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Chapter 178: The Spirit Place with full of hidden talents

Yu Zhiwen watched, mouth agape with amazement.

Even though she had a veil covering her face, the look of surprise on her face was evident to everyone around her.

“The Central Region”

“That is right!”

Jiang Bianyan nodded and added, “How do you think Tiansang Spirit Palace could rise to power so quickly It has only a couple of decades of history and yet it has already surpassed over ten Spirit Palaces within its vicinity.”

“And they could not have attained all of their achievements without Ye Xiaotian!”

He paused and thought wistfully.

Then his eyes suddenly lit up, and he murmured.

“Had he been born earlier and experienced a few more years of cultivation, he would probably have qualified for one of the Ten High Nobles of the Central Region.”

“If that is the case, then he wouldnt have had stooped so low as to come to such an insignificant corner of the world.”

Being continuously fed with such revealing information, Yu Zhiwen felt she had benefitted a lot from her visit that day.

“The Ten High Nobles” Yu Zhiwen asked curiously.

However, Jiang Bianyan stopped answering her questions.

He shook his head and said, “You are far from their level.

Let us not dwell on this topic.

We did not come here for this reason.

Let us get ready for the White Cave affairs first!”

Yu Zhiwen nodded slightly.

Although she looked calm on the outside, her mind was still filled with doubts and even more questions.

Space Elemental power.

Was it that powerful

It seemed reasonable.

Yu Zhiwen had not seen anyone with that kind of elemental power, even at the headquarters.

“Thats right!”

She suddenly thought of something and said, “I have heard that the last Palace Master was the man who must be given the most credit for the rise of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

What is his name again”

Yu Zhiwen frowned as she tried to recall the name.

Jiang Bianyan smiled gently and answered, “Elder Sang.”

“This old man retired many years ago.

He is presently holding the title of the Inner Yard Vice Dean and is hardly at the Spirit Palace.

He frequently travels to the different regions.”

“Hm, I think he returned recently, yet nobody has seen him at all this time.”

“Elder Sang” Yu Zhiwen asked curiously, “Between him and Ye Xiaotian, who is stronger”

Jiang Bianyan appeared amused by the question.

He chuckled for a moment before answering her.

“Little girl, remember, this is not an issue about who is stronger.”


“Would you not say that Ye Xiaotian is exceptionally powerful” Jiang Bianyan replied to her with a question instead.

Yu Zhiwen looked over at the white-haired kid connecting the two worlds with his hands and instantly nodded with her reply.

“Of course, he is strong!”

She could see he possessed worldly power.

How could he not possibly be strong

“Well, when facing Elder Sang, all even Ye Xiaotian can do is only sit still and listen to his teachings!” Jiang Bianyan surprised her with his words.


Yu Zhiwen almost sucked her veil into her lungs as she replied in disbelief, “He is above the Sovereign Stage”

“No, no, no.

It is deference accumulated over time that led him to be so.

It is respect for the elder.”

Jiang Bianyan laughed out loud and suddenly realized that all eyes were on him.

The piercing gaze of hundreds of the black-clothed men was quite intimidating, and so, he ceased the conversation.

Noticing that Ye Xiaotian did not turn his head, he then lowered his voice further.

He whispered, “I heard that Elder Sang had taken a new disciple recently.

The Elder has very keen eyes for spotting talents.

Maybe you might find yourself a rival here.”


Yu Zhiwen was interested in the disciples identity and asked, “Who is it”

“I am not so sure.

But it seemed like the new disciple is a young girl too.

Maybe you guys will have a chance to meet each other inside the White Cave.”

A young girl

Yu Zhiwens calm mind suddenly felt troubled.

If she had not spoken to Jiang Bianyan, she would probably not have any motivation during the trip.

However, upon hearing the piece of news…

Elder Sangs new disciple

It was exciting!

“It seems like Tiansang Spirit Palace is full of talents!” Yu Zhiwen exclaimed, feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

“Thats right.”

Jiang Bianyan had stopped talking, but he seemed to have other things to express.

His eyes swept around the area and finally landed on Qiao Qianzhi, who was always half a step behind the rest and perpetually had a silly smile on his face.

He watched as Qiao Qianzhi started laying out the array.

Jiang Bianyan could tell that the man, ordinary-looking in terms of cultivation rank, was a person who hid his true strength well.

He was most probably at the level of a Spirit Array Master.

Maybe even a Great Master.

If he is the latter, then it would be utterly terrifying!

A Spirit Array Great Master was someone who could beat ten enemies if he had a location advantage.

They were a rare few who could defeat people who ranked higher than them, and that was impressive!

Out of the blue, Jiang Bianyan felt fear in his heart.

