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Chapter 326: Legend Has It, There Was A Technique Passed From The Heavens…


Before Xu Xiaoshou had time to react to the question, Red Dog launched into a series of growls.

As he laughed, his hand moved at a ghastly speed.

The feather dagger floated like a butterfly before striking into the calf of Xu Xiaoshous golden giant.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The waves of the Recoil shock emitted from the giant in an attempt to bomb away from the Red Dog.

However, this was not the first battle between Red Dog and Xu Xiaoshou.

Red Dog had familiarized himself with the properties of the golden giant.

Therefore, he had reserved a bit of energy to counter the power of Recoil.

The sounds of bombs filled the space, but Red Dog was obscurely close to slow.

The dagger flew and attacked over a hundred thousand times in a span of an instant, tearing the calf of the golden giant apart.

Attacked, Passive Points 1.

Attacked, Passive Points 1.


The notifications refreshed crazily on the panel, however, Xu Xiaoshou was the furthest away from excited.

This was not Black Cliff.

When he was at Black Cliff, he still had a means of protection due to the presence of the glow of the swords.

If he had failed to hold on to the battle, there was a window for him to retreat.

However, as Red Dog attacked incessantly, he was not given any opportunity to defend or regroup.

This led to his calf taking immense damage.


Even if Xu Xiaoshou had been through the burns of flames and embers, in the face of the endless cuts from the blade, he could not help but let out a yell of pain.

With a loud bang and an explosion of golden lights, the Raging Giant no longer existed.

The form of the giant transformed with the body of Xu Xiaoshou as a base.

Still, severing the giant was not the equivalent of severing Xu Xiaoshou.

A benefit of the Raging Giant form was that it had more worldly strength that boosted its defense.

As the giant form took most of the damage and shattered, Xu Xiaoshous body shrunk by the dozens.

There was a scar on his calf from the attack, but it was not severe enough for his body to break down.


Red Dog looked up in anticipation as he watched Xu Xiaoshou fall from a great height.

He immediately raised the feather dagger and summoned Sky Stab again.

If the Raging Giant could not withstand the extraordinary attack, how could the body of a Master Level Physique

It was a matter of life and death.

He needed to use this fall to finish off this psychotic Red Dog once and for all.

‘Unbelievable! First, it was that he was a Sovereign, but who wouldve thought he was crazy too

In the heat of the moment, Xu Xiaoshou was wrapped up in the madness.

His body was falling numbly.

Out of desperation, Xu Xiaoshou violently bit down on his tongue and borrowed the pain as a method to trigger his body.

The pain triggered his left arm to move ever so slightly.

Time seemed to have slowed down the moment he got close enough to see Red Dogs excited and contracting pupils.

His dagger read like an invitation from the grim reaper as it seemingly cut into the spaces of his heart.

However, Xu Xiaoshous consciousness had directly plunged into Yuan Mansion.

In Yuan Mansion, there was a handicapped cat.

It stood upright.

Its body exuded a source of spiritual power.

It was something that had remained high above the chaos…

The Red Interface!

Passive Fist (charge point: 3.18%).

After the attack from Red Dog, the transformation into the Raging Giant, the energy bead he ejected in the state of Exploding Posture that he himself was caught up in…

Even after all of that, the charge point only increased from 3.14% to 3.18%.

The accumulation of all the frightening damage had brought about a mere 0.04% rise.

It was tough for Xu Xiaoshou to imagine what a punch with three charge points would pack.

If he had thrown the attack, what kind of damage would the explosion bright

Would he have brought destruction to himself

Xu Xiaoshou looked down at Red Dog, who was still in a fit of manic laughter.

He felt as if he had once again entered the state of Raging Giant.

Suddenly, madness filled Red Dogs pupils.

He had lost all forms of logic


Red Dog grinned widely.

The ends of his lips nearly touched his ears.

His eyes were bright red as he crazily spoke.

“Come on Xu Xiaoshou, Ill let you have a taste of pain!”

He adjusted his newly recovered flesh body.

For his remaining spiritual source, he injected his personal Sovereign spiritual weapon, the nine spirits blade

A humming sound rang out.

The Sovereign spiritual weapon had accepted nourishment from the spiritual source.

