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Chapter 316: Xiaoshou Engages in Spiritual Array

Abundant Spiritual Inn…

That was the name of the subsequent inn that Xu Xiaoshou found after the Plenty Gold Inn.

The environment was beautiful, the service was attentive, and its protective barrier tough.

It was about the same quality as the Plenty Gold Inn, but it could have better Feng Shui.

There had been some small shocks one after another in the past few days.

Fortunately, the big blasts did not occur.


The protective barrier of a VIP room on the second floor trembled again, suddenly alarming the servant who was fidgeting on the first floor.

After finding that there was no motion afterward, he returned to sit down.

Only, it was just like sitting on pins and needles.

“When is this guest with the surname Xu leaving”

The servant was extremely anxious.

Seven days ago, he welcomed two Plenty Gold VIPs, a male, and a female.

They had directly asked for two executive suites.

They stayed without any issue for two days before heading out.

However, everything had changed upon their return.

The little girls room was still okay, just like any regular room.

But that guy…

He invited too many problems.

Every two hours, the protective barrier experienced three to four blasts.

The servant had no clue how the young man could trigger so many outbursts in the room alone.

He also did not see him inviting anyone into his room.

The servant was very distressed.

After the heaviest blast, the protective barrier nearly shattered.

Even the guest in the next room complained.

But this young man was loaded.

He brushed it off, saying, “Its okay, I will pay for it,” extinguishing the servants thoughts of chasing this god of destruction away.

The blasts that occurred from time to time in the past five days made him almost suspect that the previous explosion of the Pill Pagoda was related to this person.

After all, the timing was impeccable.

As soon as they went out, the Pill Pagoda exploded.

This matter was still widely circulated and discussed.

The servant rested his head on his hands while wondering when this god of destruction would leave.

Ironically, he also hoped that this god of wealth could spend more time here.

‘Well, if it was not for my livelihood, who would want to be in such a dilemma

He sighed and suddenly saw three young men dressed as swordsmen walking in from the door.

His eyes lit up.


“Three Sirs, here please.”

In the room…

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were bloodshot.

He was staring closely at the two palm-sized array wheels on his hands and a carving knife in his hand.

He laid on the ground without caring for his image.

There were fragments of the array wheel beside him, and there was a scorched smell in the air.

Within close sight, there was a thick ancient book.

Its pages were turned until they were wrinkled.

It was stacked up.

A few large characters were written on the cover.

“Spiritual Array 101: From Beginner to Professional (Li Seven).”

Yes, he was now interested in the art of spiritual array.

Strictly speaking, this new interest of his originated seven days ago.

At that time, when he saw the terrifying array wheel in the spatial ring of the killer Li Seven, he had already thought of a once-and-for-all battle plan.

That kind of plan was very Xu Xiaoshou.

He just needed to make the array wheel in advance so he could use it in battle.

Who would be able to withstand it when he casually threw it out then

As for the issue of the spiritual array costing more spirit crystals than Spiritual Cultivation Pills…

Xu Xiaoshou smirked to himself.

On the day Xu Xiaoshou received his alchemist badge, he had already pawned his stolen goods loot at a reasonable price.

He directly obtained the Supreme Gold Card from the Plenty Gold Company.

People with this card were said to be worth tens of millions.

Were 10 million spirit crystals a lot

Though it sounded like a fortune, it was not the case.

The spatial ring from Xiao Sixteen alone was worth tens of millions.

This guy did not have any side hustles and was a traditional Spiritual Cultivator.

Yet, as a killer, his spatial ring contained almost all major categories of spiritual techniques in the world.

It went without saying how they came into his possession.

Xu Xiaoshou saw Innate, Master, and even a Sovereign Stage assassination spiritual technique.

If the spiritual techniques were sold, they could fetch more than 10 million spirit crystals.

Xu Xiaoshou did not have the energy to engage in these dealings and left everything to the Plenty Gold Company to handle.

After all, he…

Had no use for those items.

When he sold the spatial ring, his net worth directly increased from a millionaire to a multimillionaire.

Zhang Xinxiongs spatial ring was relatively worthless in comparison.

The kind of guy who had strong family ties and was not a lone ranger could not bring so many spiritual techniques with him.

What he learned and used was sourced from the Zhang family.

That spatial ring could not fetch much, and the same went for Li Sevens ring.

All the valuable things were already in Xu Xiaoshous possession.

Spiritual array…

This was an expensive profession.

To seriously speak of it, it was more costly than Spiritual Cultivation Pills.

Alchemy merely required spiritual herbs and techniques.

Techniques could be learned, and spiritual herbs plucked.

Decades and centuries-old spiritual ingredients would suffice for the average practitioner.

If there were herbs that were thousands and tens of thousands of years old, then they would be priceless.

It was not the same for spiritual arrays.

To even make the lowest level array wheel for a spiritual array, it was necessary to use the Qingming Celestial Rock.

This celestial rock was extremely precious.

Without a geological vein that formed tens of thousands of years ago, it could not be mined at all.

It had the function of gathering spiritual energy and reinforcing the seal of spiritual veins.

It was the most suitable material for making array wheels.

Of course, this material used to seal spiritual energy was hard and resilient.

But if it exploded, its power was by no means less than that of an ordinary cauldron explosion.


An explosion sounded, which directly blasted Xu Xiaoshous face with black soot.

Although the shattered pieces hit his face, they all fell to the ground.

With the top blocked by a human face, the airwaves could only spread laterally from all around, violently pelting the walls.

Suddenly, the barrier in the room flickered again.

“Damn it! I dont have the Spirit-gathering Array Expert! With my strength, I cant even carve a tenth-grade spiritual array!”

Xu Xiaoshou cursed and put down the carving knife in his hand.

He got up and cracked his knuckles, making loud snapping sounds.

He did not start learning the art of spiritual arrays just because he was idle.

And it certainly was not because his lazy streak disappeared.

He felt motivated to work on himself.

The main reason was that…

“The previous Cooking Expert ability appeared in the process of alchemy.

That broken system may need to sense that it is going to develop in that direction before it can point me to a new path…”

“Spiritual array …”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

He had never engaged in this before, or rather, his prior experience with it was sending it into explosions.

It was too difficult to get the Spirit-gathering Array Expert ability based on the probability of the system draw alone.

He could not get it last time and only got the Toughness ability.

Therefore, he had to use external factors to stimulate it.

As long as he made even a little progress in this subject matter, the system would be able to detect it.

Who knew It might just produce a Spirit-gathering Array Expert ability one day.

That way, he could rely on Passive Points to upgrade his mastery of this subject.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the broken pieces of the array wheel on the ground.

His head throbbed.

“Its just a Minor Spirit-gathering Array, yet it is so difficult to achieve.

If I were to make an array wheel that can seal the Great Fireball by myself, who knows how many years that would take”

He laid on his back on the big bed.

At the spur of the moment, he was struck with a whim.


Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

This was the 18th whim that manifested in these five days.

The deadly warning function that came with the skill Perception had proven to be truthful and effective in previous battles.

Only at that time, he was sneezing.

This time…

Xu Xiaoshou clutched his chest with a morose expression.

‘Who wants to kill me

He viewed the Information Bar.

As expected, the message displayed on it for the 18th time.

Watched, Passive Points 1.


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