The strength of Tiansang Spirit Palace was unquestionably high.

But why was a letter dispatched seeking help Could it be that the Holy Vassal was planning to descend to the mortal world

Hm, it was highly unlikely…

Those shameless flies attracted to the honey of fame and power would never choose to be in the bright sunlight, if at all.

If they dared to show themselves, the holy beam of the Holy Divine would exterminate them in ab instant!

Buzz! Buzz!

Two soft buzzes interrupted Jiang Bianyans train of thought.

Ye Xiaotian had completed his construction of the world paths.

He did not take more than fifteen minutes to connect the two worlds.

Such speed had once again shocked the two of them.

“Mm!” Jiang Bianyan grunted suddenly.

The place went dead silent.

Even Yu Zhiwen instinctively held back on asking more questions.

She closed her eyes to feel the surrounding.

It was the same with the hundreds of men in black not far from them.

Even Zhao Xidong, holding the Spirit Curtain Wheel of the 12 Pearls, anxiously looked down and carefully studied the wheel.

A faint “Force of Great Path and Rules” slowly manifested.

However, what was more tangible was the extremely dense Space Elemental power.

The former was the Path itself, while the latter was the manifestation of the Path.

Only Sovereign-ranked experts could sense the Force of Great Path and Rules.

Most of the people there had yet to reach that level.

To them, it was the perfect opportunity for a breakthrough!

Just one look was all it took, and many had already entered the world of Zen.

Ye Xiaotian was breaking out in a sweat as it was rare for him to push himself to the limit.

So, the opportunity was indeed rare.

Everyone present, including the personnel from the internal of the Spirit Palace, had never seen Ye Xiaotian using his Space Elemental power in such a strenuous manner.

Jiang Bianyan looked at the visible Force of Rules in the path and secretly sighed.

Had he not reached the Sovereign stage and already found his Path, the clear and visible Force of Rules before him right now would surely improve his cultivation by a vast margin.

However, it was impossible at present.

Every Sovereign has his unique Path.

The fight for the Great Path was exceedingly cruel, and if Jiang Bianyan rejected his Path over Ye Xiaotians, then the path he had already chosen would become meaningless.

He looked away as there was no point staring at two Paths that were destined not to cross.

However, Qiao Qianzhi was meticulously observing the force of space.

It could be used in different ways and was exceedingly valuable for one who delved into the world of Spirit Array Caster.

He was thirsty for every moment and had immersed himself in the force as he absorbed everything he could.

Ye Xiaotian could not neglect the most urgent matter, just because everyone was in the Zen mode.

To him, the most critical issue at present was to save the people inside the Tianxuan Gate.

With every minute he wasted, it became more dangerous for the people inside!

The path connecting the two worlds had finally stabilized, and Ye Xiaotian projected his voice into it.

His command was clear was simple.

He shouted, “Get out!”


“A spatial path!”

The three of them, who laid face-down at the entrance of the Tianxuan Gate array, jolted in surprise, pointing to the back of the crowd.

Luo Leilei turned around in surprise and realized that on one side of the array entrance, there was another spatial path that was now open.

“What is going on”

“Is Xu Xiaoshou not back yet Who has informed the Dean”

Mu Zixi stared at the pillar-like gigantic tree and made an assumption.

She said, “Maybe after Xu Xiaoshou has succeeded and the mini world gets repaired, perhaps then Mr.

Dean can intervene again”

“Why are we waiting When are we going to escape, if not now”

Three of them charged out, and Luo Leilei could not stop them in time.

All she could see was the three of them getting into the spatial path and vanishing before her.

“Let us go.

Xu Xiaoshou should be able to make it in time, right”

Momo held the bronze cauldron and checked the bracelet on her arm.

She hesitated and then said, “We cannot wait any longer.”

They really could not afford to wait any longer!

None of them was dumb or simple-minded.

All the youngsters knew they could wait for too long after the path had opened.

For the period it would last was an unknown variable to them.

If they were to wait for everyone to leave together, then they were not guaranteed a safe path back.

Momo stepped onto the path first.

Mu Zixi hesitated for a moment, but she followed suit shortly afterward.

Zhao Qingteng walked for two steps and paused.

Then he turned back and reached out with his hand and said, “Let us do it together.”

“F*ck off!”

He was speechless.

He turned and left without waiting.

Luo Leilei looked at the spatial path and felt that every step was difficult.

She was not waiting for Xu Xiaoshou.

But Luo Leilei feared the world outside.

If she assumed correctly, what awaited her outside was probably an enormous group of men in black clothes.

She clenched her teeth and finally took a leap of faith.

“Brother Shuangxing, please hurry over.”


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