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Chapter 241: Frantically Scavenging

Xu Xiaoshou used the Infernal Heavens to clean the third floor of the Spiritual Library Division.

However, he could still smell the remaining odor lingering around.

He opened the window to ventilate the place.

He inhaled a few breaths of fresh air and felt better.

He looked at the two people, who were gradually recovering.

Xu Xiaoshou gingerly handed them the honey in a show of concern and asked, “Did you vomit too much”

“Do you need some nourishment”

The two of them gawked at him as one before their faces turned even paler.

: Cursed, passive points, 2.

“Shut up!”

Elder Sang said weakly, “Enough of this topic.

No one is to mention it again!”

Mu Zixi looked somewhat depressed.

She regretted provoking Xu Xiaoshou, and hearing the order from Elder Sang, she nodded her head repeatedly.

Xu Xiaoshou had almost laughed out.

Those who had caused trouble would face the consequences!

“Okay, lets not talk about it,” he responded as he retrieved the honey.

“Old man, you have tasted the Red Gold liquid.

What do you think of its medicinal efficacy”

Elder Sang kept silent.

His face turned green, and he was on the verge of throwing up again.

Damn it, how the hell did we get here It is nothing short of a very creative breakthrough!

Elder Sang glared at Mu Zixi at his side, who blinked her enormous eyes innocently.

She had already plugged her ears, choosing not to hear anything at the moment.

“The medicinal efficacy is exceedingly good.

It has even exceeded the magic pills of the tenth grade, and it would not be an exaggeration to claim it as a ninth-grade magic pill!”

After calming down, Elder Sang had finally circled back to the Red Gold Liquid itself and asked, “Besides this, have you developed any liquids for other magic pills”

Xu Xiaoshou looked overjoyed when he heard what Elder Sang had said.

He had previously predicted that his spirit liquid might have the possibility of breaking through the ranks.

However, he did not expect it to be true.

“Yes, there are more.”

He responded in a loud voice and explained, “Boiling Soup method is a significant discovery.

But I still cannot use it to make the Red Gold pills.

However, I have successfully cultivated spiritual pills!”

After saying it, Xu Xiaoshou found the spiritual liquid in his space ring and took it out.

Standing right in front of him, Elder Sang and Mu Zixi stiffened at once.

In the next second, they both doubled over and covered their mouths and noses.


The red-gold Liquid looked golden and reddish, so they could still accept it even though it felt like sticky snot when they touched it with their fingers.

But when he brought this out…

What is this green liquid

Elder Sang was so disgusted that his legs went soft.

He retched again.

Using his ability to control his body, Elder Sang curbed the urge to vomit at that critical moment.


However, Mu Zixi could not resist her reaction to throw up.

At the sound of her throwing up, the old man with a conical hat felt like somebody had kicked him in the gut.

There was no way he could control his stomach any longer.


Yellow and white fluids flushed out of his mouth again, leaving Xu Xiaoshou dumbfounded, and wondering what was going on.

He wondered why the two of them were reacting so adversely to what he showed them and he thought they were exaggerating.

: Cursed, passive points, , , , …

It took quite some time for the duo to recover.

“The spiritual liquid is a good thing, but…”

As Elder Sang swallowed an unknown magic pill to recover, he said, “The storage method has a problem.”

“Hm.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded, listening to what Elder Sang said.

He glanced at Mu Zixi, who was staring at him after she had also taken the pill from Elder Sang.

“So, what is the solution, then”

“It is not so easy.”

Elder Sang rolled his eyes up before he continued to speak.

“To develop such a thing, you must have relied on the strange Boiling Soup method of yours for the task.

However, I have not figured out the principles involved in your process yet.”

“Flame, fire, medicinal liquid… various factors and different elements are involved.

I might find out its principle after I do a little more research on it later,” said the old man.

“After all, you have created this odd thing without using the method of condensing magic pills.”

Elder Sang sighed as he suddenly felt a headache, and said, “That is the most important part of cultivating the magic pills.”

Xu Xiaoshou appeared to assess his words and said, “In short, you do not even know how to deal with it.”

Elder Sang glared at the young man with exasperation.

: Cursed, passive point, .

“Pooh!” Mu Zixi spewed out the magic pill from her mouth.

She looked at Xu Xiaoshou in shock.

She could not believe that the guy had even dared to make fun of their master.

: Admired, passive point, .

Xu Xiaoshou picked the magic pill with a disgusted look.

