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Chapter 238: The Ninth Grade Xu

“I am lucky that it was not the guy named Zhao who came over.

Its much easier to fool this chap.”

Xu Xiaoshou watched the man in black leave with the huge, tall man in his arms.

He instantly felt relieved.

Then he looked back at the disaster site he created.

Well, the area of destruction was indeed quite extensive, but I did not do it on purpose, he thought.

Feeling responsible for the deed, he had offered some of his spiritual crystals to rebuild the area.

Under the authority of Elder Sangs command token, the man in black took on the bulk of the restoration work.

“He is truly a good man.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and thought no more of it.

Then he put the invaluable command token away.

This thing is so handy!

As Elder Sang did not have the command token for disciples of the Inner Yard, he gave Xu Xiaoshou this particular token for selecting the spirit site.

However, he did not know that Xu Xiaoshou would use it for such a purpose.

Certainly, Elder Sang did not know that he had unwittingly helped his precious disciple fix problems the lad had gotten himself into several times.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his attention back to the iron ball once again and had almost given up on studying it further.

It was already pretty good that he could command Jie to transform into a broadsword.

But he still could not figure out how to get Jie to transform into other forms.

So be it for now!

At least the broadsword had lethal power, which was good enough for him at this stage.

When the time came, and when his relationship with Jie grew closer, he was sure he would discover more about him.

“Okay, lets go to the Spiritual Library Division to see what is going on there!”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered the initial purpose of making the trip.

It was merely coincidental that he had killed Zhang Xinxiong.

Finding that old man with the conical hat was more important.

I do not know why Elder Sang doesnt enjoy staying at the Spiritual Library Division by himself.

There must be something important since he asked me to go over there, Xu Xiaoshou thought.

“Well, this time, I have to get more recipes for making the magic pills!”

Before he entered the Tianxuan Gate, Xu Xiaoshou had already mastered the art of making the Red Gold Pill and the Spiritual Pill.

He had even developed some new spiritual liquids.

He found that as his strength increased rapidly, those two pills and the spiritual liquids were no longer potent for him.

Though he had the Origin Court magic pills, he did not have them in large quantities.

He only possessed a hundred or so.

If he could master the making of the Origin Court magic pill, or if he could develop a new Origin Court Liquid, then he could become extremely wealthy!

And why did he need to be wealthy

Xu Xiaoshou looked toward the horizon and suddenly realized that he had not once left the Spirit Palace since he came to this world a long time ago!

[Spiritual Library Division, the third floor]

Though the stove fire was burning intensely, Mu Zixi could not tell.

She had no choice but to use her spiritual thought to gauge.

She admired the invisible flame.

It was not only helpful for making the magic pills but was also a powerful weapon in combat!

Ever since she saw Xu Xiaoshou burn a large area of the Moro Secret Forest with the Infernal Heavens, she became somewhat fascinated by it.

Elder Sang showed her the technique of solidifying the pills.

As he handed over the freshly manufactured red gold pills, he said, “See what I mean”

Mu Zixi nodded dumbly.

However, she wasnt focusing her attention on the magic pill, and instead asked, “The flame…”

“Do not even think about it.

The Infernal Heavens is not something a little girl like you can cultivate,” Elder Sang said, cutting her off.

He could tell what Mu Zixi was thinking at a glance.

The girl had already mentioned more than once that she wanted to learn about the Infernal Heavens.

But it was not so easy to master it!

Just the prerequisite of the Innate Flesh Body would deter the girl from acquiring the technique.

And he was not even considering the other attributes required to attain the skill.

Even with a body of natural raw wood, she could probably achieve a lower level of the technique.

But Elder Sang still would not dare to let her cultivate the skill.

Xu Xiaoshou had succeeded because he was special–one out of ten thousand.

Though his chance of success was very slight, at least he had a slim chance.

But as for Mu Zixi

She probably could not even resist the first wave of attack from the flame seeds of the Infernal Heavens!

“But why” Mu Zixi asked.

She did not quite understand the reason for his refusal.

Even though she did not have the Innate Flesh Body, Mu Zixi thought she could neutralize any injuries as long as she had enough vitality.

Elder Sang shook his head again.

The little girl must have thought that it was an easy skill to achieve.

“The reason is that your willpower is not strong enough,” he answered without mincing his words.

Mu Zixi felt a blow hit her, and she protested, “If Xu Xiaoshou can, I can as well!”

“You cannot.”

“I can!”

“You can!”

“I cannot!” Mu Zixi argued with determination.

But she froze after she last answered.

Damn, it was a trick!

The voice had come from her back.

As soon as she turned around, Xu Xiaoshou held down her little head with his big hand.

