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Chapter 255: Sniffing the Sword to Find Someone

Plenty Gold Company, main entrance…

“Put it on!”

Xu Xiaoshou placed a conical hat onto Mu Zixis head.

The item was just the right size for himself, but it was too big for Mu Zixi.

It looked like the little girl was wearing a big helmet.

Fortunately, Mu Zixi was really amiable, so she looked cute in a different way.

If it were someone else wearing such a big hat, they would look rather ridiculous.

Seeing her senior brother grin while squatting down and looking at her, Mu Zixi asked with a red face, “What is this thing Its too ugly.

I dont want to wear it!”

She had seen Elder Sang wearing it, but it was not her style of hat.

Since she was wearing a vibrant turquoise light dress, she looked like someone who was about to go to the field and farm when she put on that hat.

“Put it on first.

Someone wants to kill me, so we cant let them see our faces.”

Mu Zixi was baffled, wondering, “How can this thing conceal anything”

“Everything will be detected after sweeping with the spiritual thoughts.”

Xu Xiaoshou knew what she was thinking.

He shrugged and said, “You do not understand.

In fact, in the outside world, even an ordinary conical hat will help.

Who dares to use spiritual thoughts to sweep others In so doing, more bloodshed might occur.

like that famous incident!”

“What famous incident”

“You do not understand.”

Xu Xiaoshou pressed down the conical hat on the little girls head to straighten himself up.

Cursed, passive point, 1.

“Wait for me here, Ill go and find the assassin.” Xu Xiaoshou left after having said that.

“If you have any problem, go and hide in Plenty Gold Company.

They wont dare to make trouble there.”

Mu Zixi recalled the blood-red dragon dancing violently in the sky earlier while caressing the purple crystal ball and thought there was really an assassin.

But how did Xu Xiaoshou know about it And he also knew where the assassins were.

Those assassins had taken the initiative to find him.

What if the opponent was a killer at Master level

Although he had killed Zhang Xinxiong, it didnt mean that he was invincible.

“This is Tiansang City, and there are city guards! You cant fight in the city! Wed better flee from the city!” she shouted through the voice transmission.

Xu Xiaoshou paused his footsteps.

She was so naïve.

Although the Outer Yard of Tiansang Spirit Palace forbid duals, he had still killed several people.

Did she really think that Tiansang City, which was outside the Spirit Palace, had such rules that everybody would obey

“Dont worry.

I wont get caught.” He waved his hand with his back facing her.

Mu Zixi felt unsure.

The small head under the conical hat suddenly had some doubts.

She was confused by Xu Xiaoshous way of thinking.

She walked around for quite a while thinking.

“Well, what I said was that assassins wouldnt dare to do it in the city!”

“I didnt advise him to avoid fighting!”

Before the little girl could speak again, Xu Xiaoshou had already disappeared.

Cursed, passive point, 1.

Seeing the surging tide of people, she tightened her dress unconsciously and hid in the corner.

With a few swooshing sounds, three swordsmen dressed in strange clothes descended from the sky, looking left and right.


Mu Zixi grew nervous and pressed the conical hat even lower.

At the moment, the conical hat, which had no spiritual power, seemed to make her feel more secure.

It seemed that the conical hat could help her separate herself from the world.


A graceful cat beast stepped out of the main entrance of Plenty Gold Company.

The guards at the entrance didnt even notice it.

The cat beast stepped straight up into the empty space.

It tilted its head to look in the direction where Xu Xiaoshou had left and then gazed at the helpless young girl, who was pressing down the conical hat in the corner.

Hesitation appeared in its demonic purple eyes.

One of them was a big meal but very dangerous.

Another one was also a big meal but a bit weaker.

Nevertheless, the third one seemed better than regular meals, and it seemed to be defenseless.

The white cat no longer hesitated.

It leaped up to the top of Muzishis head with a whoosh.

A rich life energy came up from underneath.

The white cat was astounded.

The cat beast straightened its limbs, bowed its waist, and stuck up its tail.

A beam of light lit up in its purple eyes.

The white cat couldnt restrain its greed any longer.

It opened its mouth slightly and exposed its hideous fangs.

The white cat suddenly lowered its head.

The cat had finally drooled.



It crawled down with an enjoyable expression.

