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Chapter 312: My Dream is Shattered

After being kicked out of the Pill Pagoda, Xu Xiaoshou naturally lost his precious alchemist examination qualification.

He squatted on the ground and drew circles, feeling very distressed.

President Shi Tis good-natured character was also evident at this moment.

With Yun Hes guarantee, he has witnessed Xu Xiaoshous pure flame control skills.

He also believed that although this kid was unruly and capable of mass destruction, he still had the tenth-grade alchemy ability.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou received an alchemist badge.


The young man looked at the magnificent purple badge on his hand bitterly.

There was a silver-white alchemy cauldron on it, which looked like a normal alchemy cauldron yet more pretentious-looking than his small bathtub.

Beneath it were 10 floating white clouds.

Yes, they were indeed floating.

The alchemist badge has been forged with special craftsmanship.

It was impossible to replicate, and it would create an impression at first glance.

If one were to observe closely, one could even vaguely see the effect of white clouds.

In addition to the badge, if one successfully advanced to an alchemist, they would receive an honorable mention from the association and other special rewards.

It included the exclusive selection of alchemy cauldrons, the designated Innate Pill formula, and the white robe and purple robe that represented the noble status of alchemists.

Xu Xiaoshou received none of that.

According to President Shi Ti, if he were to punish him for the damages caused, he would have to pay with these things and more.

Perhaps he would even have his underwear taken away.

Xu Xiaoshou was doubtful about that.

His net worth was still rather sizeable.

Simply repairing the outer wall of the Pill Pagoda and some damaged barriers would not cost him too many spirit crystals.

Unexpectedly, Shi Ti controlled his impulse after his outburst.

Not only did he not punish Xu Xiaoshou, but also he even gave him the badge as a gift.

“Is it because of Elder Sang”

Xu Xiaoshou firmly believed that was the only reason he could calm the anger of the old president.

Perhaps, it was that letter with contents unknown to him…

‘Im really curious what was written in it.

D*mn junior sister wont let me take a peek!

Putting his thoughts aside, Xu Xiaoshou wiped away the circles on the ground.

He got up and stretched.

Overall, his Magic Pill Technicians Association examination journey was nowhere near perfect.

According to his plan, he would at least be able to receive the ninth-grade alchemist badge.

If he upgraded his Cooking Expert skill twice, even the eighth grade would not be a problem.

Who knew Perhaps he could even attempt to conquer the seventh grade.

That way, he could achieve the noble peak of Innate Stage alchemist starting from nothing in just one day.

His junior sister would certainly not believe it.

But she would have to believe it.

Perhaps in the future, his Passive Points would no longer be contributed by Cursed Passive Points but instead filled with Admiration and Respect.

The many old men in the court, including President Shi Ti, would also see him in a new light, maybe even praise his genius and suck up to him.

This way, he could seize this opportunity to join forces with the higher-ups in Tiansang City and gain a foothold in this city, further establishing his influence.

In the future, it could also lay the foundation for him to break ties with the Spirit Palace and escape from Elder Sangs devilish claws.

After that, he could use this as a springboard and easily establish his brand, Xiaoshous Trademark Magic Pills.

Then, he could surpass Tiansang City, and even Tiansang County, and finally conquer the greater world.


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly sighed softly, interrupting his dream of a beautiful future.

What a pity.

It was all for nothing.

No matter how glorious the picture he painted was, fate was beyond his control.

Who would have known that he would be banished like this

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the gate of the Pill Pagoda with a dark expression dark like someone with a grudge.

He did not put away the badge.

Instead, he pinned it to his chest.

A tenth-grade alchemist was also an alchemist and still noble.

He puffed out his chest and walked around in front of the Pill Pagoda.

With his considerable experience being at the epicenter of explosions, he was completely free of dust.

He exuded a gentlemanly grace and suaveness.

Wandering around like this, he immediately attracted the attention of many passersby.

“How ostentatious! Who is this tenth-grade alchemist”

“Hes quite a looker.

But what a pity about his mindset.

Even if he is only a tenth-grade alchemist, he is already so arrogant! What could his future hold”

“Indeed, all the alchemists I have met are humble, polite, and responsive to requests.

They act low-key and never show off.”

“This is the first time I have seen one with such an exaggerated demeanor!”

“Yeah, but it makes sense.

No matter how noble a profession, there will always be some that slip through the cracks.”


Hearing their comments, Xu Xiaoshou stopped in his steps.

His face turned puce.

What was the matter In the stories he read, as long as they were alchemists, werent all of them arrogant

He merely imitated their attitude.

Why were so many people displeased

Was it possible that the alchemists in this world were relatively humble and dared not express themselves

When he thought of the alchemy profession, he likened it to sitting down for 10 days to a fortnight.

He guessed that those who could reach accomplishments in this field would most certainly be boring old farts.

Just look at the old guys on the seventh floor of the Pill Pagoda… Would these people be arrogant

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had been misled.

He quietly took off the badge on his chest, wanting to be a low-key person again, but he caught sight of the Information Bar in his mind.

Begrudged, Passive Points 121.

Invited Jealousy, Passive Points, 133.

Envied, Passive Points 166.



‘I daresay, everyone is simply green with envy!

Xu Xiaoshou was happy again and decided to leave his badge on.

With the Passive Points increasing by a few hundred points this time, even if the king of heaven appeared before him, he would not take it off.

“The little girl is taking a long time on her examination!”

After wandering around for half the day and gaining several thousand Passive Points, Xu Xiaoshou still did not see any sign of Mu Zixi.

Indeed, he had been kicked out and disqualified from participating in the examination, but Mu Zixi did nothing wrong.

Hence, she could continue with the exam.

The Pill Pagoda did not only have alchemy rooms on the seventh floor.

At this time, his junior sister and Vice Commander Fu of the City Guards were still likely hard at work inside.

In his boredom, Xu Xiaoshou stopped walking.

At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed out of the Pill Pagoda.

“Fu Xing”

Hearing the sound, Fu Xing instantly located Xu Xiaoshou and rushed over so quickly that he seemed to be flying toward him.

“Big Brother, Big Brother Shou!”

“I am so glad that you are still here.

I thought that you were gone!”

Xu Xiaoshous face turned dark.

“What do you mean by gone If you cant say anything nice, you should be quiet.”


Fu Xing forced a smiled and touched the back of his head.

When he was about to speak, Xu Xiaoshou reached out his hand and gestured at him to stop.

“Do not ask.

If you must ask, the answer is I dont know, and I cannot teach!”

Xu Xiaoshou knew why he was so eager, but even the incomplete version of the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword knowledge was proprietary to the Spiritual Library Division.

He also had no idea where Elder Sang had obtained the complete version of the skill.

Its value was evident and far surpassed his wildest imaginations.

Xu Xiaoshou could not possibly teach this skill to others.

After all, he had a good grip of what he should or should not do.


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