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Chapter 237: You Saw Nothing Today

“Does drinking blood make you slightly excited”

After having pondered for a long time, Xu Xiaoshou reluctantly came to such a conclusion.

Since Xu Xiaoshou had found Ah Jie in the “killing field,” he must have developed a bloodlust because of that environment.

Thus, it was understandable why he had such a bloodthirsty personality.

Hm, if I found a bucket of dragon blood and poured it on his head, would he go berserk on the spot, and would his fighting mettle soar

Xu Xiaoshou pondered this and thought that the plan to collect high-quality blood could be added to the agenda now.

Well, there is no harm in being prepared…

The blood essence taken from Zhang Xinxiong and Yuan Tou would be the most ideal, he thought.

“Well, lets do that then,” he muttered to himself.

He reaffirmed his idea with a nod of his head, then thought further about it.

Putting aside the fact that Ah Jie could very well go berserk, Xu Xiaoshou was quite convinced that if he could control Ah Jies fighting abilities, he would undoubtedly improve his fighting strength exponentially.

“Could it be that its power has something to do with triggering spells”

Another idea flashed through his mind.

Xu Xiaoshou recalled how he had shouted to Ah Jie when he threw him at Zhang Xinxiong during the duel.

He suddenly felt quite encouraged.

“Pika Jie, transform into a sword!” Xu Xiaoshou yelled in a stern voice.

“Ma Ma,” Ah Jie murmured weakly.

Two pairs of eyes gazed into each other, and a deathly silence filled the air.

The only noticeable thing was the massive frame of Zhou Tiansen that Xu Xiaoshou had slung over his shoulder, with his two legs swaying from side to side.


Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes upwards and moaned, “Why is it still not working”

Xu Xiaoshou was about to grumble again when he suddenly remembered the words he hollered to Ah Jie at the end of the duel.

Xu Xiaoshou then decided he would reenact the scene.

“Get smaller!”

With a whooshing sound, Ah Jie responded by transforming into a lump of iron instantly.

Ah Jie was now not in his combative form anymore, and it appeared this was the only command he could only understand.

Xu Xiaoshou then chuckled as he prepared to put his theory to the test.

He grabbed the iron ball and threw it at a boulder by the roadside.

“Go ahead, Pika Je.

Chop it up for me!”

With a whooshing sound, the iron ball shot out.

Before it approached the stone, the iron ball hummed a little and several markings appeared on its surface.

Lo and behold! It then transformed into a broadsword of ten feet long.


The boulder shattered with a resounding boom, exploding into countless small fragments.

The force of the broadswords blow even left a huge furrow in the ground.

The devastation didnt dampen Xu Xiaoshous spirit in the slightest.

On the contrary, his eyes glinted with excitement.

“It has really worked!”

“Over there, one more slash!”

He pointed casually at a spiritual tree on the other side.

The broadsword swept across the air and slashed with a flash of black light.


Anything the black light touched was instantly cut in half.

In this way, hundreds of spiritual trees fell to the ground with heavy thuds, causing smoke and dust to fill the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned by what he had just witnessed at the scene.

“There is a black light… And its power is simply incredible!”

That was to say, Xu Xiaoshou could not only give a command to this broadsword when attacking at a distance, but he could also catch the enemy off guard when engaged in close-quarter combat, or when forced to retreat.


Xu Xiaoshou slapped his thigh in excitement.

For even if this broadsword was not his original weapon, it was still extremely lethal when used in a surprise counter-attack during a retreat.

“This way!”

He turned around, pointed at the back of another bush, and yelled, “Go! Pika Jie, pierce it for me!”

When I said “chop”, it transformed into a broadsword; but if I were to say “pierce,” would it become a sword

Xu Xiaoshou thought it was worth a try.

Instead, the broadsword flew back to his side and quivered, not heeding his command at all.


“Could it be that the order of how I commanded it was incorrect Should I transform it into the iron ball first before I throw it out again”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think it was absurd, as he recalled a familiar scenario where the “Hidden Bitter” tried to devour its master.

Ah Jies situation was rather similar to the “Hidden Bitter” and he had trained repeatedly this way.

“Why not I dont think its the wrong way to handle it!”

He focused his mind, then commanded the broadsword to return to its original size.

He then hurled at it another large rock.

“Go on! Pika Jie, pierce it for me!”

It was rather exciting to give the command the first time, but Xu Xiaoshou felt a little embarrassed giving out the same command repeatedly.