Its body was trembling lightly.

The landing point of the three swordsmen happened to be the place where Xu Xiaoshou and Mu Zixi had argued before they entered Plenty Gold Company.

“The sword thought is gone.”

The swordsman holding the sword frowned and sighed.

In was holding a gray-green sword, which was neither long nor thin, but rather moderate.

However, the sword gave off an indefinable and strange feeling.

It seemed very powerful.

He held the sword in his arms as if he was holding his lover.

It seemed that he could do so until the end of time.

“Big Brother is right.

The sword thought is gone.”

The swordsman with nine swords was pondering with his eyebrows furrowed and arms folded.

The nine swords were all on his back.

“Big Brother and Second Brother are right.

I can no longer perceive the sword thought.”

The swordless swordsman didnt do or say anything more.

His second brother folded his arms.

Since he was learning from his big brother, all he could do was stare at the face of his big brother with furrowed eyebrows.

The swordsman holding the sword sighed.

“How many times have I said it You can learn nothing from me by doing that.”


He suddenly gave up helplessly, “Learn from me this way then.

Id like to see how much you can learn!”

“I obey the order of Big Brother!”

“I obey the order of Big Brother!”

The swordsman holding the sword was so irate that the veins could be seen clearly on his forehead.

He decided not to pay any more attention to these two idiot junior brothers.

He narrowed his eyes and suddenly stretched out his fingers, pinching the empty space.

His nose twitched a few times.

“Sniff the sword” The two junior brothers were shocked.

The swordsman with nine swords spoke out in shock.

“Can Big Brother smell the sword thought now Does that mean he is just a hair away from the Sword Throne”

The swordless swordsman, however, was silent while behaving the same way as his big brother.

After a long time, a sneeze finally came out.

“Ugh, sniffing is a lonely thing.”

“He is indeed our big brother!”

The nostrils of the swordsman holding the sword opened and closed many times.

Suddenly, his finger trembled once.

Wisps of sword thoughts appeared on it.

The wisps of sword thoughts twisted and turned.

They then transformed into the familiar thought power of Xu Xiaoshou.

“Its the sword thought! Although its somewhat low in grade, it really is the odor of sword thought.”

“The person who can cultivate a slight sword thought is definitely not simple.

There are only three of us from the Sword Burial Mound.

Maybe, the guys from the Sensual Moon Immortal City are also here!”

The swordsman with nine swords smiled and gravely said, “Its indeed the relics of the Eighth Sword Immortal.

There will be a fight for it for sure.”

The swordless swordsman also had a grave look on his face, but his words were slightly frivolous.

“But the sword thought is at such a low grade.

I think that the person is no match for us!”

“Little Brother, do not be careless,” said the swordsman with nine swords after he turned his head around.

“Among the teachings of our big brother, one is that you must not be reckless.

Have you forgotten”

The swordless swordsman was panicked with tears in his eyes, saying, “Its my fault, Big Brother.

I request to be punished by copying the sword sutra 3,000 times!”

“Humph!” The swordsman with nine swords sneered.

“Little Brother, youre really thoughtful and want to read the sword scripture.

I, as your senior brother, havent even seen it yet!”

“Ive done something wrong.

Ive forgotten the teachings of our big brother!”

“Since youve done something wrong, then youll be punished to do nothing for a month in Tiansang County! Youre not allowed to practice the sword work.”

“No! Second Brother is going to take advantage of this opportunity to leave me behind.

I cant let it happen.

My goal is to surpass Second Brother, and then surpass Big Brother, and then surpass Master…”



The swordsman holding the sword knocked the heads of the other two with his gray-green sword, making the two of them crouch while holding their heads.

“Shut up!”

He crossly reprimanded them.

He then followed the sword will lingering at the tip of his nose.

He turned his head around to look at one corner of the main entrance of Plenty Gold Company.

A young girl was wearing a large conical hat.

It was as if she was homeless, shivering in the cold wind while holding her own body with her hands and arms.

“The smell of sword thought is very slight, which shouldnt be hers.

Perhaps it belongs to her master.”

“Well, what is this”

Looking at it for a while, the face of the swordsman holding the sword turned pale, and his eyes rolled up.

A horrific expression could be seen on his face.

“Ghost beast”


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