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Chapter 320: Dont Be Nervous, Im Just Here To Take Your Life

The man looked completely confused.

Apparently, he was someone who had been through a lot.

Even if he had been bumped into to the extent that his shoulders bled, he did not make a single sound.

“Young man, you did not look properly while walking.

Are you now blaming me”



He laughed loudly as if amused.

He used his hands, which were draped in dirty sleeves, to continually hit his leg.

Tears were almost falling from his eyes.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

Mocked, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at these two notifications and was instantly relieved.

This system couldnt possibly be fake.

No matter how well this man might have been acting, he could not possibly bluff the system.

Did that mean he really was just a passerby


Xu Xiaoshou saw him laughing and started to laugh himself.

He was so nervous that he did not realize that from the moment he stepped out of the door, his back was already wet.

“Sorry, I was distracted by my thoughts and bumped into you accidentally.”

The sloppy man straightened his sleeves, wiped his tears with the back of his hands, and shook his head.

“Young man, do you know that if I were still young, you would have already been a dead man by now”

Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows raised.

He looked at the mans dirty neck.

There was a huge scar as if he had been executed.

Seeing that, he knew that this person might have been a tough one when he was younger.

Who didnt have a dark, passionate past

If not for the troubles in life, if not for him being beaten until he was disabled, as a cultivator, he would not have had to give up the way of spiritual cultivation and scavenge for scrap metal.

Xu Xiaoshou eyed him again.

Acquired Stage…

His cultivation had been routed.

It could be easily seen that his cultivation had most likely been forcibly dispersed by someone.

His face looked tough.

He had ruthless features, but it is too dirty with oil and dirt.

It looked as if he had not washed in a long time.

There was a strong odor, and his facial features could not be seen clearly.

“Im leaving.”

Xu Xiaoshou handed him a bottle of Red Gold Pills and did not say anything more as he brushed past him and left.

There was a huge boulder weighing down his heart.

If he did not remove it, he would not be in the mood to joke around with any strangers to earn any Passive Points.

The sloppy man hoisted his sack over his shoulders and stared at the Red Gold Pills in his hands for a while before smiling.

He took two steps forward and called out, “You are walking in the wrong direction!”

Xu Xiaoshou had already disappeared in the sea of humans.


“Young people are always so impulsive…”

The 10 minutes felt extremely long.

The slow passage of time was wearing him out.

The little incident on the street made Xu Xiaoshou even more annoyed.

He rotated his wrists.

Sounds of clicking could be heard from his bones.

He paused for a moment.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized something was amiss.

Had he seen a sovereign but been too worried to notice Was he still himself


Xu Xiaoshou squinted his eyes and called out softly.

However, there was no reaction.


He was instantly covered in goosebumps from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.

Xu Xiaoshou felt chills everywhere.

His face turned green as he stabilized his steps and continued walking forward, trying to make himself seem normal.

‘It has already started…

‘No, it started a while ago!

‘That man… No.

Thats not right.

It was not that dirty man.

From the moment I stepped out of that door, I had already been tricked!

‘An illusion array

Xu Xiaoshou was undecided.

He did not believe that this was an illusion array.

No matter how strong an illusion array was, it would trigger the systems Hypnotized notification.

This fact had already been confirmed when he was eavesdropping while Rao Yinyin left her bath.

If it was not an illusion array, how could he have been influenced

Watched, Passive Points 1.

The Information Bar refreshed with a new notification.

Xu Xiaoshou understood a little what was happening.


‘Power from the heavens

He suddenly stopped in his tracks.

At this point, he could already see that the direction he was heading seemed to be the same distance as the way toward the Pill Pagoda.

Actually, it was totally different.

He had not managed to realize this at the beginning.

Xu Xiaoshou felt disappointed in himself.

‘I was careless!

‘Really careless!

‘I should not have come out during the past 10 minutes!

‘It would have been good even if I had just sat around in the inn.

Why did my mind want me to come out

‘Even if Xin Gugu comes, he still needs time.

I already know that this assassin is not ordinary, so why was I still so impulsive

Xu Xiaoshou closed his eyes as he felt his heart fall into an abyss.

“Dont blame yourself.”

A clear voice could be heard coming from the front.

A white-robed man wearing a red mask walked forward.

His arms were crossed in front of his chest.

His fingers were slim and pale with neatly trimmed nails.

He was spotless and had a refined temperament.

A red command token hung on his waist.

The symbols for the Three Incenses were carved into the token.

There was one red, one purple, and one dull green.

Xu Xiaoshou looked with his eyes wide open as sorrow flashed across his eyes.

“As expected…”

He grabbed his communication jade device immediately and was going to call Jiao Tangtang.

However, the man in front of him waved his hand, and the device disintegrated.

“Dont be nervous.

Im just here to take your life.”

This voice sounded as if it came from the skies freely and simply.

Xu Xiaoshous whole face turned green.

At this moment, he suddenly could understand what those guys who were always annoyed by him felt.

“Who are you A Three Incenses assassin Do you know Li Seven” Xu Xiaoshou asked a series of questions.

He needed to stall for time.

This man was too strong.

Just one glance was enough for him to know that he was a being not below the likes of Xiao Qixiu or Ye Xiaotian.

It was not a guess.

It was a fact.

He was definitely not weaker than the strongest Spiritual Cultivators back in the Spirit Palace.

An assassin from the Three Incenses, an organization totally of another level, could not be compared to the Dark Street organization that Li Seven came from.

As Xu Xiaoshou looked at him, he felt it was similar to the first time he met Elder Sang.

That willful sense of indifference, not giving a care about anything… It was like someone who was used to being above all and having total authoritative power.

How could he defeat this type of person in his current state

How could this type of person appeared at this stage in front of him

Xu Xiaoshous heart was filled with despair.

“I am Red Dog.

Thats what everyone calls me.”

The white-robed man took a step forward and immediately appeared beside Xu Xiaoshou.

No matter how much the latter tried to retreat, he was always on to him as if he was a leech.

Red Dog was very tall, perhaps half a head taller than Xu Xiaoshou.

He bent forward a little and said in his ear, “You are interesting.”

He tilted his head as if thinking of words to explain it.

“This is the first time Ive heard of an Innate Spiritual Cultivator who was worth so much money.

To be honest, the reason I accepted this mission was just to have a look at you.”


His words stopped abruptly as he put away his curiosity.

He indifferently said, “My kill rate does not allow anyone, including you, to cause it to drop from a hundred percent.”

“Do you understand what Im saying”


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