But it was the only way to turn Ah Jie into a sword.

Luckily, no one was around to witness his failure!

As the iron ball was streaking through the air, Xu Xiaoshou was full of expectations.

But the iron ball did not follow his command at all.

It smashed the boulder and cracked it open, but it remained in the form of a ball!

“You are pissing me off.

Youre exactly like your senior partner, theHidden Bitter!”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at it angrily and snarled, “Come on, strike me, then.

I dont believe youll dare to devour your master!”


At the sound of a familiar drone, the iron ball quivered, and the markings on its surface lit up.

The iron ball suddenly shot into the air with a swoosh and hovered above him ominously!

Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes wide at once.

“No way…”

As Xu Xiaoshou tried to grab it by making use of his Body of Master, unexpectedly, the iron ball transformed into a large iron rod twice the size of the broadsword!


This time Xu Xiaoshou could not resist.

Even the fist of the puppet child could knock him to the ground easily, so the large iron rod easily knocked him away and sent him flying without the slightest pause.

It felt like being in a bell that was struck by its knocking rod as his hand came into contact with the iron rod.

With a resounding blast, Xu Xiaoshou once again sent flying into the distance, with his body doubled over and made to look like a human shrimp.

He got back control of his body only after smashing through hundreds of spiritual trees.

“Damn it!”

Xu Xiaoshou was in a daze.

Ah Jie was becoming a problem now.

Yet he hadnt been with the Hidden Bitter.

So where did he learn to be so obnoxious

Damn, what is the problem with this guy

Xu Xiaoshou was so angry that he took out the Hidden Bitter from his bosom and pulled it out of the scabbard.

He flicked it with his fingers fiercely!

Hmph, if I cant punish Ah Jie, then I can certainly punish you—the leader of the rebellion!


The Hidden Bitter only bent a little and didnt dare to straighten up.

Xu Xiaoshou was appalled.

After having calmed down, he had no choice but to resolve all this himself.

He straightened the black sword in frustration.

Then, he dashed over to Ah Jie and commanded him back into the iron ball before picking it up.

After that, he squatted down on the same spot and pondered hard, with a frown on his face.

Could it be that it will only transform willingly when I give a command during a fierce battle

But what if the command does not work

Ah! this is truly frustrating…

“Xu Xiaoshou” Suddenly, an exasperated voice called out from behind him.

“What did you do”

“Huh” Xu Xiaoshou glanced up and saw a man dressed entirely in black.

He was not Zhao Xidong, but someone who looked familiar.

He believed he had seen him before, but couldnt remember his name.

“Why” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Why…” The man in black was more amused than feeling angered.

Pointing his finger at the surrounding spiritual bushes, he said, “Why Look at these bushes.

There is nothing we can do now!”

Xu Xiaoshou followed his finger and looked around…

The spiritual trees on the left side were shorn by half by the black light of the broadsword and now allowed more sunlight to pour onto the forest path.

While Xu Xiaoshou uprooted the spiritual trees on the right side himself and now had opened up a new path.


After realizing that he had gotten into trouble again, Xu Xiaoshou felt a chill in his heart.

He hastened to run over to retrieve Zhou Tiansen, who was earlier knocked out cold by the iron rod.

He pushed Zhou into the arms of the man in black.

“Quick, go save him!”

“If you rush to the Spiritual Medicine Division right now, he might just be saved!” Xu Xiaoshou showed an anxious expression on his face.

The man in black was dumbfounded, wondering if he had done this to Zhou.

“No! I didnt do it.”

Xu Xiaoshou could tell what he was thinking with a mere glance, and said, “You must have come here recently.

Say nothing if you have seen nothing.

I am testing a big move, but I still have some minor issues with it.

Well, its not important.”

“Minor issues…”

The man in black was troubled when he heard this, and growled, “These are undoubtedly not the minor issues.

You wait here while I go get the dean!”

He had seen Xu Xiaoshou behead Zhang Xinxiong, and knew that he couldnt even fight with the youth who just fought with one arm using only his body strength.

Yet, if I cant punish him, the dean certainly can!

“Stop right there!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

The man in black turned around and found that the youth had pulled out a black and red order token.

Xu Xiaoshou had blocked his way while shoving the order token into his face.

“By the order of Elder Sang, you must immediately go to the Spiritual Medicine Division to save him!”

“You saw nothing today!”

The man in black was astounded.


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