It immediately started to emit a dense black fog.

A black phantom manifested and tangled itself on Red Dogs arm.

It exuded a black glow that was comparable to moonlight shining down.

“Phantom Bloodbath · A Thousand Forms!”

His arms turned transparent as he watched Xu Xiaoshous body fall.

The nine spirits blade, which had concealed itself deep within the void, instantaneously cut through the shards of space.

Howls of countless black shadows charged toward Xu Xiaoshou.

“Die, die, die!”

“Lord Black Snake… Ah… Ha-ha, become my pieces of human meat Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Hm… Whats this”

As the shadows parted, he was surprised to see Xu Xiaoshous arm exploded instantly.

In between the bone and flesh, an ordinary-looking boxing figure emerged and appeared before him.

It did not have any monstrous or bizarre form, nor was it of a similar physique as the previous Raging Giant.

It certainly lacked any flashy effects.

In fact, it looked uncanny to an ordinary grown-up who had thrown an ordinary punch in the context of an ordinary battle.

The sight of the figure was shocking to Red Dog.

It took a special type of punch to pulverize the arm of a Master Physique.

Without being close, no matter the point of contact, a punch like that relied only on the charged power.

This had to be a joke.

He had used his spiritual weapon.

He had exercised the Sovereign spiritual technique.

He had made countless cuts, and all he did was severe one of the calves of the golden giant.


Red Dog snapped in confusion.

His body was surrounded by the presence of death.

At this moment, his top priority was to evade and escape from the attacks of its seemingly trivial Innate power.

No mission and no one, not even Lord Black Snake, was more important than ensuring his own survival.

However, it was too late.

The distance between the two had grown closer.

It was so close that neither would have the opportunity to evade the attack from one another.

Xu Xiaoshou stood strong in the face of all the torments from the countless phantoms.

Red Dogs face was growing redder as he took one after another attack from the ordinary boxing figure.


There was not a sound heard.

Heaven and earth seemed to have returned to chaos.

Red Dog could not pick out any sound, yet he could witness clearly the fragmented body of Xu Xiaoshou…

The expression of indescribable pain scribbled across his face…

The flesh that had been cut down… The skull as well as his limbs…

“Lord Black Snake”

Red Dogs eyes were full of joy.

The lingering person who appeared countlessly in his dreams had finally appeared before him.

“Youre still here! Youre still here!”

Tears were pouring from his eyes as he reached out to touch the graceful black figure.

A punch emerged from the shadows to mark the end of everything.

Somewhere outside the bounded domain…


Chong Dong frowned as sudden anxiety gripped his heart.

The golden tide was forcefully destroyed with his power of the Way of the Heavens, and it no longer posed any danger for those who did not manage to evacuate on time.

The masses took this window of time to continue their retreat into safety.

The situation was stable, so he did not understand why there was an unsettling feeling in his heart.

“Is the battle over”

He looked unexpectedly toward the small bounded domain on the old street.

With another thought, he strolled over to it.

Even if the battle was over, as a commander of the City Guards, he could not let anyone within the bounded domain walk free.

It was at this moment that a shapeless wave suddenly emerged from the bounded domain.

The bounded domain buzzed upon the impact.

Without a crack, the domain proceeded to explode.


All the color drained from Chong Dongs face.

Without the protection of the bounded domain, the catastrophic energy waves within had finally spilled out.

The commander of the City Guards felt his legs were weakening.

He immediately took to the void.

His desperate yells were heard from all corners of the city.

“Retreat! Rollback! Hurry!”

Unfortunately, it was all too late.

With a loud bang, a boxing figure appeared on the old street.

The buildings that were within the 10-mile radius jerked and lifted away from the ground.

All of them blew into the sky by the explosion.

Chong Dong was as pale as a sheet.

To his shock, the ordeal was not over yet.

He watched as the buildings crashed into the ground and caused the earth to break apart.

Even buildings that were as broad as 10 feet and spanned over 10 miles of land had been sent into the clouds.

Chong Dong could only watch in fear and confusion.

It was as if the giant hand of a transparent giant had given the world a violent punch, which had shaken heaven and earth and made the rivers flow in a different direction.

Instantly, a 10-mile vacuum was created.


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