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Chapter 292: I just Want to Beat That Lad…

The sixth floor of the Pill Pagoda…

An old man with a withered face looked in shock at the white-robed man, who flew out from the ground and sat his butt on the scorching hot magic pill stove and knocked it over.

Well, to be precise, his white robe had turned into a red robe.

Feeling incredulous, he looked at his female assistant by his side, displaying an expression of surprise.

“Is this a new show in the Pill Pagoda”

His female assistant was also dumbfounded.

Where did this person fly out from When did the Pill Pagoda start having this kind of show

“I, I dont know…”

“Crap, its hot!”

The man on the magic pill stove finally made a move.

His legs, which were hanging outside the stove, pushed against the ground.

He instantly jumped, looking like an arrow shooting upward.


However, such a sudden move worsened his injury.

As a result, he spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Fu Xing felt utterly dizzy after he landed on the ground.

As far as the outcome of the bet was concerned, the result was not important anymore.

At the moment, the most important thing was the person who could put him in such a terrible condition without even exerting any effort.

He looked at his right arm in excruciating pain.

The bloody flesh was in strips and looked completely fragmented.

Moreover, the bones were shattered and had cracks all over them.

In addition to the bloody arm, half of his body looked like it had exploded.

His clothes were mostly gone, exposing a large patch of bloody flesh.


The female assistant couldnt help herself when she saw the scene and made a vomiting noise.

This man looked almost like a corpse crawling out from the ground.

It was unbelievable that he could still keep his sanity.

Fu Xing shot a glance at her but ignored her.

He was still in shock.

If he didnt train hard every day, he would have passed out because of the unbearable pain he had suffered.

Even though he endured the pain, he still couldnt believe what had happened to him.

To say nothing of the damage from the Purple Dragon Roar being completely bounced back, the recoil from the guy was nothing weaker than an ordinary Master spiritual technique.

Two explosions had occurred one after the other, and one was more powerful than the other.

“What is this…”

Fu Xing felt such extreme pain that he closed his eyes and couldnt speak for a while.

After punching his opponent once, he had been struck by the Master spiritual technique three times in a row.

If he hadnt reacted fast enough to use the spiritual source to protect his body, his jade pendants would have been blown into pieces, and he…

He would have left this world forever.

“Eldest Young Master”

The old magic pill technician with a withered face finally recognized the man with an appealing appearance after examining his face for a while.

Yet, he still felt incredulous as he asked the question.

“Yeah, its me.”

Fu Xing nodded his head while gritting his teeth.

“Do you have any magic pill that can help me ease the pain temporarily”

“Yes, I do.”

The old magic pill technician nodded hastily and said, “The stove you sat on earlier happens to have produced the magic pill already, which is called the Left Star Pill.”

Fu Xing was speechless.

‘He has the Left Star Pill.

Even though it is a top seventh-grade healing medicine, it might be powerless to treat such a severe injury, Fu Xing thought.

‘If the magic pill was not reinforced with a large amount of vitality, my arm would…

“Take this!”

An amiable voice came from behind.

Fu Xing turned his head around.

He couldnt help but bring his neck back immediately.

“President Shi Ti…”

The speaker was a magic pill technician wearing a cloud-white patterned purple robe.

His hair was white, and his face amiable.

The deep part of his eyes displayed a hint of friendliness even if he was furious at the moment.

In Fu Xings eyes, he was usually an amiable and friendly old president, but he noticed the restrained fury in those calm eyes.


Fu Xing was dumbfounded.

If the generally placid president was angry, it could be imagined how extensive the explosion in the Pill Pagoda had been.

“Take the magic pill first.”

Shi Ti took a deep breath and handed over the magic pill.

Fu Xing didnt dare to hesitate any longer.

He took the pill and swallowed it in one gulp.

Shi Ti was someone of his grandfathers generation, so, naturally, Shi Ti had no reason to harm him.

He had often seen President Shi Ti go in and out of the City Lords Mansion and discuss certain important matters with his father recently.

Tiansang City was peaceful and stable because the Magic Pill Technicians Association had taken care of the treatment of the Spiritual Cultivators in the large city.

President Shi Ti was mostly responsible for the situation.


Among the crackling sound of the bone pieces connecting, the blood and flesh recovered with a sizzle.

The people present were astonished to see the remarkable effect of the medicine.

“Is it the Body Restoration Pill”

The old magic pill technician trembled from head to toe.

He watched the injuries on Fu Xings body healing like a pilgrim.

He then turned toward President Shi Ti with a shocked expression on his face.

The Body Restoration Pill had the function of reviving a dead person and healing the flesh and bones.

No matter how broken ones arms and legs were, they would be connected and healed as long as one still had a head and some consciousness.

It was none other than a sacred and supreme healing medicine as far as the magic pill technicians were concerned.

It was imaginable that all the top forces on the continent would cast the olive branch for a magic pill technician with such a level to cultivate these magic pills.

Since the Body Restoration Pill was very precious, why did he use it to treat Fu Xings injuries, which were not that severe


His injury would be healed after taking a few thousand Left Star Pills.

Zhang Taiyin, the head of the Zhang family, had his arm broken by Old Zhou and looked for the Body Restoration Pill everywhere.

He hadnt found the magic pill yet after seeking it for many years.

Fu Xing also felt a bit astounded, thinking that President Shi Ti was a bit too nice to him.

“Dont misunderstand my intention.”

Seeing the expression on the old magic pill technicians face, Shi Ti realized that he must have had the wrong idea and explained, “This is not the Body Restoration Pill.

It is the Small Body Restoration Pill.”

“The Small Body Restoration Pill”

The group was still a bit astounded.

Even if it was not the third-grade Body Restoration Pill, it was still a fifth-grade magic pill.

It was still many times more precious than the seventh-grade Left Star Pill.

Fu Xing nodded his head hurriedly to thank him.

“Many thanks, President Shi Ti.”

By this time, the injury on his arm had completely healed.

His arm was as strong and powerful as it had been before.

It was terrifying.

Although fifth-grade magic pills were still ranked at the Master Stage, as far as the magic pill technicians were concerned, this type of Innate magic pill was powerful enough to let the Throne-level Cultivators use it.

It was the level-leaping nature of the magic pills that gave the magic pill technicians such a respectful status.

After all, the Spiritual Cultivators more often than not fought one another throughout their careers.

Who could guarantee that they wouldnt have a broken arm or shoulder in a year

And who could guarantee that every time a broken arm or shoulder occurred, they would be able to find a Small Body Restoration Pill to help them heal the injury

Even though Fu Xing was the eldest young master from the City Lords Mansion, he couldnt afford the pills after he had incidents more often.

Seeing Fu Xing intend to thank him again, President Shi Ti reached out his hand to stop him.

It was his duty to save people.

More importantly, he had even more reasons to help him because he was the son of City Lord Fu.

However, deep in his heart, President Shi Ti wanted to know why a moderate lad came to his Pill Pagoda to cause destruction as soon as possible.

“Explain to this old man why you came to my Pill Pagoda, fought, and made such a mess here!”

Fu Xing felt a headache when he heard the grave tone of Shi Tis voice.

“As for what has happened here, I really didnt mean to do it.

I just wanted to beat that lad…”

Fu Xing found that he was unable to continue in the middle of his sentence.

What had happened was truly embarrassing for him.

He intended to beat somebody, but the outcome was an unexpected mess.

“You wanted to beat someone”

Shi Ti felt astonished to hear this and asked incredulously, “Did someone dare strike you Here in Tiansang City Here in the middle of my Pill Pagoda”


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