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Chapter 245: Its Thought Through!

Elder Sangs expression was extremely grave.

He tapped his fingers on the windowsill rhythmically as he pondered how to put his words together.

“The ghost beasts are nothing but trouble to the world!”

The first sentence already sounded rather forbidding.

Elder Sang gazed at Xu Xiaoshou and continued to speak his thoughts.

“They only exist in another dimensional space, and the probability of their existence is merely one in ten thousand.

However, even though the probability is slim when calculated based on the elements of the entire continent…”

In the land of five domains, plus the endless oceans, a dimensional rift will almost occur every few minutes.”

It means there will be at least dozens or even hundreds of ghost beasts produced in a day!”

Their strength is rarely below the Throne Level!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked stunned.

He had heard about the ghost beasts from Mo Mo, but obviously, the girl knew little about them.

It was the first time that he had learned about the ghost beasts so comprehensively.

It was understandable how shocked he felt at the moment.

“Dozens or even hundreds of them And all are at the Throne Level” The young man wore an expression of disbelief on his face.

He thought of the Grey Mist Figure.

If not for the limiting power of the Rules of the Small World in the Tianxuan Gate, he would be more than a Throne Level swordsman, judging by the speed of his cultivation process!

Then, he completely understood what Elder Sang had meant earlier when the old man said, “You should feel lucky that you are still alive.”

It was indeed a freaking, perverted being!

In another time and at another place, his knees would have gone weak, and hed be kneeling on the ground!

Elder Sang nodded gently and said, “Those are only the ghost beasts that we have uncovered.

But those that we have not discovered yet or have not arrived in the five domains are even more dangerous.

They are the trouble of the troubles!”

The dimensional rift has been occurring for a great many years.

And countless ghost beasts have been sealed or destroyed over the years.

But the destruction of the ghost beasts has only made those surviving ones more terrifying.”

Imagine what it would be like if those beasts were to unite.”

The statement momentarily stunned Xu Xiaoshou.

Frankly, at his current cultivation level, it was difficult for him to visualize the implications.

“The end of the world, and human extinction”

Elder Sang gave him a wry smirk.

“Do not exaggerate it.”

He laughed before he continued to speak.

“After all, they are like the rats on the streets that everyone wants to destroy.

No matter how big and destructive they are, they are still just rats.”

There will always be some special people to govern the ghost beasts.

But if the sub-dimensional rift does not stop, the disturbance in the dark will never stop.”

“Who will govern them” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“The Divine Hall!” Elder Sang replied.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately thought of Jiang Bianyan and said, “Rely on them to govern”

Although the guy was not so weak but compared to the Grey Mist Figure, he is…


Elder Sang knocked the youths head with a knuckle and chided, “The Divine Hall is the number one force on the continent.

What you saw is merely a tip of the iceberg or a small ice chip on the large iceberg!”

“There is a special organization in the Divine Hall responsible for sealing the ghost beasts called the Red Coat.”

“The Red Coat” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

He recalled that on the night the masked man had attacked for the second time, he had heard Elder Qiao mentioning The White Coat.

“What is the difference between The Red Coat and The White Coat”

“One kills the ghost beasts, and the other kills people.”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished to hear such a simple, though brutal, answer.

But it was a straightforward answer.

Thoughtfully, he asked, “So the Divine Hall exists to kill all the ghost beasts and maintain world peace”

Maintaining world peace The corners of Elder Sangs mouth curled up in a sneer, then said indifferently, “Sort of!”

“But what does this have to do with Saint Servant” Xu Xiaoshou did not notice the strange expression on the straw-hatted old mans face, and he repeated his question to him.

He found that Elder Sang was going a bit off-topic.

“Let us get back to the earlier question,” Elder Sang continued as he glanced at Xu Xiaoshou.

He sat down on the floor, patting the space beside him to invite Xu Xiaoshou to sit down beside him before continuing.

“Though each of the ghost beasts is extremely powerful individually, they rarely understand the concept of teamwork.”

But there are always exceptions to everything.

What if one of those beings is born to rule the entire clan, or if someone wants to use the power of the ghost beasts to achieve a certain end”

Xu Xiaoshou stood up from his squatting position and said in horror, “So the masked man is a ghost beast”

Elder Sang looked lost for words.

What kind of brain has he got

: Doubted, passive point, 1.

Elder Sang didnt need to say anything.

Xu Xiaoshou had already known the answer based on his response.

He calmed down and sat in the same spot and thought to himself.

Since that was not a possibility, did it mean that the goal of Saint Servant was the Ghost Beasts

Elder Sang felt he had something to say, but he could not say it.

All he could do was nod his head reluctantly.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered on the issue and murmured, “According to you, it was apparent that the masked man came to the Spirit Palace for the ghost beasts.

However, they came here to look for the Epitaph of City Snow.”

And they knew nothing about Mo Mo.”

Is it possible that Mo Mo is a member of the Saint Servant organization”

Elder Sang smiled with contempt.

It was a troublesome matter and there was no way a young man like him could figure it out.

He took out the wine jar and took a sip, waiting to see how much Xu Xiaoshou could unravel.

The lad knitted his eyebrows and thought for a long time.

Suddenly, something dawned on him.

“No, it is not possible for Mo Mo to be the Saint Servant…”

After all, judging by what she had said in the Tianxuan Gate, the woman had nothing to do with Saint Servant.

She probably did not even know of the Saint Servants existence.

She must have acted that way because of the White Cave… She had been possessed by a ghost beast.

“The White Cave”

Xu Xiaoshou felt he had found a clue.

He looked at Elder Sang in shock and said, “I have figured it out!”

It stunned Elder Sang when he heard Xu Xiaoshou mention The White Cave and he wondered how the young lad connected the dots.

Before Elder Sang could say anything, a flash of wisdom inspired Xu Xiaoshou and inspiration flowed out like water from a spring.

“Saint Servant had a target.

On the surface of things, it looked like they were looking for the famous sword.

But secretly, all of their preparations were to get their hands on the Black Scabbard”

The Black Scabbard belonged to the Sword Immortal and has nothing to do with the ghost beasts.

However, since they were searching for it, the item must have some connection to the ghost beasts!”

According to Mo Mo, she is the first generation of the Possessed Body of ghost beast, and the encounter occurred close to the White Cave.”

The White Cave is the place where the Saint Servant is watching a ghost beast, based on the birth rate of one in ten thousand.”

In short, they were looking for Mo Mo, but they failed to find her.

So, they entered the White Cave to search for clues”

Seeing the shocked expression on Elder Sangs face, Xu Xiaoshou had a further realization.

“The opening of sub-dimensional space is certainly not very random, especially in the small world where the ghost beasts were born into.”

Xu Xiaoshou paused and evaluated further.

He suddenly commented, “The White Cave has an unusual movement.

Will it open again”

Elder Sang could not sit still any longer.

He stood up with a horrified expression on his face.

: Suspected, passive point, 1.

“Speaking of the Black Scabbard, will the ruins of the Sword Immortal get discovered Or will it be the Fourth Sword which will get discovered”


Shocked, the wine jar dropped from Elder Sangs hand and he staggered back several paces.

: Suspected, passive point, 1.

“If one got hold of the scabbard, one has an advantage.

One could then touch the ass of the ghost beast… mm, to find the clues”

Elder Sang took a deep breath.

Before he could speak, Xu Xiaoshou gave him a meaningful smile.

“Old man, you told me to come back within a month.

Does it have something to do with the plan for this White Cave”


Elder Sang coughed and dropped on his bottom right onto the floor.



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