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Chapter 318: I Need Reinforcements

In the inn…

“Here, Ill return the cat to you.”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a breath, and the little guy in his hand swooned.

He handed the cat back to the servant and waved him out of the room.

The servant took the cat and walked out of the door.

His face was full of disbelief.

What was this supposed to mean

If he was not absorbed in his hobby of causing explosions, was he interested in pinching cats

‘What a barbaric and strange fetish.

Indeed, there are all kinds of fish in the sea.

He felt sorry for the cat and stroked it with his hand gently.

This was the fortune cat in their store.

Though he had expected many possibilities, he could not have known that this customer with the surname Xu would ask him to bring the cat over only to pinch it.

Who could think of that

‘What a lunatic!


As a result, when he touched the cat, it suddenly screeched.

The servant suddenly retracted his hand in fright.

He fixed his eyes on the cat.

It did not seem to be in pain.

It looked as though it was comfortable.

The servant was confused.

Xu Xiaoshou was listening to the violent heaves on the phone.

One could imagine how worked up Jiao Tangtang was at this moment.

He smiled, “Sister, dont hang up the phone.

I have something I need your help with.”

“Then speak.

Whats the matter”

Listening to her curt tone, he could tell that she was trying to calm herself down.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and said, “Thats right, lets speak nicely.

Dont be so irritable!”

“Dont run in circles.

If you want to fart[1]…”

On the other end of the phone, she stopped herself in time.

Xu Xiaoshou curled his lips and said, “I need you to help me kill someone.”


Jiao Tangtangs pitch rose.

She glanced at Xin Gugu who was beside her and asked, “Kill someone Are you sure you want to use this favor now”

Given this communication jade scroll, it was equivalent to a favor.

Jiao Tangtang could not possibly do his bidding instantly when summoned.

If Xu Xiaoshou activated this favor now, this communication jade scroll would only play the role of a communication device in the future.

‘Kill someone…

Beside her, Xin Gugus eyes lit up.

He licked his lips excitedly.

He was looking forward to this task.


Xu Xiaoshou affirmed, “I dont just want you to kill someone, but I also need both of you to come right now!”

Jiao Tangtang asked, “On such short notice What mess have you gotten to that you need us to wipe your ass now”

“Its a matter of life and death!”

Xu Xiaoshou was not joking.

His tone became serious.

He glanced at the Information Bar.

The Watched notification appeared more frequently.

It was very ominous.

The feeling of his heart clenching in fear was very uncomfortable.

He knew that someone was spying on him, and the strength of the person was formidable.

Even when it was Li Seven, Xiao Sixteen, and the others, he had never felt that way before.

Moreover, those two guys were at the Master Stage.

What did this indicate

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank.

He thought of what Li Seven said before he died.

He knew that these peoples words were not credible, but what if they were true

‘Three Incenses…

‘The early-stage of Sovereign killer…

Xu Xiaoshou admitted that if what Li Seven had said was just an empty threat before his death, he succeeded.

Xu Xiaoshou was convinced of it now.

At least he was suppressed at this time, although he was still fearful and panicked.

And if it were true…

Xu Xiaoshou panicked even more.

Even if there was Aje, he did not have the confidence to go take on Sovereign Stage cultivators at this moment.

Could he face Xiao Qixiu, Ye Xiaotian, and others with his Innate cultivation stage

‘What a joke!

Even if Xu Xiaoshou had a Master Physique, he could still be defeated with a single sword blow.

Xu Xiaoshous hand clasped the jade scroll tightly.

He paced back and forth, but his tone was very calm.

“Sister, dont ask further.

Just come here as soon as possible.

I really need you both here right now.”

Jiao Tangtang lowered her head and frowned with eyebrows creasing together.

She looked thoughtful.

‘Head over immediately

The distance from Tiansang City to the Eighth Palace was not close at all.

They had also spent a lot of effort along the way to get to where they were.

But they had not gone at maximum speed.

The time estimate was calculated at a regular walking pace.

But if she were to hurry there, it would require at least half a day on foot.


Jiao Tangtang looked at the gray sky.

After only standing there for less than an hour, she saw a few extradimensional cracks flash several times.

White Cave was going to be unsealed soon.

She pinched the jade scroll and said, “I can give you one person.

However, I also have urgent matters on my side.

Both of us cant head over together.”

“I cant have both” Xu Xiaoshous voice rose.

“Bring me the cat!” he commanded.

Jiao Tangtang was so furious that her breath was trembling.

She swore that if this guy were in front of her now, she would land a kick on him and then take Greedy the Cat Spirit back, never letting it suffer anymore.


“I have something urgent here!”

“What urgent matters could you have Since you are constantly on the go, all I am asking for is for you to come over and do me a favor.

You can settle it in a heartbeat.”

Xu Xiaoshou was determined to hold his ground.

How could one person be enough

What if the people from Three Incenses were two Sovereign Stage cultivators

According to Li Seven, his head was worth a million spirit crystals.

If the bounty were to be divided equally by two people, that would be half a million each.

Wasnt half a million money

Although he was a multi-millionaire, he also did not ignore the enticement of half a million.

He had every reason to be wary of those hungry and thirsty assassins who were bloodthirsty like wolves and tigers.

Jiao Tangtang said in a deep voice, “Xu Xiaoshou, I am not joking with you.

I have an urgent task to do right now, so I cannot do as you wish.”

“Look, I will let you have Xin Gugu.

He alone can help you handle everything!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately dismissed it.

“I dont believe it!”

Jiao Tangtang smiled, “Didnt you want to kill someone Who do you want to kill”


Xu Xiaoshou was silent.

Who was he going to kill

How could he possibly know

If he knew the identity of his killer, would he be so terrified

It was because his enemy was undercover, and he was under the spotlight.

If the roles were reversed, he was confident that he could cause panic and terror.

What if the unknown killer was Sovereign Stage

Jiao Tangtang said, “I dont care who you want to kill… Is it a Master A Sovereign”

She paused and chuckled.

How could this guys enemy be Sovereign Stage

No matter who it was, Jiao Tangtang was still very confident.

“I will let you have Xin Gugu.

As long as you are not going against the entire Tiansang City, no matter who you are facing, even if it is Sovereign Stage, he can help you kill them!”

Xu Xiaoshou did not believe it.

“Is he so powerful”

Jiao Tangtang glanced at the man beside her and then looked at the golden staff in his hand.

She thought,If this guy was let loose, even I couldnt stop him.


She acknowledged.

“Hes powerful.”

Xu Xiaoshou asked, “What if my enemy is two Sovereign Stage cultivators”


Jiao Tangtang was amused.

Two Sovereign Stage cultivators

This guy was hilarious.

Would two Sovereign Stage cultivators go and kill an Innate Stage He placed himself on a high pedestal.

“Thats just two, no big deal,” she confirmed calmly.

Xu Xiaoshou was silent again for a long time.

“There are three of them, and they are all at the peak of Sovereign Stage!”

Jiao Tangtang rolled her eyes.

“Dont even mention three.

As long as they are at Sovereign Stage and yet to reach the Cutting Path Level, my brother will settle them for you when they attack!”

Next to her, Xin Gugu, who was listening to their conversation, was thrilled.

He straightened his golden staff and snatched the communication jade scroll from his sister.

His beard and hair danced with the wind, and he raised his eyebrows.

“Xu Xiaoshou… Is this true”

“Did I hear that you want to kill someone”

“Tell me the time and place, and give me another ten minutes.

I will be there soon!”

“Today, even if the king of heavens was here, I would kill him for you!”

[1] The fart term originated from a Chinese proverb that means one should speak quickly and fart quickly, and not hold it in.


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