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Chapter 286: The Determined Way

Seeing the familiar wrist-twisting move by Zhang Taiying, the caretaker was almost paralyzed.

‘It sounds like you are emotionally stable now, but judging by your act, it seems that you have the intention to kill someone again!

Lan Xinzi understood this, but she had no choice but to speak like an arrow on the bow that was ready to shoot out.

She raised her head defiantly and solemnly said, “Thats right.

Young Master Zhang knew about my idea.”

Everyone was taken aback, shocked that she had mentioned the name that she shouldnt have.

‘Are you courting death

As expected, Zhang Taiying waved his hand with a grave face.

Lan Xinzi was slapped away flying in the air.

With a boom, a pillar in the hall was cracked, and a figure fell on the ground heavily, spurting blood.


“He supported me.” Lan Xinzi propped herself up against the ground with a pale face.

Her pretty eyes showed an unyielding expression.

Zhang Taiying was furious.

He lifted his left arm, and rich spiritual energy surged.

It was then that the caretaker could no longer sit on the floor.

He struggled to get up.

“Master, dont do it.

Its not appropriate to spill blood at the moment!”

“Spill blood”

Zhang Taiying raised his tone and morosely asked while pointing to the blood under Lan Xinzis body, “Didnt you see the spilled blood there”


The caretaker fell on the ground again.

He thought that he had tried his best.

The spiritual energy gathered in Zhang Taiyings hand converged into a condensed muddy bead.

Although it was a bit small, the compressed energy in it was extremely rampant.

He looked at Lan Xinzi.

Lan Xinzi was determined to have her maidservant status released, so she was staring straight at him without fear.

“Its ridiculous!”

With a cold laugh, Zhang Taiying flexed his fingers.


The spiritual source bead flew past the empty space instantly and arrived in the blink of an eye.

Lan Xinzi didnt make a move to defend herself.

Facing the attack of the Zhang family head, not to mention her early stage of the Heavenly Image State…

Even those in the peak stage of the Star Worship State couldnt resist it slightly.

She had already made up her mind regarding the matter.

If she couldnt succeed, shed rather die.

Everyone was shocked.

After the death of Young Master Zhang, no one in the residence dared to eat meat, and they didnt dare to let Zhang Taiying see blood.

Unexpectedly, the head of the Zhang family, who had suppressed his feelings for a long time, erupted that day.


Unexpectedly, after passing through the empty space, the spiritual source bead halted in front of Lan Xinzis forehead.

As the energy passed by, her black skirt rustled, and her black hair fluttered.

The violent energy was completely restrained within the bead.

Such perfect control of power was simply marvelous.

Even so, the aftereffect of the spiritual source caused Lan Xinzis forehead to bleed.

Lan Xinzi still didnt move.

It seemed that even if this bead pierced through her head, she would not retreat even half an inch.

Everyone was stunned.

They were surprised by the womans determination.

More importantly, they were surprised that Zhang Taiying had halted his attack.

Facing a maidservant who repeatedly mentioned the forbidden word and was treacherous, Zhang Taiying had halted his attack.

Did that mean that he had agreed to Lan Xinzis request

The other maidservant on the ground couldnt help but feel envious and cynical.

In fact, if Zhang Xinxiong hadnt brought Lan Xinzi to the Spirit Palace, the black-skirted woman wouldnt have had the opportunity to cultivate to such a level.

Otherwise, one more maidservant would have been lying on the ground.

“You are very brave.”

Zhang Taiying brought back his left arm and hid it in his robe.

His eyes showed a trace of sorrow.

He didnt want to be heavy-handed during the period of mourning Zhang Xinxiong.

Lan Xinzi felt delighted and was about to speak, but she found that the spiritual source bead in front of her forehead trembled violently.

The crowd was shocked.


With a loud boom, the great hall was blown into shreds.

It was followed by human figures flying head down and wailing everywhere.

The caretaker trembled once and then drew closer to the head seat with the golden scales.

He was fully aware that even if the family head didnt want to kill someone, he had to vent his anger in some way.