It was covered in her saliva and had landed on his clothes.

He shoved it back into her mouth.

Mu Zixi looked surprised.

: Resented, passive point, .

Elder Sang simply ignored their bickering and said, “Of course, we can find a temporary solution.

To preserve its medicinal properties, we can use the Purple Hidden Jade to do that.”

“The Purple Hidden Jade” Xu Xiaoshou asked as he wiped his hand on Mu Zixis green dress.

He was perplexed.

Elder Sang nodded stiffly and said, “Because of the method of condensing the pills, the ordinary magic pills will lose very little of their medicinal efficacy.

Unless you want to keep them for many years, you can preserve them in an ordinary spiritual jade pill bottle.”

“The Purple Hidden Jade is a high-grade spiritual jade, which can preserve medicinal properties extremely well.

We usually only use it only for high-grade and precious pills.”

Xu Xiaoshous mind was racing.

He had a hand on the head of the little girl and was holding her off at arms length.

“Is it expensive”

“Of course.”

“To match the high-grade magic pills, it must be precious even if it is merely a spiritual jade bottle.”

After speaking, Elder Sang immediately dropped a substantial pile of purple jade pill bottles from his hands.

By a rough estimate, there were more than a thousand of them.

Xu Xiaoshou was so surprised that he was speechless.

“Didnt you say it was expensive”

“It is indeed expensive, but it does not mean that this old man does not have many of them.”

It surprised Xu Xiaoshou that the old man had such financial strength.

He casually picked up a magic pill bottle.

He found the item not only delicately carved but also of exceptionally high-quality jade.

It was also full of spirituality, warm and soft to the touch.

It looked like the item Xu Xiaoshou was holding had the Innate Nurturing power.

Based on the quality alone, one could consider the jade pill bottle the best vessel for magic pills.

The magic pills placed inside the bottle could supposedly preserve their medicinal properties for many years.

Besides, the bottle might make the magic pills even more powerful.

“This is good stuff!” Xu Xiaoshou exclaimed.

“Take them!” Elder Sang said while waving his hand.

He was fully aware of Xu Xiaoshous temperament.

Looking at how Xu Xiaoshou had taken out the honey in jars, Elder Sang could tell that he must have a sizeable quantity of the liquid.

So, he would need many Purple Hidden Jade bottles.

Xu Xiaoshou did not hesitate to take them all.

After remaining silent for a long time, he asked, “Do you have more of them”

Elder Sang looked dumbfounded.

He expected the guy to demand a lot.

But he obviously underestimated the lads appetite.


Xu Xiaoshou scratched his head and said, “I am doing experiments right now.

I can only continue if I have all the essential equipment! It will be a pity if I have to stop producing the magic pills using the Boiling Soup method because I lack the equipment.”

“No more!” Elder Sang said in a foul mood.

The pile in front of him was almost all of his inventory.

Did the lad think that the Purple Hidden Jade cold just be purchased in the streets

It did not faze Xu Xiaoshou.

He figured that Elder Sang must have some better ones in his hands since he generously offered so many to him.

Since Xu Xiaoshou was presently a magic pill technician, he felt he should have an abundant supply of magic pill bottles in stock.

And they should be of better quality as well.

Xu Xiaoshou thought he should try his best to get all of Elder Sangs bottles!

“You must have bottles better than the Purple Hidden Jade!” he said with certainty.

When he saw the color on the old mans face change, Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly added, “Since it is not such a big deal to develop spiritual liquid, what about the Origin Court liquid, then”

Hearing this, Elder Sang could say nothing.

The Origin Court Pill was a seven-grade pill.

If they could enhance the Origin Court liquid, then it would be six-grade.

The value for it would be entirely different!

“Here you go!”

With no other choice, Elder Sang took out a small black, uncarved spiritual jade block from his ring and said, “This is the Whale Candle Jade, one of the top spiritual jades…”

“Thank you!”

Xu Xiaoshou snatched the jade before Elder Sang could let go of it.

Judging by its look, the item had to be of exceptionally high quality!

Elder Sang shuddered.

He wondered if this lad had already…

“By the way,” added Xu Xiaoshou.

Having taken the jade, he took a step back to avoid getting caught.

He slapped his thigh feigning he had just remembered something.

“I have almost developed the Origin Court Liquid.

It is essential to have the Origin Court Pill.

Speaking of which, I do not even have the recipe for making the Origin Court Pill yet!”


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