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Chapter 277: So Many Ways to Become Stronger, I Wonder Which Is More Comfortable


The object landed on the floor and rolled a few times before stopping, leaving a trail of bloody red.

Xiao Sixteens eyes were the same as they had been before he died.

They were filled with despair.

All the unbelievable thoughts and fear…

Did not exist at all.

All that ceased to exist due to Xu Xiaoshous extreme nervousness and fear.

Foosh! Foosh!

Infernal Heavenly Flames burned again.

Ever since Xu Xiaoshou acquired Infernal Heavenly Flames, other than using it in alchemy, it was mostly used to incinerate corpses.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he did not do the Infernal Heavenly Flames justice.

The well-known Infernal Heavenly Flames, which were able to burn anything under the sun, had become something that was unable to catch up with his footsteps.

Fortunately, the flames could still be able to be used for alchemy.

The quality and texture of the medicine made from these flames were not affected at all.


Just as he was having these thoughts, he felt a pang of nausea.

Xu Xiaoshou was still not used to killing, even though he had killed so many people.

In the past, it seemed to all just be fireworks.

As long as they were far away, and he could not see it, he did not have many reactions to it.

Now, it was right smack next to him with blood spurting out from the beheading of the assassin.

It was a little too intense for him.


Calming himself down, the Infernal Heavenly Flames quickly burned all the bloodstains away.

After washing up, Xu Xiaoshou returned to lie on his big bed.

“The Zhang family, Three Incenses…”

To tell the truth, regarding the Zhang family, he had half the mind to just charge into their place and kill all their leaders.

From Outer Yard to Inner Yard and finally Tiansang City, all these assassinations left Xu Xiaoshou feeling very frustrated.

As for the level skills…

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the little white cat sitting to the side of the big bed.

The cat had been showing displaying an expression of enjoyment whenever it was beside him, even without seeming to need and food.

He thought, “Do not be fooled by its silly look! It has strong backing and support!”

“Jiao Tangtang and Xin Gugu…”

“The two of them looked like they should be able to defend against Sovereigns.

Even if they cannot, I will snatch their staff and purple chain away.

They are bound to have some transformation.”

“But it seems that this is still not enough for the situation at hand.”

Xu Xiaoshou had a headache.

It was going to be a big problem if the Zhang family had at least three Sovereigns.

Even if he were to include Jie, he could only come up with only three at Master Stage from his side.

Whether Jie even had the power of a Sovereign was not confirmed.

Someone who could defeat a Master at Astronomical Level might not be able to do the same for a Master of Ying Yang State or Star Worship State.

Sovereign was the strongest out of these stages.

The maximum number of Sovereigns that he could bring out from his side might not even be close to the Zhang familys maximum.

“As expected, it is a little challenging for one man to want to go against an entire family.”

“I must not be impulsive!”

Xu Xiaoshou calmed himself down again.

If there was only one Sovereign, Zhang Taiying, he would definitely not show any mercy.

Now, there was a mismatch of battle power between the two sides.

He was getting a little anxious.

“I just have to wait a little more…”

“I am still young.

I have time to play with them.”

“To be honest, this situation is not that bad.

Having a few assassins to occasionally deliver their treasures can help make life much more interesting as well.”

Xu Xiaoshou then thought about Three Incenses.

“What kind of a broken organization is it Is it the holy ground for assassins”

Xu Xiaoshou had heard of this organization before.

Honestly, they were even more popular than organizations like Holy Vassal.

That was only limited to rumors.

Xu Xiaoshou had no idea what was happening on the inside.

He had really not expected that this kind of absurd situation would befall him.

He was wanted by the Three Incenses.

“A dead man is worth a million.”

Xu Xiaoshous mood soured.

Anyone who had a knife up his or her neck would feel highly uncomfortable.

“This broken Zhang family.

Why are they so good at causing me trouble”

Since he could not touch Zhang Taiying for now, Xu Xiaoshou had to focus and work on himself.

Improving ones abilities and skills was one of the most conventional ways to eliminate enemies.

