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Chapter 270: Number Three

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but remain speechless for a while.

“You dont need to do that.

Im not going to eat you.

Why are you so scared Who is the Innate then” He paused for a moment and explained, “I just want to tell you some private things.”

Jiao Tangtang was so angry that she felt her gums hurt.

She started thinking about the Innate.

“Yes, this lad is just an Innate, so why should I fear him”

“Private things”

“You transmit the voice!”

Jiao Tangtang spoke while taking a step back.

Her whole body was on alert.

Xu Xiaoshou paused a moment.

“I dont know how to transmit voice!”

: Cursed, passive point, 1.

: Suspected, passive point, 1.

“Yes, you must know how!” Jiao Tangtang opened her eyes wide.

“I dont!”

“You do!”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless again.

He gave up struggling and spoke in front of the crowd of onlookers.

“If Im right, you guys are looking for a ghost beast host body.”

Jiao Tangtang was surprised.

“How the hell do you know” she wondered.

“Also, is it true that you dont know how to transmit voice Yet, you shouldnt have told others about this kind of thing!”

Jiao Tangtang charged forward in an attempt to cover his mouth.

Xu Xiaoshou reacted very quickly.

Like an alarming bird, he grabbed the white cat on his head and tightened his grip.


The cat beast hissed in pain.

Jiao Tangtang hastened to stop in her tracks.


“Let go of it.

Im not trying to snatch it!”

“You step back.”

“You let go of it.”

“Step back!”

Xu Xiaoshou believed the saying that women could never be trusted.

He figured that the woman might use such an excuse to get close and then snatch the little white cat.

The two sides had already had a bad start.

If he let go of the white cat, hed be in big trouble.

Xu Xiaoshou pretended to tighten the grip, and Jiao Tangtang soon gave in.

She sighed deeply.

“Didnt you ask me to come over”

“You can come over if I tell you to do so, but you cant take the initiative to come over.”

Jiao Tangtang cursed under her breath.

Cursed, passive point, 1.

Xu Xiaoshou grinned.

He was fully aware of what was more important to them.

As long as he knew what was important to them, he could suppress them and increase his negotiating power.

“Come here.”

He curled his finger toward himself.

Jiao Tangtang had no choice but to approach him.

“A little closer.”

Xu Xiaoshou instructed her to draw closer while staying alert.

His heart was pounding.

If this woman dared to make any move, he was afraid that the white cat in his hand would spill blood on the spot and a fierce battle may ensue.

Aje also felt the atmosphere was a little tense and started to make a move.

Xu Xiaoshou soothed it with his spiritual thought, indicating that it was not the time to jump out yet.

It was most terrifying to wield the critical strike at a critical moment.

The onlookers were uneasy as well and retreated subconsciously.

Anyone could tell that the current atmosphere was treacherous.

Xin Gugu was in the rear, but he was ready to strike at any moment.

As long as Jiao Tangtang needed him, he could arrive beside her immediately.

The killing intent in Jiao Tangtangs eyes surged before it suddenly turned docile.

She said while smiling flirtatiously, “Little Brother, is this close enough”

Having said that, she had almost stood against his body.

She was still afraid that the young man might do something impulsive, so Jiao Tangtang didnt do anything outrageous.

However, it was already quite a temptation to have two bodies in such close proximity.

Cursed, passive points, 1, 1, 1, 1…

Behind him, Xu Xiaoshou held down his junior sister, who wanted to come out, without turning his head around.

He then pressed his mouth on Jiao Tangtangs ear.

“Think about my proposal.

Im not joking.”

“Dont you want to find a ghost beast host body for Greedy Deity This little creature should like the life force very much.

Ive already had a milk bottle hanging on me, so I dont mind having another one.”

Mu Zixi instantly became furious.

He was whispering to another woman in front of his junior sister and talking about… a milk bottle

“Xu Xiaoshou, who is the milk bottle youre talking about”

Xu Xiaoshou brought his hand behind him and pinched the little girls lips, saying, “Dont interrupt!”

He continued looking at Jiao Tangtang.

His voice was full of temptation.

“This is a deal that will benefit you a hundred times over, and the price you pay is probably not so much.

All you need to do is… raise your hands and lift your feet.”

Xu Xiaoshou lifted his chin and said, “You should think about it carefully!”

Jiao Tangtang fell silent.

She glanced at the Eye of Flying Snake in her hand and thought that the medicine of Innate Stage was really nothing for her, even though it was very precious for the others.

Yet, the two of them had still lost Greedy the Cat Spirit because of this Innate Stage spiritual medicine.

The answer was simple

They couldnt afford to raise it.

They had exhausted all the Life Generating Pills and all kinds of life spiritual medicines of various levels.

She and Xin Gugu had come from the Southern Region but failed to find a suitable ghost beast host body.

In the end, they had lost Greedy the Cat Spirit because of an Innate spiritual medicine, which was really pathetic.


If she could control Xu Xiaoshou and let him become a ghost beast host body, it would be the best result.

However, the problem was that the order of priority was reversed now.

Judging by Xu Xiaoshous temperament, Greedy the Cat Spirit couldnt last more than a month in his hands.

When they met again, there would only be a person left.

The cat would have become a pile of bones.

Who could take such a responsibility

“Do you need to think for so long”

Xu Xiaoshou prodded her since she had remained silent.

He could tell that the woman must have thought about it hard.

However, the bargaining chips were still not enough.

How could they be increased

Xu Xiaoshou was also in deep thought.

In fact, he had no idea what was the true goal of the two.

He had figured out the ghost beast after he observed carefully on the roof of the building.

Judging by the reactions of the woman and man when he mentioned the ghost beast host body, he was certain that his guess was right.

After mulling it over, Xu Xiaoshou decided to speak out.

“If you dont want to accept this deal, its fine.

I can also choose the previous option.”

“However, youd better think it through.

If you miss this opportunity, you might not have another chance.”

Xu Xiaoshou pulled out the white cat and gave a puff of air in front of it.

The little creature rolled its eyes and spewed out white foams after its hair had ballooned.

Jiao Tangtang briefly stuttered.

“Okay, I agree to your deal!”

She was no longer hesitant.

As Xu Xiaoshou said, she might not have such an opportunity again if she missed this one.

“But I have a condition…”

“What condition”

“No matter what the situation is, Greedy the Cat Spirits safety must come first!”

“Impossible!” Xu Xiaoshou turned it down without a second thought.

Jiao Tangtang was taken aback for a moment and snapped, “This is the condition.

There is no room for you to refuse!”

Xu Xiaoshou shrugged.

“Then there is nothing for us to discuss.”

“Not to mention that the little creature will bring unknown troubles for me, the condition youve just proposed is completely untenable.”

“Though Im a completely flawed person, I value life more than anything else.

Furthermore, look behind me.

My junior sister hasnt spoken yet!”

“This kitten will be number three at most if it decides to be with me.”


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