Considering the size of that blast, if someone had really blown up…

It was not due to the act by the family head but because of ones own fate.


Lan Xinzi spurted blood and slid down from the wall wretchedly.

She heavily dropped to the ground.

Her body cracked and bled.

Fortunately, she could still breathe.

However, those around her were not so lucky.

The nearby maidservants who were not even Innate were extinguished on the spot.

Perhaps even their souls were not left behind.

Those further away had their bodies intact, but they were just corpses.

Some of them were lucky enough to survive the blast, yet they were severely injured.

Lan Xinzi clenched her fist and wiped away the blood from her red lips.

Her eyes showed a hidden hatred.

She didnt feel any pity for those maidservants who had been her peers.

Yet, she hated this family that treated others as if they were plants, and she hated the rules of the family and the person who set them.

Zhang Taiying…

Lan Xinzi trembled.

The world was enveloped by darkness whenever she thought of the man.

As the smoke and dust dissipated, a painful expression shown in her eyes again.

She fell to her knees.

After a long time…

The man seemed tired after he sat back on the head seat.

He asked casually in a chit-chatty manner, “What is the name of the person who killed Zhang Xinxiong”

“Xu Xiaoshou.”

Lan Xinzi hastily replied.

“Xu Xiaoshou…” Zhang Taiying closed his eyes, twisted his wrist, and sighed.

“What a good name it is…”

He came back to his senses and asked, “What is your name”

“Lan Xinzi.”

“Oh… Lan generation”

“Yes, Master.”

Lan Xinzi trembled lightly, thinking that she belonged to the Lan generation and was a Lan servant, which was her title in the Zhang family.

In other words, she didnt even have a full name.

Zhang Taiying sighed, looked back at the empty site in front of him, and turned to leave.

“Take your possessions and yourself.

Get out of here!”

A trace of blood was seen on Lan Xinzis face again.

The corners of her mouth twitched as if she wanted to laugh loudly.

However, she also felt a sense of bitterness.

She closed her mouth after it twitched twice.


The wall blocks collapsed, crushing the corpses underneath more solidly.

“Yes, Master.”

“Hes gone.”

Seeing the woman with bloodstains, He Yuxing still hadnt released his clenched fists.

He had been standing there for an hour in the midst of a pile of corpses and dead silence when he finally heard the comforting words from Lan Xinzi.

“You are free,” he slowly said.

Lan Xinzi straightened her body.

Her face was full of happy laughter.

“Im free.”

“Xu Xiaoshou… Ha-ha-ha…”

“Have I succeeded”

” Ha-ha-ha!”

Lan Xinzi laughed out loud, but the tears were unconsciously dripping down from her cheeks.

She had loved Zhang Xinxiong.

However, it was only after Zhang Xinxiong was dead that she had a slight chance to leave the filthy place.

This world was so strange in that those things one longed and aspired for and seemingly similar things were actually very different once they were achieved.

Lan Xinzi laid down on the ground and looked at the sky.

She was lost in thought.

She saw the little girl who had just come to the Zhang family.

She was innocent, lively, and lovely.

She also saw the girl who helped load the corpses with a miserable and confused expression in her eyes.

The scene changed.

She saw the woman who had entered the Spirit Palace by creating the corpses, and she was numb, heartless, and unscrupulous.

She also saw the woman who cheered hysterically under the competition platform for Zhang Xinxiong, Xu Xiaoshou, and most importantly, herself.

“Love or freedom…”

She pulled down the corners of her mouth and returned to a careless posture.

She wiped the corner of her mouth to clean the blood and messed-up makeup off her mouth.

She tilted her head, smoothed her hair, and asked softly, “Do I still look pretty”

He Yuxing gazed at the woman lying on the ground.

Her dress was somewhat torn, and her pretty face was white.

He nodded solemnly.

“You look pretty.”

Lan Xinzi smiled.

She got up and took He Yuxings hand in her own.

“Lets go!”

He Yuxing froze and asked, “Where to”

“The palace in White Cave.”


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