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Chapter 315: This Muggle

Fu Xing smiled, retrieved a gold gilded invitation card from his spatial ring, and handed it over.

“I wont talk about anything else.

Just based on the strange spiritual technique that big brother used to send me flying, it seemed to be applied splendidly.

I am sure it can play an unexpected role.”

“Moreover, Big Brother, your art of alchemy… Even I can tell that you have substance, let alone Mr.


“Although its a bit confounding, the protective barrier of the City Lords Mansion would be dozens of times stronger than the almost defenseless existence of the Pill Pagoda!”

“Feel free to… I cant say you should feel free to…”

With a slip of his tongue, Fu Xing nearly said, “Feel free to test our defenses.” After giving it some thought, he was concerned to give this lad a free rein.

What if the defenses of the City Lords Mansion could not withstand his attack

When this thought flickered across his mind, Fu Xing instantly discarded it.

That was impossible.

In Tiansang County, the level of protection cast on the City Lords Mansion was almost the highest available.

Apart from the Palace Guarding Array in Tiansang Spirit Palace, there was no way to find other spirit arrays comparable to the City Lords Mansion.

‘An Invitation to the Night Banquet…

Xu Xiaoshou took the gold gilded invitation card and rubbed it lightly.

He felt its matte material, which complemented well with the delicately luxurious texture.

He estimated that the cost of producing this alone was exceptionally high.

He opened it.

From within, there was a cloud of spiritual mist.

Under the mist, there were no words but only a red seal.

“City Lord Mansion!”

On one side, there was also a smaller symbol with the words “Young Master” engraved on it.

“Tsk, this is something…”

Originally, Xu Xiaoshou was already keen on this banquet dinner.

Now that he saw this extravagant invitation card, he could already imagine the scale of this banquet dinner.

He immediately asked, “Did you mention that those aristocratic families in Tiansang County would be sending people over”

Xu Xiaoshou had no interest in the families, except for the Zhang family.

Or rather, he was very interested in the head of the Zhang family, Zhang Taiying.

Since he had slain the two murderers sent, it was only appropriate to see the mastermind.

Fu Xing said, “Naturally, he will be attending.

By then, the heads of the four major families in Tiansang County will be there, let alone other small families.

Who dares not come if they want to progress upward”

When he said that, he suddenly frowned and added, “Oh, the heads of the three major families.”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were consumed by “banquet dinner” and “White Cave.” He paid no attention to this snippet of information.

According to Fu Xing, if the forces in all the big and small cities in Tiansang County gathered, how many people would that be

Those people could not possibly come with ordinary guards.

Even if the Master Spiritual Cultivators were to make their presence, the guards must at least be Innate to correspond, right

In that case, how many Spiritual Cultivators would be present at that time

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the vicinity of the Pill Pagoda.

The explosion attracted many Spiritual Cultivators.

Though, if he kept count, there were not many of them.

After all, each time he put on a display, it only amounted to more than 100 Passive Points.

That indicated that except for ordinary people, the density of Spiritual Cultivators was not great.

But the banquet dinner would be different.

If he were to follow Fu Xings advice and parade around wearing his alchemist badge, how many Passive Points would that be

Hundreds Thousands

Could the City Lords Mansion accommodate so many people

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou became curious and asked, “How big is your house I feel like it can accommodate hundreds of people!”

“A few hundred”

Fu Xing almost raised his brows when he heard that.

Was he being sarcastic

He glanced at Xu Xiaoshous expression carefully.

When he realized that he was not kidding, a strange look crossed his face immediately.

“Ill keep you in suspense.

When you come, you will find out for yourself.”

Fu Xing spoke with a smile and murmured unconsciously.



Now Xu Xiaoshou was curious.

He glanced at the Information Bar.

Belittled, Passive Points 1.

This kid…

Was it possible that the City Lords Mansion belonging to his family was so big that it could accommodate thousands of people dining at the same time

Banquet dinner…

It was rather impressive.

Xu Xiaoshou did not ask further.

While chatting with Young Master Fu, they walked to a nearby restaurant.

Fu Xing was very talkative.

When Xu Xiaoshou rendered him speechless previously, it must have been difficult for this naturally talkative guy.

