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Chapter 252: You Want to Kill Two

Cursed, passive point, 1.

“You are really joking.

As a matter of fact, Ive already given you a discount…”

The receptionist paused and then yelled while holding his head with his hands, “Crap Have I given you a 90% discount”

“Shh! Shh!”

Xu Xiaoshou hastened to hush him, wondering how he became a sales receptionist even though he acted so impulsively.

Was it necessary

It was just a discount.

Xu Xiaoshou checked the contents in his ring and found that he only had a bit more than 30,000 spirit crystals in it.

It was not enough for the item.

He had no choice but to take out Zhang Xinxiongs ring.

He took out a fraction of the large pile of spirit crystals in it.

He put the spirit crystals in the bag provided in the miscellaneous area and handed it over.

“It was a pleasant experience to work with you.

I will come again.”

The receptionist was totally dumbfounded.

He wondered what a weird customer Xu Xiaoshou was because he had not only taken his item at a discounted price, but he also had stolen his lines.

More importantly, he had no intention to use the lines in the first place.

This customer couldnt be expected to return.

Mu Zixi took it for granted.

In fact, since she witnessed the way her senior brother scavenged treasures from Elder Sang last time, she thought what he did that day was not a big deal.

A big transaction worth half a million spirit crystals had finally been completed.

However, the receptionist didnt feel any joy.

His face was even devoid of the professional smile.

As for the job of taking Xu Xiaoshou and Mu Zixi for an after-service tour of the shop, he had no energy and motivation for it.

The receptionist was very eager to send this troublesome customer away.

He wrapped up the purple crystal ball and handed it over to Xu Xiaoshou, saying with a smile, “Congratulations on acquiring such a great treasure, the Perceptive Dragon.”

Having taken the crystal ball, Xu Xiaoshou was hesitant as he looked at the small white cat squatting on the crystal ball, drooling nonstop.


He had finally knocked the small creature away flying.

There was no need for it.

He bought the purple crystal ball for the sake of his junior sister.

He had no interest in the likes of spirit beasts.

The creature didnt look that cool.

Moreover, it was so small that it would take some time to raise it.

Speaking of time…

If he had time, he could wait for the spiritual beast to grow up.

The little white cats demonic purple eyes dimmed.

It paused after making some somersaults in the air.

Tears could be seen in its eyes.

The cat beast seemed to have the intention to approach him, but Xu Xiaoshou knocked it away with his palm.

It seemed that the cat beast was so shocked that it dared not to approach him again.

Seeing Xu Xiaoshou hit the air and hearing a “pah” sound, the other two were astonished.

“Dear customer…”

“Its the initiation!”

He paid no more attention to the little white cat.

Without turning his head around, Xu Xiaoshou asked, “Did you say that this Perceptive Dragon can sense the nearby killing intent”

The receptionist had no doubt about it and nodded.

“Yes, but there is no one else here.

Even if you use it here, it wont make any response.”

No sooner had the receptionist finished the remark than Xu Xiaoshou had filled it with the spiritual source.

The purple crystal shattered again.

In the purple starry sky, the white dragon came out again flying in the air.

However, a second later, the body of the dragon turned red and became immensely irritable.

Its body seemed to have doubled, and its eyes were growing red.

The dragon was dashing back and forth with its whiskers dancing around.

A patch of the purple starry sky looked eerily blood red.

The red patch was so thick that the blood seemed to be oozing out.

Xu Xiaoshou saw this and fell silent.

He looked at the receptionist and asked gravely, “Whats going on”

“This, this…”

The receptionist was dumbfounded.

He wondered why nobody had sensed such a strong killing intent and how well the assassins had concealed their intent.

Were they professional assassins

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes, “Didnt you say that no one else was here, and there was basically no reaction from the dragon”

“Yes, its true!”

The receptionist frowned incomprehensibly and explained, “Plenty Gold Company has the best protection system in place to guarantee the safety of its customers.

Assassins cant enter.”

He paused when the receptionist saw the doubtful expression in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

His heart skipped a beat.

Could it be that this thing had detected his inner intent

“Customer, you are mistaken!” the receptionist cried.

“I really dont have the intention to kill you.

This is absolutely a mishap!”

Xu Xiaoshou took a step back with a cautious expression showing on his face.

He didnt expect that the person in front of him had the intent to kill him just because he went there to buy a crystal ball.

“Customer, you cant keep on thinking this way.

Youre thinking in a wrong way!”

The receptionist was quite exasperated when he noticed that Xu Xiaoshou was pondering something.

As a specially trained receptionist, he was fully aware of what Xu Xiaoshou was thinking.

However, even if he had the intention to kill the customer, it was merely his thought of revenge for being humiliated.

How could the purple starry sky become so blood red

“Is it possible that someone intends to kill the customer”

Suspected, passive point, 1.

Suspected, passive point, 1.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at the receptionist in front of him and found that he didnt look like an assassin.

He turned his head aside and found that the white cat had tears in its eyes.

He was certain that the white cat couldnt be the one with the killing intent.

He had failed to perceive such a strong killing intent.

Hence, it had to be a professional assassin.

Xu Xiaoshou thought of all these while going through the information bar.

As expected, he found something in the midst of a large number of miscellaneous information.

Watched, passive point, 1.

This was not a single message.

Instead, the message reappeared every once in a while.

The most recent one seemed to have appeared ahead of a hundred messages.

After he entered the shop of Plenty Gold Company, the frequency of refreshing the message bar had decreased.

Most of the messages were from the receptionist in front of him, which were less than a hundred.

In other words, the assassins didnt dare to come in.

Was the assassin waiting outside

Thinking of Feng Kong intervening in the battle unexpectedly back then, Xu Xiaoshous excellent analytical ability was once again stimulated.

He instantly determined the scenario and speculated everything.

The only thing he was still unsure of was why the assassin was targeting him.

Was it related to Zhang Xinxiong

If so, they had acted a bit too fast.

But Tiansang County, the Zhang family…

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head when he figured that the Zhang family, as one of the four prominent families in Tiansang County, might have such a quick response.

“The assassin must be a capable one!”

The receptionist felt more and more uncomfortable when he saw the increasingly dangerous expression in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

He decided that he could no longer serve the customer and inquired, “Should I get another receptionist for you”

“No need for that.” Xu Xiaoshou smiled with squinting eyes and said while patting on his shoulder, “I like someone like you who is courageous enough to defend his dignity.”

He handed the purple crystal ball to Mu Zixi at his side.

“Do you like it”

Mu Zixi nodded, “Yes, I like it!”

“If you like it, give it a try!”


She placed her small hand on the crystal ball and injected the spiritual source into it.

With a buzzing sound, the crystal ball shattered again and turned into a red starry sky.

The bloody dragon irritably flew.

The smile on Xu Xiaoshous face looked even more horrendous.

“So, it turned out that you want to kill two people!”


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