“Look, you have just said that you cannot.

Right So stop protesting and accept your fate!”

“There are times we have to recognize the reality.

You could get yourself killed by pretending to be brave.”

What Xu Xiaoshou had said was not a lie this time.

He could resist the burning of the flame seeds of the Infernal Heavens because he had Spiritual Strength and the Eternal Vitality.

Besides, he had his stupendous willpower.

And even then, if any of those three elements failed him, he would die without a burial ground.

The Infernal Heavens was so horrifying that he would not use it if he had any choice.

Unfortunately, he met the ruthless Elder Sang.

Mu Zixi had a red face from holding her breath.

She had no chance to get away from the vice-like grip of Xu Xiaoshous large hands.

She was even having difficulty straightening her body.

Why was he so strong, she thought.

As she grumbled inwardly, she found that the force above her head had lessened.

The little girl immediately stood up, ready to yell out.

Xu Xiaoshou pinched her fleshy cheeks with two of his fingers.

Her mouth took the shape of an “O” as she pouted.

“Little girl, its a good thing that you do not have to learn the technique.

Why are you so stubborn and asking for trouble”

“You tricked me!”

Mu Zixis face turned red with anger.

She swung her arms around, but she found she could not hit Xu Xiaoshou at all!

She tried to kick.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled his stomach back.

Mu Zixi was speechless.

: Cursed, passive points, 1, 1, 1, 1.

“Why are you so cranky You always want to kick and punch me whenever we meet!” Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

Then, he diverted his attention from the little girl and turned his head toward Elder Sang.

“Is there something important going on Are you looking for me” Xu Xiaoshou asked with anticipation written on his face.

Instead of answering him, Elder Sang asked, “How are you getting on with producing the magic pills”

Xu Xiaoshou grabbed the opportunity to get what he wanted and said, “Speaking about that, I already know how to make the Red Gold Pill and the Spiritual Pill.

Old man, do you have any more advanced recipes for making magic pills”

“Such as the Origin Court Pill, the Throne Pill, or something like those”

“The Throne Pill…” Elder Sang said, and the corners of his mouth twitched twice.

He did not intend to answer Xu Xiaoshous questions.

His attention was on the first half of the young mans sentence.

Elder Sang asked, “Have you learned how to make the Pill Condensation Technique using the Infernal Heavens”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and replied, “The method has some flaws.

So, I have improved it a little and have come up with a new magic pill manufacturing technique called the Boiling Soup method.

I will show you later.”

Elder Sang looked surprised and kept silent.

What the heck was a Boiling Soup method Did he think he was cooking dishes instead of making the magic pills

Well, Xu Xiaoshou, it seems you have done well in the past few days.

And youve even learned how to utter nonsense since the last time I saw you several days ago, Elder Sang thought.

Even though you were not modest before, at least you were not so bold.

So, you think you have already reached the highest level after having killed a few people

The old man let out an enormous sigh before he spoke in a deep voice.

“Did you say you have mastered the techniques of making the Red Gold Pill and the Spiritual Pill”

“Mm-hm!” Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head once again.

Was it so surprising

Could it be that the rate of his mastery of making the magic pills, like his cultivation rate, was also unprecedented

Judging by the grim and disbelieving expression on Elder Sangs face, Xu Xiaoshou guessed what was on his mind.


Before the old man with a conical hat could say anything, Mu Zixi had already broken free from Xu Xiaoshous grip.

She did not break away by herself, of course.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly released her when he saw the formidable tiger teeth of hers exposed.

He was afraid of being bitten again because of the painful experience he had previously!

“Why is it impossible” asked Xu Xiaoshou as he looked at her.

Mu Zixi snorted angrily and responded, “I am barely considered a genius even after I cultivated the medicinal liquid in three days.

Are you dreaming right now Do you think you can achieve anything you wish for on a whim”


she had thought that Xu Xiaoshou had been a disciple of Elder Sang for a long time.

She was shocked when she finally found out that he had only become his disciple not too long ago.

Elder Sang had merely given him the second lesson when Xu Xiaoshou gave her the explanation of stewing ham.

How could the guy know how to make the magic pills only after two lessons

Xu Xiaoshou laughed after he heard her claim.

He glared at Mu Zixi while asking, “Did you only cultivate the medicinal liquid in three days”

Mu Zixi had obviously failed to notice the emphasis on the keyword in Xu Xiaoshous question—only!

She pouted her mouth and said proudly, “You are correct!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked amused and answered, “Little sister, it is not good at all.

It took you three days to come up with such an achievement.

But, I, your Senior Brother, have already become a ninth-grade magic pill technician in that time!”


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