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Chapter 278: Bulls*t Elder, Angelic Xiaoshou

“Passive Points: 182,020.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed heavily.

It wasnt enough.

This was the result of the past dozen days of hard work since he came out from the Tianxuan Gate, but it still was not comparable to the few hours at the Black Cliff.

During this period of time, he had still purposely tried to obtain points.

If not, then this figure would not have even been half of the current amount.

In those ten days, Xu Xiaoshou did not simply wait to get off the mountains.

Every day, he would stroll for at least three rounds in the Outer Yard, with each round stopping for at least half an hour.

It was a goal that he had set for himself.

The first two days were all right.

Whenever people said that it was the legend of the Other Yard, Xu the Beast, they would worship and show admiration.

Each round earned him at least 7,000 to 8,000 Passive Points.

After that, the situation took a downturn.

No matter how huge the Outer Yard was, there came a time when he had strolled way too often.

Within just two to three days, Xu Xiaoshou had become familiar to everyone.

Initially, some people were still surprised.

“Woah, come look at this quick.

Its the legend of the Outer Yard, Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Ahhhh, my idol, Xu Nine Heads! Ahhh Im dead!”


Including Xu Little Poison and Xu Big Mouth, the nicknames were endless.

Toward the back, they did not even start to call out any names anymore.

It had become a common sight for everyone.

Xu Xiaoshou was worried.

In those few days, he had not even managed to garner 10,000 passive points.

This aggressive way of earning passive points did not seem to be efficient.

But was Xu Xiaoshou someone who gave up easily

He had never-ending ideas.

Upon realizing that this method of obtaining Passive Points was inefficient, he used his status as a senior of the Outer Yard, got permission from the elders, and started gathering crowds to collect money… No, he conducted classes.

This was a senior of the Outer Yard!

Even at his first meeting, Ye Xiaotian expressed interest in allowing Xu Xiaoshou to enter the Inner yard.

If not for Elder Sangs objection, his status would have been even higher.

Would a Spiritual Cultivator with such high status actually conduct a class for a bunch of newbies in the Outer Yard

The whole Outer Yard was immediately excited.

On the day of the class, the roads and streets were empty.

Chuyun Platform was temporarily used, once again exhibiting the grand scenery.

After some rambling, Xu Xiaoshou was satisfied.

He had gained nearly 70,000 Passive Points, earning his keep for the day.

As for the type of content that he taught…

As someone who cultivated by breathing, what kind of cultivating content could he possibly teach

As someone who had gone through nine years of compulsory education, even if he had not taught before, he had listened in classes.

He perfectly imparted a whole chunk of psychology teachings and philosophical worldview to the bunch who were so eager to learn.

Misleading people was something Xu Xiaoshou would not do, but he had many experiences on how to counterattack enemies, feign weakness, and defeat the strong with the weak.

After that, he would teach the students a little bit of philosophy before everyone started s to discuss the world and themselves.

Even those elders who had secretly come to sit in were shocked and impressed.

“Xu Xiaoshous inner worldview is actually quite developed.”

“As expected, we should not judge a book by its cover…”

After the class ended, the Outer Yard disciples were all filled with excitement and started talking to each other.

“Its too deep, as to be expected from Xu the Beast.

His teachings almost made me feel like attaining enlightenment on the spot!”

“Yes, yes, I also felt that I had almost gotten enlightenment.

What a pity that I seem to be lacking in something.”

“Yes, it is like that.

Not only was the way of the heavens explained clearly at the end, the battle strategies at the start, as well as the psychological battles, were all very useful and practical.”

“Uh-huh, this was really worth it.

It was a free lesson.

I thought Xu the Beast was really a big demon king.

Who would have thought that he is actually such a kind-hearted person”

“What a pity for those that did not come.

From now on, Xu Xiaoshou is the biggest idol in my heart!”


After everyone started to cool down from the intense discussion, someone realized that something was amiss.

“Hmm Why did everyone speak as if they achieved enlightenment, but no one actually did”

“Yeah, what you said makes sense.

Usually, when the elders teach, amongst a few hundreds, there would be at least one or two who would breakthrough.

This time, there were thousands of people…”

“Pei, it must be that Xu Seniors way is too difficult for us to comprehend and practice!”

“Yes, that has to be the case!”


Someone asked, “Senior Xu obtained breakthroughs very quickly, so why did he not teach about the way of cultivation”

This time, everyone was stunned and speechless.

After a long silence, someone slowly began to speak.

“Maybe Senior Xu…”

“He is a legendary talent! He is the kind that could obtain a few breakthroughs within a short time!”

The group of people quickly became alert.

One by one, they started to understand.

“Yes, this must be the case!”

“I heard that in the past, Senior Xu was only Level Three, which is even weaker than me.

If it was normal cultivation, how could he have a breakthrough to Innate in just one month”

“Tsk! What you said seems to be true.

Did he really achieve Innate within three months”

“Im not sure.

He might have hidden his level but quickly leveling up has been confirmed”

Hearing all these inevitably triggered Xu Xiaoshous recollection.

Someone finally seemed to understand and said, “The harder it is to understand what Xu Senior said must mean that it requires a much deeper understanding, so it must be useful.”

“Even after Senior Xu conducted a class for more than a thousand people, no one could still breakthrough.

What does this mean”

“It means that Senior Xus way is the real way of the heavens!”

“This difficult-to-understand way is the real way of fitting into this world.

If it was easy to understand, then wouldnt it mean that everyone was like Xu Xiaoshou”

“You guys remember those elders and what they taught… Out of a hundred, at least a few could breakthrough.

What does this mean”

“Dog sh*t!”

“The way of the elders is dog sh*t! The way of Xu Xiaoshou is the real way of the heavens!”

After this explanation was revealed, everyone showed signs of realization.

If they were are able to teach as well as Senior Xu, why were they only mere elders in the Spirit Palace

This Outer Yard senior was bound to break out of Tiansang City and into Dongtianwang City and would definitely be stronger than the elders.

Thereafter, everyone started their intense discussions and debates again.

Those who were the first to give such explanations were recognized as Xu Xiaoshous first successors.

They immediately became Outer Yards top students.

Night falling did not seem to deter these peoples passion.

Discussions about dog sh*t elders, way of the heavens, and Xu Xiaoshou were continuously being brought up.

Xu Xiaoshous Perception encompassed the four corners.

He did not sleep but was yawning in a corner and earning Passive Points.

When he had finally stopped yawning and was about to return to his residences, it was nighttime.

The surrounding residences had finally quietened down.

In his bedroom…

The reason for such discussions to die down was because some sharp eyes saw darkened faces outside their windows.

Yes, not just one, but a few.

Those were…

The elders!


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