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Xu Xiaoshou kneeled on the ground with one knee.


The raging energy within him had slowly subsided and vanished, leaving behind a little of his original bloodlust.

This was what was giving him the strength to maintain the form of the golden giant.

“This is…”

His bloodshot pupils began to clear up.

He was able to see with more clarity.

Xu Xiaoshou focused his vision.

He saw the pavement slates turned to rubble, remains of fallen historical buildings, and a giant hole that was dozens of feet wide.

He had never seen one so big.

His heart began to beat furiously as his memory returned to him.

After he had transformed into the Raging Giant for battle, he had left it to its natural destructive tendencies.

The Sky Stab attack from the Red Dog had reinstated the Raging Giant to subconsciously attack to defend itself.

However, the scene before him had made him question whether the self-defense was a little extreme.

“Was this the fault of Exploding Posture”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his left hand.

Golden light continued to emit from his hand.

It resembled the hands of an undefeatable battle god who had arrived.

In his memory, he could see the unstoppable and mighty state.

This image left a deep impression on him.

However, he was in a weak state now.

Xu Xiaoshou reached down to the ground and pushed himself upright.

A giant should not be kneeling on the floor.

As he got back up, he started the Raging Giant form a second time.

Xu Xiaoshou never failed to be frightened by his height.

Though the form was nowhere close to the altitude for flight, simply standing was enough to perpetuate an extraordinary sense of pride.

The birds-eye view from his perspective made him feel as if he could observe all that existed between heaven and earth.

He could overlook every common person.

The feeling was simply marvelous.

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not focus his attention on this small surprise.

He was deep in thought on the topic of how to operate the Raging Giant while staying conscious.

‘Is there a resistance

Although he had lost control the first time, he was able to restore a bit of logic before it was shut down.

He realized this was the effect of using Strengthen for the second time.

This was a huge improvement from his past experiences.

If he were to follow this development and operate the Raging Giant two or three more times, he was certain he would be able to master it.

By then if he could combine this with Exploding Posture…

It was easy for Xiu Xiaoshou to imagine the power he would have.

In his line of sight, he could see the horrific impact left behind by the energy beads embers.

The ground had been left with a deep pit.

If one did not look carefully, one might have mistaken it for a cliff that existed naturally in the city.

This level of destructive power was irresistible and far exceeded the level of an ordinarily strong master.

It would be piece of cake to eliminate a Sovereign on the spot.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and tried hard to maintain a clear mind.

His judgment might not have been accurate.

He had never eliminated a Sovereign before, and he was not aware how the next batch of energy beads would go.

Was it possible for attacks like this to be able to eliminate Red Dog immediately

He looked toward the pit before him.

The bounded domain was unstable, and the front was sizzling with moving smoke.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his Perception reach deep into the pit.

Within the depths, he could see a body lying spotted with blood.

Red Dog was laying between the leaking underwater streams.

In the image that his Perception delivered to him, Red Dogs body had been broken completely.

His face was an unrecognizable pulp.

There were black dirt and holes on its body.

On some of the bigger injuries, he could see that it had been burned into a matted surface.

Blood scabs were everywhere.

Blood was seeping out from some of the smaller tears of the skin.

The sight was bone-chilling.

‘Is it over

He could not detect any signs of life from Red Dog.

Xu Xiaoshou felt a huge burden lift from his heart.

With injuries like this, even if Red Dog had endless healing capabilities, it would have been impossible for him to recover in time.

Passive tactics such as this were only effective in the context of video games and unrealistically glamourous moments.

No fancy tricks or passive tactics would be effective if someone were to send them to the blood pool.


Xu Xiaoshou exhaled heavily.

His fatigue was wearing him down.

This battle almost took everything out of him.

As he recovered from his high energy, the golden glow that surrounded his body started to shake as it tethered on the edge of disappearing.

After a second, the Raging Giant shook violently and resolidified the form.

This was the moment when the expression on Xu Xiaoshous face changed drastically to reveal a face of horror.


The head on the corpse-like body of Red Dog had turned around.

His miserable face twisted into a deeply abnormal expression.

His blood-filled eyes with broken shaking pupils stared at him.

It looked as if there was a creature about to crawl out of its body.


Red Dog spat out a mouth of blood as well as the piece of his insides that were constricting its airways.

The energy of the Way of the Heavens was heavy on his body.

His flesh body started to grow rapidly, and his injuries begin to heal bit by bit.

“Ha ha ha ha…”

Red Dog twisted his neck.

His joints produced a chilling clacking sound.

After he had barely gained control of his head, he gritted his teeth.

His face was terrifying.

“Xu Xiaoshou… Haha, Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Youre awesome!” Red Dog growled.

“I never thought an Innate… No, a Master Physique…”

He turned his neck again, and his face was full of confusion.

“Even if you were following the valence of a Master Physique, how was it possible that you crossed an entire stage and landed me in this state”

“Amazing! Youre more interesting than the dying Black Snake!”

Another crack of the joints was heard.

As he talked, Red Dog shifted his body and stood up.

Red Dog held his face up and gently caressed his features as he delved into a nostalgic recollection.

“Do you know how he passed”

“No, do you know how he trained me before he passed”

Red Dog erupted into manic laughter.

“Haha, to make me into the top killer, he severed my connection to the heavens, destroyed my spiritual roots, and destroyed my features…”



“He was just like you, treating me like a dead dog.

In the end, I was groomed from the immense hatred within me.

I paid all the pain back to him tenfold!”

Red Dog approached Xu Xiaoshou slowly.

As he walked, he cut open his chest with a finger.

The ring on his body had already shattered in the terrific explosion.

Could a killer without a weapon still be considered a killer

How could he talk about torture without any devices on him

Red Dog reached into his chest and pulled out a blood-colored bead.

He concentrated his spiritual source and transformed the bead into a feather dagger.

His smile began to twist.

His lips were quivering with words as he stumbled toward Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his entire body shiver in fear.


Red Dog was a psychopath through and through.

He had suffered greatly in his past life, but even the greatest pain would leave when one lost their life.

However, the power of the Way of Heaven tied to the Sovereign had brought him back to life.

His vigorous training in cultivation assisted in the restoration of his flesh to the appropriate amount that would ready him for battle.

Rather than human, he seemed more to be an unkillable cockroach.

Every cell in Xu Xiaoshou was begging for him to turn back and retreat.

But he was drained of his energy.

It took all of his energy to sustain the form of the golden giant.

He lacked the strength to even raise his body to guard in the face of the oncoming attack from Red Dog.

“Do you want to feel the pain I felt”

Standing before the golden giant, Red Dog was only around the height of the giants calf.

With the dagger held tightly in his hands, Red Dog inhaled deeply.

When he looked up again, his expression was suddenly solemn.

“Youre too tall, and I cant fly in this state.

So, Ill cut your flesh bit by bit until I see your human form.”

“How about that


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