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Chapter 324: Energy Bead, Destroy!

How could Xu Xiaoshou understand human logic at this moment

Even if he did understand, would it be enough for him to hold back his attack

That day in the Plenty Gold Inn, he had already proved his power.

Though the golden energy beads were casually collected, they proved capable of striking a good amount of space into pieces.

Now, this energy bead was made with all the energy that he had stored within his body.

It was terrifying to imagine the explosive energy that it held.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou were to come to his senses, there was no guarantee that he would contain the power.


With a spray from Xu Xiaoshous mouth.

Red Dog, who had been pulled into a spread-eagle position, watched fearfully as the Pure Energy Bead effortlessly penetrated through his chest and shattered the space around it.


After this attack, Red Dog could no longer hold on.

He bowed his body.

Fresh blood and piece of his organs began to spray out from his mouth.

Despite being made of splashes of the remnant energy, the energy bead was able to tear apart his defenseless body in a split second.

His energy reserve was surging, and his energy center was shaking uncontrollably.

If the attack had fully penetrated through his energy center or anywhere close to it, it would have meant the end for this Sovereign Stage killer.

In face of this, Red Dog broke into a smile.

He looked at Xu Xiaoshou, someone who lacked awareness and only knew how to attack carelessly, and his smile grew more ferocious.

As long as the Pure Energy Bead did not directly explode within his body, it was impossible for the attack to take him out.

“No awareness at all.” Red Dog laughed and asked, “Who wouldve thought that I would be saved by a rascal without awareness”

“Ah ha ha ha, oh!”

However, his smugness was short-lived.

After the energy bead had fully penetrated Red Dog, Xu Xiaoshou still had spare power within him despite a depletion in his golden light.

Slowly, he reached out his hands.

With a knock of his wrist, he sent Red Dog flying.


The Raging Giant technique was naturally slower than it had been.

With Xu Xiaoshous remaining force, it still maintained the effects of Exploding Posture and Recoil.

This was a merciless attack.

It cut short the smug laughter of Red Dog and sent him directly to the landing place of the energy bead.

That spot was a bounded domain that obstructed the exit of anyone who had entered.

The bounded domain had been there ever since…

When the bead had landed, its energy had not exploded yet.

When Reg Dog had arrived, it landed squarely on it with his rear like it was a stool.


The air was silent.

The despair in Red Dogs heart was eternal.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With the sound of the explosion, even the void had been immediately caved in.

Black voids began to emerge from the shattered centers of the energy beads.

The bounded domain started to shatter as well.

A corner of the domain had been bombed open.

Like a deflated balloon, the horrifying explosive energy began to slip out from the exposed corner of the bounded domain.

The extremely golden waves were mixed in with raging and exploding energy.

It held unlimited destructive power.

It moved like a tsunami as it charged toward a defenseless street.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The golden tides washed through the area.

Anywhere it touched was accompanied by intense thunder and lightning.

Frightful roars could be heard.

Those areas were left barren as if a war hammer had torn through them.

The people who had evacuated stood far away, witnessing its destructive power.

Although they were taken aback and thrilled to witness the impactful energy, they could not help but feel sorrow for their loss of homeland.

“Who on the earth is fighting How can Sovereigns fight within the city” The voice sobbed, “My home…”

“Oh lord, this explosion… Its crazy! Its over! The City Guards will be furious!”

“Where is Commander Chong How is he not here when this person is wreaking havoc in the city”

“Ha, wreaking havoc If it wasnt for the sake of the commoners, do you think the commander would allow the person in the battle to behave this way in the city”

“Saving people” A voice asked in confusion.

“Haha, didnt you notice The golden waves advance to a certain point before it looks like they hit a wall and start to roll back.”

Everyone who was listening started to observe closely.

They discovered it was like what was said.

“Has the commander arrived”

“He didnt just arrive.

That is called a bounded domain.

If it was not for it, Im sure we all would have died.

Nothing can escape that.”

A few people were sorrowfully wiping away their tears.

