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Chapter 251: Fervent Bargaining

Xu Xiaoshou was aware that he had no need for the item, and that he was not interested in the cat either.

Maybe this was some kind of accidental encounter with a divine thing…

And he could see what others could not see.

It was true that Xu Xiaoshou had no interest in raising a cat because he had to clean its sh*t.

Cats always overindulged in eating, and who knew how fat they would grow later on

On the other hand, he already had a junior sister who was preoccupied with his body, or rather his life force, which was enough for him.

He didnt want to add a cat that was also interested in the life force.

He wouldnt be able to sleep well at night.

“No, thanks.”

He turned it down.

He then turned around and walked away.

However, he was pulled back by Mu Zixis small hand.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head around and found that the little girl looked like a copy of the cat.

Stars were beaming in her eyes except the saliva hadnt drooled down from the corners of her mouth yet.

“How much is it”

The little girl was very fond of the item.

Xu Xiaoshou thought about how he hadnt given her a decent gift yet after he had become her senior brother, except that he gave her a ring and a jar of honey.

He asked the receptionist the price.

The little girl was looking at the receptionist expectantly.

The receptionists smile was more cordial as if it had grown on his face.

“Its not expensive.

Although its a perception-type Master spirit artifact and a top-notch, fifth-grade one, its not a spiritual weapon.

We only sell it for half a million spirit crystals here.”


Xu Xiaoshou knocked the little girls hand away from his clothes, turned around, and left.

Mu Zixi, “Uh…”

For the first time, the girl unexpectedly didnt curse.

She caught up with him.

At 500,000 spirit crystals, they couldnt afford the item even by selling both of themselves.

The receptionist was startled, thinking that it was the first time he met a customer who was so uncouth and unabashed.

The receptionist thought, “Even if you dont have money, you should at least pretend to have some money.”

After he remembered that customers behaved similarly every time he tried to sell the item to them, the receptionist couldnt help but ask again, “Dear customer, dont you want to reconsider it”

Xu Xiaoshou turned around and quickly spoke.

“First of all, this is an active type of perceptive spiritual artifact.

When others want to kill you, if you know, you will not use it.

If you do not know, you will not want to use it either.”

“This item is a chicken rib that is tasteless but hard for a hungry person to throw it away.

Its not worth half a million at all.

Ten thousand is even too much!”

The receptionist smiled nervously, thinking that what he said was true.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be placed in the miscellaneous section for so long.

The receptionist intended to respond to him by giving him a chance to haggle to sell the item.

However, Xu Xiaoshou ignored him and continued speaking.

“Second, even if this item is at the Master level, it still has a limiting range.

Can it detect those swordsmen at a level higher than the Throne State Can it do it”

“You havent mentioned anything about the limiting range.

Even if you mentioned it, its still useless.”

“If the opponent is someone lower than the Throne State, I have nothing to worry about.

Hence, I wont need to use it anyway.”

“Its a chicken rib! At most, its worth 1,000 spirit crystals!”

The receptionist was speechless.

He thought, “Are you not afraid of those whose level is lower than Throne”

“Youre a rookie with the cultivation level of Origin Court that is weaker than me.

How come you have developed such an arrogant temperament”

Suspected, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed before he said, “I wont say anything more.”

“The function of this thing is really of little use.

What I like about this item is its slight vitality.”

“How about this Its not much use to put this thing here with you anyway.

Ill take it for 500 spirit crystals.

What do you think”

The receptionist was dumbfounded.

He had haggled the item from 500,000 spirit crystals to 500 spirit crystals.

Did he know how many zeros he had erased

Cursed, passive point, 1.

The receptionist took a deep breath and held back the urge to punch the young man in front of him by upholding the principle of treating the customers like gods.

He said while smiling, “You must be joking.

Do you really intend to only pay 500 spirit crystals for this item”

“Why dont you go rob someone else”

“This is a freaking fifth-grade Master spiritual artifact! Fifth-grade!”

His face had suddenly turned green as he grimaced and growled, which had drawn glances from the customers in the surroundings.

Frightened, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He didnt expect that the receptionist would react so hysterically, and he was unprepared for it at all.

“Calm down, calm down!”

After realizing that he had haggled down the price a little too much, Xu Xiaoshou hastened to hold down the receptionists agitated body, forcing him to calm down.

“A lot of customers are watching.

Do you still want to do business”

The receptionist took a breath and swept the surroundings with his spiritual thought, thinking that the atmosphere was not good for business.

He pinched his own fingers as he bowed and said while smiling with the pale lips, “Sorry, Ive behaved improperly.

I can offer you a 10% discount.”

“Ten percent off” Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up and calculated with his fingers, “Ten percent of 500 spirit crystals is 450 spirit crystals, right”


The receptionist pulled on his own finger so hard that he had broken it.

The receptionist panted heavily with red eyes.

He couldnt believe what he had heard.

He felt his inner organs were on the verge of splitting open.

He screamed inside, “What the heck! I offered you a 10% discount for 500,000 spirit crystals, not for 500 spirit crystals!”

“Dont be angry, dont be angry.

Im just kidding!”

Seeing him get upset again, Xu Xiaoshou tried to comfort him by saying, “Lets do this.

I dont want your discount anymore.

Lets haggle fairly first, okay”

“Ill increase the price for you first.

How about 1,000 spirit crystals”

The receptionist was dumbfounded.

He had almost blurted out a “400,000” offer.

But he then thought…

“Thats not right!”

“Im the seller here.

What do you mean by fair haggling”

“Do you think this is an auction where the highest bidder wins”

He finally said, “I cant sell you the item for a thousand spirit crystals.

The best price I can offer you is 400,000.”

Finding that the receptionist was more flexible, Xu Xiaoshou concealed his feeling of delight and said, “Were all clever people.

Lets not haggle the prices by several thousand at a time.”

“Its a waste of time!”

“Ill give you one price.

Ill pay you a price that is tenfold more—10,000 spirit crystals.

Ill help you take away the goods that you cant sell, okay”

Ten times more.

It was a good price.


After having figured out the calculation, the receptionist was so upset that he had almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

His tenfold price was based on his previous offer of 1,000 spirit crystals, but the price of the item was marked at 500,000.

It was not a tenfold increase but a fiftyfold devaluation.

But it was a fact that the item couldnt be sold.

After the receptionist had calmed down and fixed the dislocated finger, he said gloomily, “One hundred thousand spirit crystals, thats my bottom line.”

“One hundred thousand” Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes wide while waving his hand, “No, no, no, youre a heartless merchant.

Do you know how to use this artifact Is it really worth this price”

“Eighty thousand!”

The receptionist gave up on haggling further.

All he wanted at the moment was to get rid of the troublesome guy.

“Eighty thousand is an acceptable price, but…” Xu Xiaohus eyes twinkled.

“Youve just yelled at me.

For such a bad attitude toward the customer…”

“Fifty thousand!”

The receptionist showed a gloomy expression on his face again, but he regained his smiling face a second later.

“Sorry about the disturbance and distress.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction, “Alright, reduce the price by 30,000 each time you yell at me.

Do you want to do that again I promise you that I wont cover my ears.”

The receptionist felt exasperated.


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