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Chapter 267: Get out of the way or Ill crush it

Challenged, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou froze for a while before he came back to his senses.

This woman was wildly dressed.

“What do you mean bycan you see it Are you talking about the cat” Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the falling cat, thinking that the cat was both of their targets.

He ventured deliberately, “Ghost beast”

As expected, Jiao Tangtang changed her expression as soon as she heard that, but she recovered quickly.

Seeing Greedy the Cat Spirit back in the arms of Xin Gugu below, she let out a sigh of relief.

“You seem very special.”

Jiao Tangtang checked Xu Xiaoshou from head to toe and found that this lad was indeed very special.

At first sight, he was no different from an ordinary spiritual cultivator.

On closer inspection, his body had a surging life force that was rare in the world.

Saint Physique

Or was it a special spiritual physique

Though Jiao Tangtang couldnt tell, she grew very interested in this young man.

He could see Greedy the Cat Spirit and had such a surging life force.

As such, he was a more ideal ghost beast host body than Mu Zixi.

“Young man, I like you very much.

Come with me,” Jiao Tangtang said with a smile.

Xu Xiaoshou replied, “Which part of me do you like Ill change it.”


Jiao Tangtangs smile froze.

After a long while, she licked her lips and said with a tempting voice, “This big sister likes your vibrant **!”


Xu Xiaoshou didnt expect this woman to be so brazen and took a step back.

Mulling it over for a while, he said, “If you like it, there is nothing I can do to stop you from thinking of it.”


Jiao Tangtang found she could say nothing more again, thinking that her opponent didnt play by the rules at all.

“Could it be that I am not appealing enough for this lad” she wondered.

“Dont you like me” She stepped forward.

“If I like you, will you come with me” Xu Xiaoshou reached out his hand sincerely and continued, “In that case, lets go home together”


Jiao Tangtangs pretty face twitched once.

She found that she had lost the ability to speak in front of this lad.

She thought, “What trick is this guy playing Is it the tactic of letting his target loose and catching it later”

“It wont work at all, okay”

“Also, why is it so hard to exchange words with this lad”


Jiao Tangtang took a deep breath.

Her chest was heaving.

“I have to calm down and cant mess it up by kicking him because this young man will be the ghost beast host body for Greedy the Cat Spirit!”

“But how should I reply to his request of going home with him”

“Should I reply or not”

“Come on!” Seeing the woman make no response for a while, Xu Xiaoshou muttered, “Youre not sincere.”

Having said that, he jumped off the roof.

After a gust of wind blew by, Jiao Tangtang was confused.

“Is what he said true Does he want to bring me to his home”

“No, Ive been led astray!”

“It was me who asked him a question, but how come he led the conversation instead”

Jiao Tangtang was fuming, thinking that the lad did it on purpose.

Cursed, passive points, 1, 1, 1, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou avoided the topic by asking unrelated questions and found a chance to get away.

After landing on the ground, he found there were many messages in the information bar.

He couldnt help but grit his teeth with a sigh.

“Why does she have so much resentment Its not that Im not going to save you!”

Having said that, he pressed his hand on the shoulder of Mu Zixi and shook his hand once.

The weak force of confinement had no way to resist his strength and was knocked away.

Mu Zixi pouted her mouth.

“Did you want me to apologize”

Xu Xiaoshou felt a headache when he saw the large crowd around him.

“Ive only been gone for a short time, but you have already caused such a mess.”

He thought, “There are two famous swords, and two swordsmen as powerful as Mo Mo.

Junior Sister, you are making more trouble than I am!”

“This place is different from Tianxuan Gate.

If these people all strike, we will be finished!”

He finally asked, “Junior sister, do you know how much I sacrificed by jumping down”

Mu Zixi glared at him.

She didnt care how much he had sacrificed, and she couldnt forgive him for not arriving like the divine soldier from the sky in the very beginning.

Before she could speak, Xu Xiaoshou covered her mouth with his hand and grabbed her the same way he had done many times before.

