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Chapter 294: Pathetic Xu Xiaoshou

“Help me, Master President!”

“Im just an ordinary person who wanted to come over with my junior sister to take the exam for the magic pill technician badge.”

“As soon as we arrived in the Pill Pagoda, someone wanted to snatch my junior sister away.

Morality is getting worse, and the world is getting cruel.


“Cough, cough!”


Xu Xiaoshou choked on his own cough.

He hastened to bring out a handful of snot and wiped it dry casually.

Shi Ti was shocked.

‘This is my most cherished robe as the president of the Magic Pill Technicians Association, but this lad…

‘The lad used my robe to wipe his snot!

Suspected, Passive Point, 1.

‘Furthermore, what has just happened here Who do you think you are You could simply tell me what has happened, so why are you clasping my leg

Subconsciously, Shi Ti wanted to kick his leg to shake the lad off, but he felt an inexplicable force recoiling from the body of the lad.

His leg felt like it had been cut by a knife.

An unbearable pain was shooting up to his brain from his leg.


His face turned pale immediately, and he hastened to use the spiritual source to protect his body.

Was this guy a porcupine

“Let go of your hands! Let go of your hands!”

Xu Xiaoshou ignored his commend.

After wiping his snot, he pointed his finger at Fu Xing, who was behind Shi Ti, and said while crying, “Its him, its him!”

“This guy is a bully because he thinks he has the back of his powerful family.

He covets my junior sister and has injured me.”

“He hit me with the Purple Dragon Roar.

Do you know how painful it is when you are hit by the Purple Dragon Roar”

“I figured that he was from a noble family, so I didnt dare to fight back.

Hence, I was punched by him, and I… I…”


Xu Xiaoshou spurted out a mouthful of blood.

However, the injury caused by his own Recoil had been healed by the Eternal Vitality before he could spew half of his blood from his mouth.

He stalled in his speech.

‘You are such a terrible thing.

Why didnt you cooperate with my performance Xu Xiaoshou was chastising his Eternal Vitality for not making himself look wrenched.

Fu Xing felt very frustrated, thinking that he had suffered the full damage inflicted by the Purple Dragon Roar and Xu Xiaoshou had no reason to feel any pain.

‘Im the one whos in pain!

Before he could speak, Xu Xiaoshou pointed at him and said, “You tell him… You tell him honestly if I am not telling the truth.

You give us an honest answer!”

Fu Xing was inclined to shake his head, but Xu Xiaoshou spoke again.

“Tell us, is it true that you covet my junior sister”

Cursed, Passive Points, 4.

“No, I dont…”

Before Fu Xing could finish his sentence, Xu Xiaoshou cried with a howl again.

“Well, you dare to think about it but dare not admit it.

Youre such a wimp.”

“Lets put this question aside for the time being.

You have to answer the next question seriously.

Did you hit me with a punch”

Shi Ti turned his head around and looked at Fu Xing.

Fu Xing looked up to the sky and sighed, thinking that it was really so.

‘Cant I say a word in front of this guy

He nodded his head helplessly since it was the truth and he had nothing to hide.

Even if he wanted to renege, there had been so many people around at the time watching them, and they were not all blind.

It was not the case that everybody was loyal to City Lord Fu and had no sense of justice.

Even if all these people wanted to speak for him, Eldest Young Master Fu, who had justice in his heart, didnt allow himself to lie.

He was even more unwilling to deny these established facts.

“You see!”

Since Fu Xing had already admitted it, Xu Xiaoshou clasped the leg of President Shi Ti even more tightly.

He lifted his head to look at this old man with an expression full of grievance.

“The truth is that he hit me, and I didnt dare to fight back.”

Having said that, he turned his head around and looked at the crowd.

“Did I fight back”

Shi Ti looked toward the crowd of onlookers.

All of them shook their heads.


‘It turns out that this lad has told the truth.

Shi Ti was stunned.

Suspected, Passive Point, 1.

He looked at the young man on his leg and gave up struggling.

He slowly said, “You said that you didnt strike back, and Fu Xing only punched you once.

Why is there so much destruction here”

Shi Ti pointed to the large hole in the ceiling as anger spilled out of his eyes again.