Some others watched in astonishment at this rare battle within the city.

Many Spiritual Cultivators mediated and had an epiphany about the Great Paths on the battlefield.

The battle of the Sovereigns was an event of realization for many.

After a while, the people felt dumbfounded by their discovery.

They had never seen any power in the Way of the Heavens in this battle.

Did it mean that the battle was fought on strength alone

That had to be a joke.

The people found themselves in disbelief.

They decided to observe and learn from the battle in greater detail.

If they failed to realize, it was not an indication of the absence but a sign that they were not on a suitable level of consciousness yet.

The surging waves almost blew him apart on the spot as Xin Gugu flew through the city gates.

“Xu Xiaoshou, are you there”

He immediately scanned the city with his spiritual senses.

In the instant the bounded domain slowly began to close up, he picked up a dying and familiar breath.


He swallowed his saliva.

His eyes were bloodshot.

“T-The breath of Greedy the Cat Spirit… Did it disappear”

“Is Greedy the Cat Spirit dead”

He started to shiver, and his eyes grew wide.

With a sudden step, the waves of the void splashed.

He flew directly into the place of the Sovereigns bounded domain.


“Where did you come from fool If something happened to Greedy the Cat Spirit, I will bury Tiansang City with it!”

Chong Dongs heart was on the verge of an explosion.

As he activated his bounded domain to hold back the golden tides, he picked up the breath of another Sovereign outside the city gates.

He was flying crazily into the city.

“This is…”


His face was filled with anger.

How could this be White Cave had not been activated yet.

Had the Sovereigns lost their minds

The meeting in Tiansang City could be overlooked as the Sovereigns not obeying their orders.

However, it was one thing to disobey orders and another to fight within the city.

Now that the fight had occurred, they still dared to call for help.

Chong Dongs anger grew the more that he thought about it.

He pulled out a communication jade scroll.

“Hello, City Guards, is this Vice Commander Fus City Guards”

“I need some backup here.

Please send three.

Yes, send Liu Qing and Qiu Xuan from the guards, as well as Elder Yuan!”

“Its necessary! Send them in right now, immediately!”

He paused.

His head bobbed as he hurriedly spoke.

“No, no.

Its fine.

You dont have to come down.

Please continue your spirit-gathering research at home.”

“Yes, its only a few ants here, so nothing big.

Its not worth your time.”

“Alright, thats all.”


Chong Dong placed down the communication jade scroll in his hands and heaved a sigh of relief.

Even if it was a battle between three Sovereigns, he should not ask the City Guards to join in.

After all, the death of three Sovereigns was not too significant.

There were hundreds and thousands of people residing in this city.”


“Ill handle them!”

He glanced toward the bounded domain that he had set up.

The golden tides were truly horrifying.

Though it may not matter much to him, to the average man, that was a power that could eliminate them in one shot.

The Way of the Heavens had to be used to suppress aggressive energy of this caliber.

If he were to release the energy, it would be a massacre.

Therefore, he was held back and trapped from accomplishing his goal.


Gazing into the small bounded domain within his own bounded domain, Chong Dong was getting whiter than a sheet.

He could only hope that help would arrive soon.

If not, the battle would only worsen if it was to continue.


He suddenly thought he saw a figure within the raging golden tidal waves.

Before the bounded domain closed its boundary, the figure seemed to walk out of the domain.

“Did I see wrong”

Chong Dong blinked furiously and glanced toward the skyline.

The bloody breath of the Sovereign remained perched on the ground.

It was obviously not it that made it to the boundary in time.

But if it was not him, then who could it be

Who could have walked into the battle of two Sovereigns with ease

“Oh, Lord…”

Chong Dong felt his face twisted with rage.

This battle was akin to a trigger, and he was unaware of what would follow in the aftermath of it.

That was when the true terror would reveal itself.

Chong Dong thought carefully as he tried to recollect the figure, but he could not have any particular memory of it.

His mind was in a complete blur.

The only thing that seemed to persist in his memory was that the person seemed to be dragging something behind them.

Was it a sack


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