wall and trapping him there.

His eyes rolled up, and he passed out!

Xu Xiaoshou clapped his hands and nodded with satisfaction.

It was as he had expected.

With his current combat power, he could effortlessly defeat someone who had just entered the Innate State, even if they were in a Red-eyed State.

In the past, he had always fought those who were at higher combat levels than him.

Sometimes, they were even several levels higher.

Often, he had to fight hard at the risk of death.

He finally experienced the joy of fighting at the same level.

He could kill within a second!


He looked around and found more steel puppets walking out from behind the eight iron gates.

After assessing the situation, they looked stunned and quietly retreated.

Xu Xiaoshou watched them in silence.


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