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Chapter 262: Xu Xiaoshou Unsuspected

“Vice Commander Fu, how should we deal with this lad”

“Check him out first and then those who were trapped in the illusionary array.

Release them only after you interrogate them thoroughly.

Detain anyone suspicious!”

Fu Yinhong turned around and looked at the City Guards on the black street.

She yelled, “All of you, continue to expand the search!”


The unison reply echoed in the air.

Dozens of guards scattered in all directions after they heard the command.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked to hear this, thinking that it was not finished yet.

It seemed that they would detain some people after the interrogation.

“I dont have so much time for you to detain me,” he thought.

“There is a possibility that I will stay in jail for a month after leaving the Spirit Palace.


“Miss Fu, could you forgo the process of checking me out because I have something else to do.

How about I show you the direction, and you let me go” Xu Xiaoshou ventured.

“Show me the direction” Fu Yinhong glared at him.

“You didnt see anything earlier, but now you are saying you saw things.”

“Its because I have been sitting here, so Im different from those who were trapped in the array!”


Fu Yinhong sneered inwardly.

She knew that this lad was not simple and might actually know something.

“Tell me!”

“I can tell you, but you have to keep it a secret because I dont want to lose my life!”

“Out with it!”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and described with his hands, “This… This height, masked, cloudy eyes, but with a strong Sword Will… Quite relaxed.”


“Yes, although I couldnt see the face clearly, I could tell there was a very strong Sword Will!”

“Which direction did the killer go”

“I dont know.”

Fu Yinhong wasnt sure what to say.

“Didnt you say that you would point the direction for me” she snapped through gritted teeth.

The veins on her neck were bulging.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled bitterly.

“Id like to point a direction for you, but its already quite good that I can provide you with some information about the killers face.

Its because I can see something with my perception.

Otherwise, you would know nothing!”

Fu Yinhong was silent.

In fact, the detailed description given by Xu Xiaoshou had put her suspicions to rest.

If Xu Xiaoshou could really point a direction, she would be suspicious.

But the nearly perfect description…

To be honest, she believed that Xu Xiaoshou had tried his best.

This lad had made quite an effort to avoid being detained.

Judging by his behavior, she could tell that the young man had been carefree in the Spiritual Palace and looked down on others.

It was not so bad that he could tell her as much as he had.

Could this lad clean up the site, collude with the tavern owner, and fabricate a reasonable and believable story in such a short time

Fu Yinhong didnt believe it at all.

Since she found out that he was in the early level of Innate Stage, she had already excluded any possibility of investigating him further in her heart.

“What do you think”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Fu Yinhong innocently.

He would steal a glance at her body from time to time.

He looked like an ordinary customer and behaved in the same way as those young men from famous families.

Fu Yinhong let out a sigh of relief.

Her pretty eyes blinked.

Xu Xiaoshou was on the verge of drooling when he witnessed the scene.

She turned around and flew up into the sky.

While waving her slender hand, she coldly spoke.

“Detain him for 10 days and then release him!”

Even though the lad was not a suspect anymore, detaining him for 10 days was enough to compensate for the psychological pain he had inflicted on her during their conversation.

He was such a hack.


The guard at his side stood solemnly.

“No, please, no!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted.

“Ive already told you everything I know, yet you still want to detain me! You are using your power for personal gain! You are greedy for money and lust!”

The guard was startled.

Admired, passive point, 1.

An irritated yell could be heard in the sky, “Half a month!”

“Holy sh*t.

That is unfair.

I just asked you some questions, and you want to detain me for half a month.

Where is your evidence”

Seeing the woman head further away, Xu Xiaoshou cupped his mouth with his hands and shouted, “Dont you want to enforce the law yourself”

Fu Yinhong swayed violently in the empty space.

She had almost fallen.

Cursed, passive point, 1.

Admired, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou kept on yelling, “In that case, you at least need to leave a few more people here! One guard is unable to withstand my attack!”

Fu Yinhong was long gone.

It was obvious that anyone would be unable to stand Xu Xiaobus nonsense.

She was afraid that she would choose to use violence to enforce the law if she stayed any longer.

“Shes finally gone.”

Xu Xiaoshou watched the woman leave.

As long as Fu Yinhong was gone, he had accomplished half of his goal.

In other words, the suspicion around him was basically lifted.

As for being detained for half a month…

“Man, whats your name” He turned his head toward the guard.

Even though the guard wore a helmet and armor, the killing aura could still be sensed from his body.

“Sun Dagang,” the guard replied in a low voice.

He had some respect for Xu Xiaoshou because he could never dare to say “greedy for money and lust” in her face.

“Whats your cultivation level” Xu Xiaoshou continued to ask.

“Upper Spirit Stage!”




Xu Xiaoshou complimented him from the bottom of his heart.

A surprised expression suddenly showed on his face as Xu Xiaoshou looked behind the guard and asked, “Is that your city lord”

“City lord”

The guard, Sun Dagang, was startled.

He turned around solemnly and was about to salute.


He felt a sharp pain in his head and saw blackness in front of his eyes.

He was unconscious.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his hand a few times.

Even though that trick was old-fashioned, it always worked.

As long as the others were not on their guard, no one could survive the trick.

As for being on guard…

A guy who had “admiration” for Xu Xiaoshou could in no way defend himself.

“Half a month.”

Xu Xiaoshou snickered and dragged the unconscious Sun Dagang into the tavern.

Speaking of being detained for half a month, he didnt have time for that.

It was not easy to get out of the Spirit Palace for a month.

Shortening the holiday by half would drive him crazy just by thinking about it.

Elder Sang couldnt even detain him at the moment.

As for the reminder and advice, Xu Xiaoshou had mentioned earlier that one guard was not enough for him to strike.

Whether Fu Yinhong believed his advice or not, it was his freedom to choose whether to strike.


Seeing the young man with an amiable smile, the tavern owner had almost knelt on the ground.

He thought, “Oh, my goodness!”

“He even dares to knock a City Guard unconscious! What else does he not dare to do”

“Young man, youve come to the end of your road!”

“Little brother, this old man would like to advise you to hurry up and run away, and never come back to Tiansang City,” the tavern owner genuinely said.

Xu Xiaoshou grinned, “You are a good man.”

He threw the guard on the ground and said, “Hurry up and call the police.

No, report to the so-called city lord mansion.

You can tell them about knocking the guard unconscious, but dont say anything about what happened earlier than that!”

“You have received my spirit crystal, so we are in the same boat now.”

The tavern owner was speechless.

Resisted, passive point, 1.

“Dont worry.

Youre just an ordinary person, so they wont do anything to you.

And Im a good person as well.”

“All good people will be rewarded.”

Xu Xiaoshou knocked on Ajes head, placed the conical hat on its head, and walked away carrying two cooked beef meals.

“The wine is for you.

Take your time drinking it.”


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