Xu Xiaoshous current cultivation level, even though he had just come out of Tianxuan Gate not too long ago, was already at the maximum of the early stage due to the daily accumulation of power from the Breathing Technique.

It was likely he would be able to attain the mid-stage by sleeping for a few more nights.

This was already under the scenario of not taking any elixirs to aid in cultivation.

“Its too fast,” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

“When I battle, I do not rely on my cultivation levels support.

Even if I train and maximize my cultivation level, as someone who does not require it…”

“To be honest, it would not make much of a difference.”

“The only benefit it will bring is that the energy reserve will be greater.”

“With the High Spirits skill, as long as I do not frequently use the newly invented Big Fire Ball, the energy reserves should be sufficient.”

“If there comes a time where I need to use Big Fire Ball many times…”

“I might just as well let Jie do the fighting!”

“That kind of situation would probably be too much to handle by myself.”

“Leveling up of cultivation levels will not bring too much benefit, but, on the other hand, appearing to be only of the Innate Stage could foreseeably bring surprises to my opponents.”

“My opponents have unknowingly risen to those of the Master Stage, but my cultivation level is still the same as ever.

This can trick so many of them.”

Xu Xiaoshou decided to let this merely Innate illusion stay for a while longer as it seemed to be working pretty well.

Theoretically, this was likely not a sustainable strategy

Considering the situation, incorrect intel would work for a while.

A Master, no matter how careful he or she was when facing an early-stage Innate, would inevitably underestimate the opponent.

During a battle of this scale, who would let go of such an opportunity

Xu Xiaoshou definitely would not.

Agility would not, and Master Physique would even more so not allow it.

“Since cultivation level should not be raised, then there can only be improvements in other aspects.”

Xu Xiaoshou took out the jade scrolls for Infernal Heavenly Flames – White Flames and Dragon Melting Realm.

He had studied these two scrolls before.

The prerequisite for learning Dragon Melting Realm was that he had to cultivate and grasp White Flames first.

This skill was indeed very powerful, but it was very difficult to learn.

There were also some preparations that he lacked.

“Advanced Infernal Fire Seed…”

Xu Xiaoshou shook a little.

He read that right.

This thing had an additional “Advanced” in front of “Infernal Fire Seed.”

As for how advanced…

Xu Xiaoshou did not know, and he had no plans to ask, let alone think about it.

The silhouette at Goose Lake was still imprinted in his mind.

For Xu Xiaoshou to willingly learn this broken skill…

It wouldnt happen unless Elder Sang or Zhang Taiying immediately appeared.

Thinking of them, Xu Xiaoshou took out the rings from Li Seven and Xiao Sixteen.

He had not seen Xiao Sixteens yet, but he had found many things of interest to him in Li Sevens ring.

“Spirit-gathering array…”

If he learned how to use spirit-gathering arrays, prepared some Big Fire Ball arrays beforehand, and threw hundreds of them into Zhang Taiyings room while he was sleeping…

The fact that Big Fire Ball could not be continuously used shattered his perfect dreams.

This idea was not impossible to execute.

The only thing was that he had to grasp the way of the spirit-gathering arrays.

Xu Xiaoshou did not think that it would be difficult.

He was getting a little excited.

In the past, whenever he was faced with difficult challenges, the red interface in his mind would settle it for him.

The Strengthen he got before the Windcloud Competition, Eternal Vitality after Infernal Fire Seed, the Cooking Expert skill right after entering the Spiritual Library Division…

It was as if this Passive system had a conscience and knew what he truly wanted…

To the extent that whatever he required was given to him.

Wherever there was a shortage, the gap was filled up.

If that was the case, would it still work this time and give him something like a Spirit-gathering Array Expert

Xu Xiaoshou put down the rings in his hand and immediately stood on the bed.

He closed all the windows and turned the soundproof barrier to the maximum.

Self-cultivation may have seemed to be hard work, but for Xu Xiaoshou, it was a waste of time.

He looked at the red interface within his Origin Residence with high expectations.

“Please excuse me.

I have not visited you for such a long time!”


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