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Chapter 279: Prize Drawing Moment

After the memories were interrupted, Xu Xiaoshou recovered and looked again at the Passive Points at the bottom of the Information Bar.

He had 100,000 Passive Points, which was not too shabby.

Compared to the difficulty of obtaining Passive Points before, it was already a huge leap forward.

To get more points at once, he figured that he had to wait for the next secret realm similar to the Black Cliff to appear.

‘So, how am I going to spend the money Xu Xiaoshou wondered.

It was impossible to use it all for the lottery.

The wheel was quite expensive.

One draw cost 5,000.

As such, making 10 consecutive draws would cost him 50,000.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt intend to have 30 consecutive draws.

Even if he could draw something valuable, he would still be unable to upgrade.

Passive Skills that couldnt be upgraded to Master Stage were not very helpful for his current strength…


Unless he was very lucky and drew a special passive technique like Passive Fist.

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent when he saw the stored value of Passive Fist.

This special Passive Skill had never been activated.

The accumulated points remained the same as the last time he saw it.

They were completely unchanged.

It meant that the various attacks Xu Xiaoshou had been a part of the past few days were not enough to add even a single point.

It was horrible.

It was hard for Xu Xiaoshou to imagine how terrifying this Passive Skill would be when it was activated.

He wanted to test it out, but he couldnt let go of the “π” that had endless meanings.

‘Lets just leave it!

He forcefully pulled back his line of sight and looked at it no longer.

He started to ponder the allocation of the Passive Points again.

Ten consecutive draws had to be done once.

That was the bare minimum, even if it was the last thing he would do.

‘Bah, bah, bah!

There were still 50,000 points, so he decided that he needed to ask for Passive Points at the Master Stage.

In so doing, in addition to Eternal Vitality, Strength, and Agility, he would obtain another powerful weapon.

As for which one, Xu Xiaoshou hadnt thought it through yet.

Maybe it would be a new one, or maybe it would be the old one…

‘In that case, I will have more than 10,000 Passive Points left.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Awakening Pool.

He thought that the Awakening Pool was no doubt the most helpful if he wanted to substantially increase his combat power.

Xu Xiaoshou periodically remembered the scene in which the Berserk Giant wrestled the grey mist figure to the ground.

From the shattered memory fragments, he could still feel the terrifying power of the Awakening Technique.

A Master had no way to withstand the damage inflicted by the golden light giant.

Xu Xiaoshou wondered if he would have a body like Aje with the puppet armor when he could control the Berserk Giant soberly and intelligently.

In that case…


Xu Xiaoshou swallowed some saliva.

An expectant expression was displayed on his face.

‘If I can achieve the feat, I will be able to kill any human being, and even Buddha, if they intend to stop me!

‘No, I cant dwell on this thought any longer.

I have to be practical!

Xu Xiaoshou felt intoxicated again.

He went to the commerce center and exchanged five Passive Keys.

‘God, please bless me…

Xu Xiaoshou, who was standing on the bed, suddenly jumped off.

He paced back and forth in the room for a long time before he stopped at the bathroom entrance.

‘The bathroom is an unlucky place that has gathered all the unfortunate forces in the room.


Xu Xiaoshou recalled his unlucky bets, which were as bad as those black sheiks.

He had stopped believing that he could obtain European Emperor Possessed anymore.


‘Negative plus negative can result in a positive!

‘Oh yeah!

‘European Emperor Possessed!

After quickly inserting five Passive Keys one after the other, Xu Xiaoshou squatted down while holding his head with his hands and keeping his legs apart.

He laid flat on the ground to adopt a pose that could avoid the great evil.


Nothing resembling blackness or unusual phenomenon happened.

It was deadly quiet in the room.

Xu Xiaoshou felt lost, which meant that he couldnt obtain proficient Passive Skills.

He woke up from his spirit array dream.

He collected his wits and looked at the Information Bar.

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!

One more key!

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!

One more key!

One more key!

Thank you for visiting!

One more key!

Thank you for visiting!

Four more keys…


He landed on the ground head first and knocked a large hole on the floor.

“What a scam!”

“Fifty thousand passive points are gone, which are the most Ive staked.

Damn system… You pay me back!”

Xu Xiaoshou roared like thunder, which was even more heart-wrenching than Xiao Sixteens roar.

Fortunately, he had turned the soundproof barrier to the maximum, so the loud noise was not heard by the outsiders.

“Four keys!”

After venting his anger, Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses and inserted the rest of the Passive Keys into the hole!

Thank you for four consecutive kills!


Xu Xiaoshou hit the ground with both knees.

His soul and mind felt troubled.

“They are all gone…”

After the price increase, it made his heart ache every time he used a Passive Key.

It was apparent that Xu Xiaoshou had lost control and become obsessed with the bets.

Looking at the 130,000 Passive Points in the Information Bar, he didnt hesitate to exchange 10 keys.

The plan wasnt always perfect, but people tended to act in such an impulsive manner.

With so much money in their hands, some people tended to use it all to gamble.

“European Emperor Possessed!” Xu Xiaoshou yelled while rushing to the bathroom.

He kicked the bathroom door shut behind him.


Thank you for visiting!

One more key!

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!

One more key!

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!

Obtained Extended Passive Technique, Toughness

Thank you for visiting!

One more key!

“Whoa, something has come out!”

Red-eyed, Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his eyes so hard that he had almost gouged his eyes out.

Looking at the unsuitable length, he curled up the corners of his mouth.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha!”

“I knew that I was the chosen one.

I can obtain something with 20 keys.

Hail European Emperor!”

“Who can stop me”


He was so excited that he didnt bother to open the bathroom door.

He rammed through the door before he jumped onto the big bed.


The bed also exploded.

“Ah” The red color in Xu Xiaoshous eyes gradually receded.

Looking at the bed, which was now in four pieces, he fell silent…

For a long time.

“Oh, ha! Ha-ha, ha-ha!”

Xu Xiaoshou rolled on the ground while laughing wildly.

‘Collect it!

He laid flat while glancing at the Information Bar.

He had finally calmed down.


‘What would be the meaning of it Something like flexibility

Xu Xiaoshou climbed up and raised his foot, doing a split in the air.


Eternal Vitality was operating ferociously.

The pain forced the excited and slightly crazy lad to sit down on the broken bed, rubbing his thighs.

Without hesitation, he decided immediately to ask for 10 skills.

‘Hey, with only 5,000 Passive Points, I have to fill up!

Xu Xiaoshou didnt bother to think more about it.

He knew that there would be some changes after the Passive Skill entered Innate Stage, and he would gain great enlightenment.

He thought that thinking on his own was not as effective as obtaining the information directly.

‘Anyway, its something produced by the system.

I thought the name was a bit shabby, but its not as shabby as being called strong.

Toughness, Acquired Level 1

Toughness, Innate Level 1

His body felt a surge of hot current.

He felt very comfortable, which was tantamount to being immersed in blooming spring flowers.

As a surge of enlightenment assaulted his mind, Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

He was immensely delighted and happy.


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