Fu Xing was very knowledgeable and well-versed in subjects including astronomy, geography, the art of spiritual cultivation, swordsmanship, arrays, and the Great Path.

He had studied almost all of them, and his understanding of these subjects was not superficial but extensive.

The only area that he lacked was the art of alchemy.

It seemed that the art of alchemy had skipped him entirely and passed on to his sister.

However, Fu Yinhong was not proficient in other subjects besides alchemy.

She must have snatched this ability when they were in the womb.

Although, Fu Xing still had the upper hand in all other subjects.

In addition, this guy had a very handsome face.

Xu Xiaoshou tsked and sighed.

Ever since he came into this world, this was the most relatively perfect specimen of a person he had ever seen.

He had a good temper, high EQ, adequate IQ, and the support of the City Lord behind him, but he was not arrogant or haughty.

Most importantly, he was also good-looking.

He felt that if he were a woman, he would inevitably be attracted to him.

After a hearty meal of delicious dishes and wine, the two parted ways in delight.

Xu Xiaoshou did not wait long this time before his little junior sister walked out of the Pill Pagoda.

Seeing this little girl jumping in joy and her ponytails fluttering, Xu Xiaoshou knew that her achievements were considerable.

“You took a long time.

How many grades did you sit for”

“Ninth grade!” Mu Zixi exclaimed excitedly.

“I have only recently condensed my Spiritual Cultivation Pills, so I had no confidence at all.”

“However, at the critical moment, I was successful during my third attempt!”

“Although it is still unstable, there was one top-grade pill.

Thats a top-grade Spiritual Cultivation Pill…”

The little girl was ecstatic.

She grabbed Xu Xiaoshous hand and jumped up and down.

When her excitement died down, she suddenly blushed and let go of him.

She immediately handed over a badge.

Xu Xiaoshou took a closer look and could not help but feel a tinge of jealousy.

There were nine clouds…

“Damn, there is one less cloud than my badge.

How about this, Ill give you my badge, and you lend me this for two days.”

Mu Zixi replied, “Huh”

What was going on

That was the badge that she had earned through her abilities and hard work.

She had not even worn it yet or touched it enough to warm it.

Did he want to take it away like that

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he pinned the nine clouds badge on his chest.

He took off the other tenth-grade badge filled with clouds and patted the girls left chest.


Something seemed off.

Was there more material

Mu Zixis face instantly burned red, and her curse was interrupted.

The air was still.

Xu Xiaoshou looked mortified.

He usually had a lot to say and could go on for a long time.

But now, he was utterly speechless.

Should he withdraw his hand or leave it there

“Ahem, dont get me wrong.

Come, I will help you put it on…”

Mu Zixi blushed but did not say anything.

When she reached out to take off the badge on Xu Xiaoshous chest, he quickly avoided her.

“Xu Xiaoshou, return my badge to me!”

“What are you doing” Xu Xiaoshou regained his usual wretchedness once he was at a safe distance from her.

“Im your senior brother.

Why cant I wear your badge”

“The president said that this badge mustnt be used indiscriminately or given to others!”

“If I say so, then its fine! Whose words do you trust”

“The president, of course!”

“Oh, so you are so obedient toward the presidents words.

Then why dont you be his junior sister instead Dont look for me anymore.

Hurry up and go.

I will keep this badge for you first.”

Mu Zixi was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at her pouting face and found himself amused.

The young girls face was bouncy with collagen and saturated with vitality.

This time, her face was apple red.

The corners of her mouth turned down, and her eyebrows creased.

It seemed like her tears would fall out at the very next second.

It was too heart-wrenching to watch.

Xu Xiaoshou reached out and passed her the packed cooked food in his hand, “Hey, dont be sad.

Your senior brother is very caring.

See, I have even bought you dinner!”


Mu Zixis stomach started to growl.

Her tiny face was full of shock.

“Xu Xiaoshou, have you eaten already”

“Yes, whats the matter”

Mu Zixi was speechless once again.

The little girls small fists clenched so tightly that her bones were almost crushed.

She was so mad that she stamped her feet twice in anger.

‘This muggle[1]…

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…

[1] The term muggle originated from Harry Potter, which loosely refers to ordinary non-magical people who stubbornly refuse to believe in all magical things.


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