“Dont say anything.

This place is too dangerous to stay around.

Lets get out of here first!”

“Leave” Xin Gugu took a step forward and blocked Xu Xiaoshou while holding the golden Zen staff and white cat in his arms.

He thought, “How can you get away so easily after throwing away Greedy the Cat Spirit”

With a “whoosh” sound, Jiao Tangtang landed on the ground.

She rolled her pretty eyes around but didnt dare to speak.

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

He thought, “Whatever Im afraid of will come to me in the end.”

“I have no intention to take in the little white cat, so why do you stop me for this reason”

“In that case, lets settle the score together!”

He turned toward the three swordsmen and said, “You three are looking for my junior sister, but I do not know what for.”

Gu Qingyi stared at Xu Xiaoshou for a long time, but he failed to find out any trace of Sword Will on this guy.

Hence, this lad couldnt know how to come up with the sword thought.

“Sorry, we have the wrong person.

You people continue.”

He cupped his hands and was about to leave with his two junior brothers.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows, wondering why they gave up so easily.

“Are these three swordsmen here to play games”

Although he didnt believe it, he could do nothing.

Even if the three swordsmen wanted to steal the rewards afterward, Xu Xiaoshou had no choice but to deal with these two first.

Looking at the golden Zen staff held by Xin Gugu, Xu Xiaoshou pondered the phrase before he suddenly asked, “Ghost beast host body”

Hearing the phrase, a murderous intent flashed in the deep part of Xin Gugus eyes.

He shot a glance at Jiao Tangtang by his side and asked in amazement, “How does this lad know”

“He can see it.”

Jiao Tangtang didnt explain further, but Xin Gugu understood what she meant right away.

This lad could see Greedy the Cat Spirit.

It was no wonder he knew about the existence of the ghost beast host body.

“Were in the city,” Jiao Tangtang reminded him again.

Xin Gugu nodded.

“Dont worry.

I can strike very quickly.”


Jiao Tangtang knocked her junior brothers head with a slap and crossly said, “I didnt mean that.

This guy is full of life force and cant be killed!”

Xin Gugu was taken aback.

He turned around and checked Xu Xiaoshou carefully.

It seemed that he had found something special about Xu.

“You mean…”

“What are you looking at” Xu Xiaoshou felt uncomfortable when being stared at and couldnt help but interrupt.

Those two didnt transmit their voices.

They simply whispered to each other, which couldnt evade his perception.

Judging by their conversation, the two intended to kill him or catch him.

Although he didnt have the courage to fight these two, who were at the level of the gray fog man, to the death, Xu Xiaoshou felt safe with Aje in his arms.

This was Tiansang City.

Fu Yinhong left not long ago, so she could be back soon.

If he was going to fight them, he couldnt fight there.

He had a lot of business to take care of and couldnt stay in jail.

“You come here.” Xu Xiaoshou waved at Xin Gugu.

Xin Gugu was not sure why the young man called him over.

Yet, facing a guy in the early stage of Origin Court Stage, he thought he had nothing to worry about.

Thus, he approached Xu Xiaoshou.

“Is this thing important to you guys” Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the still intoxicated cat in his arms.

“This thing” Xin Gugu grew irritated.

He thought that the young man should have died more than 10 times if he wasnt going to be the ghost beast host body for Greedy the Cat Spirit.

He resisted the urge to strike and said through gritted teeth, “This is Greedy the Cat Spirit.

Watch your words!”

“Your master.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

A thing called Master must be a divine thing.

If this thing was a cat beast…

Was it a saint cat or a saint beast

Regardless, it must have been very expensive.

Xin Gugu was baffled as Xu Xiaoshou stroked his chin a few times.

He had finally come to such a definite conclusion.

Soon after, the young man reached out his hands at lightning speed, grabbed the little white cat from Xin Gugus arms, and raised it over his head.

“Get out of the way, or Ill crush it to death!”


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