No sooner had he finished the sentence than another small stone slab fell, followed by a scorched and black magic pill tripod.

The crowd murmured, “Ohh…”

“It has nothing to do with me.”

Xu Xiaoshou stopped showing the grievance on his face and didnt cry anymore.

He got up and clapped his hands.

After he found out that the old man was someone with whom he could reason and wouldnt twist the facts because of the background of Eldest Young Master Fu, Xu Xiaoshou decided that he did not need to put on a show any longer.

He looked at Fu Xing.

“You should ask him why he punched me and flew away himself.”

Fu Xing was shocked.

Fu Xing couldnt stand still any longer.

He became upset immediately and sullenly said, “Its a question I also want to ask you.

Why did I punch you and fly away myself”

“Do you blame me for your flying away”

Xu Xiaoshou glared at him and crossly asked, “What is the principle of this”

“If you used a kitchen knife to chop your opponent but failed, would you blame your opponent for being too hard”

“You want to blame someone or something, but youd better blame the low quality of your kitchen knife!”

“Where is your knife”

Xu Xiaoshou changed the topic suddenly.

The crowd was confused, not knowing what he meant.

In the next second, the young man sighed and commented, “Oh, you do not have a kitchen knife, and you are merely the leftover vegetables.”

“As vegetables, do you blame me for your failure”

“The vegetables are the original sin! If you cant beat your opponent, youd better cultivate a little harder.

Dont ask me why its you who have flown away.”

“Well, who should I ask”

The area was silent.


Finally, someone couldnt hold back and laughed out loud.

The laughter was like a catalyst that caused a chain reaction.

Many people laughed out.

The crowd of onlookers whispered to each other.

They had learned something that day.

“My goodness, who the hell is this lad It turns out that he can scold and suppress others very effectively.

Im convinced!”

“Does this lad have a death wish Doesnt he know that his opponent is the eldest son of City Lord Fu He must have eaten a bears heart and leopards guts to be so brave!”

“Shh, I watched the whole thing.

I know he is actually aware of everything.

He understands everything in his heart, but he cant control his mouth and let the words come out of his mouth irrepressibly!”

“My God! Although he sounded a bit short-tempered, why do I feel so pleased to hear his talk”

“Youre right.

Im annoyed with these young masters of the rich-and-famous families.

To say nothing of beating up others for no reason, he even blames his opponent for his flying away when he is the one who struck.”

“What did you say”

“Heh, you must be on the side of Young Master Fu, but Im on the side of the lad today!”


Fu Xings face turned purple.

It was as if he had put a layer of eggplant skin on his face.

He didnt quite understand what Xu Xiaoshous words meant at first, but he came to his sense their meaning after he heard the exchanges of the onlookers.

As such, he was so embarrassed that wanted to find a hole in the ground and enter it to hide.


“Yes, what he said makes so much sense.

Its my fault that I cant knock him away.

Why should I ask such a question”

Fu Xing felt the whole world darken.

Shi Ti could tell that Eldest Young Master Fu was quite shaken up.

He was also surprised by the sharp talk of the lad.

With all of his talk, Shi Ti even felt that Xu Xiaoshou was the victim.

Yet, he thought of the fact that Fu Xings arm was almost ruined while Xu Xiaoshou was unharmed.

Since the Pill Pagoda was pierced through, leaving a massive hole behind, how could this lad not be slightly responsible

“Dont you know the rules of the Magic Pill Technicians Association How dare you fight in the Pill Pagoda Who gave you the courage”

He struggled with the last part.

After all, fighting inside the Pill Pagoda was not allowed.


Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and pointed his finger at the guard, who showed a horrified expression on his face.

“Its he who gave me the courage.”


The guard fell butt first onto the ground.

Xu Xiaoshou asked, “Who dares to strike after knowing the identity of Eldest Young Master Fu”

“I dont dare to do so at all.

As an ordinary citizen, all I wanted to do was to play a little game with him to let him vent his inner depression.”

“But they…”

Xu Xiaoshou covered his face again, speaking in a crying tone.

He then spoke pathetically.

“They have vouched for the fight inside the Pill Pagoda, and one has punched me for real.”

“And I… I havent struck at all.

I was the one being hit!”

“Why… Why are you all questioning me”

“Obviously, Im the victim here.



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