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Meanwhile on the battlefield…

Four Sovereigns and one individual at the Acquired Stage…


The one who was leading the city guard was surprisingly an elder wielding a large sword.

Even Chong Dong had given up his position as the leader in the presence of the elder.

“Yuan Sandao”

The older man smiled.

He did not recognize the other younger individual, but the old man was familiar with him.

He liked to believe he had a good memory.

Yuan Sandao had certainly aged.

It had been years since the conflict between the Ten High Nobles of the Central Region.

After all, it was hard to avoid the effects of time.

There was one thing that still stood out about him after all the years—his unparalleled swordsmanship.

Yuan Sandao squinted as he walked toward the older man.

Anyone was able to tell that this scruffy-looking man was at the Acquired Stage.

He had only taken half a day to locate the gap in space, split it open, and twist the space with his blade.

Yuan Sandao dared not to underestimate him…

Especially the Sword Will and the potential to fold through space.

It was hard to believe that the man before him was only at the Acquired Stage.

The very fact that he was the only individual standing in the middle of the battlefield had raised red flags to not underestimate this man.

Yuan Sandao was aware that others followed more powerful Great Paths aside from the Spiritual Cultivators.

An example were those who specialized solely in the way of the sword, particularly the Ancient Sword Technique, which did not require any spiritual strength for the practice.

There was a great possibility that the man before him was a character who had undergone a similar form of training.

He lowered his head and asked carefully, “You are…”

Yuan Sandao had good knowledge of all the strong individuals above the Sovereign Stage in the entire Eastern Sky Realm.

He felt a sense of familiarity with the man in front of him like they had crossed paths before, but he was not able to produce anything from his memory that was clear and detailed.

Moreover, the more Yuan Sandao hoped to have a clear look at the features of the standing figure, the more his vision began to blur.

“How was this possible” Yuan Sandao asked in surprise.

He did not think that the opening of the White Cave would attract mighty individuals above the Cutting Path Level to this realm.

There was one sole possibility in this situation.

The figure definitely possessed a special ability to conceal his figure.

Therefore, he must have impeccable potential.

The scruffy-looking man lightly shook his head as he looked at the four before him.

There was no change in his expression.

He spoke with a raspy voice.

“You wont remember who I am if I tell you, so lets skip this.”

He lifted his head to inspect the weather.

“If there are any other questions, please ask.

How about this Ill answer three questions.

Once theyre answered, Ill leave.”

He dragged the sack on the ground as he finished his sentence.

With a slight bang, he slung the sack on his shoulders.

Chong Dong was furious.

He had a terrible temper to begin with.

To him, it was obvious that all the damage—the 10 miles of vacuum and chaotic mess in the city—was done by this man.

Yet the man had arrogantly agreed to only answer three of their questions before leaving.

This was absurd to Chong Dong.

“For a low-level bloke like you, you sure have guts!”

“Three questions How about I cut you into three pieces and act mercifully by letting you ask 10 questions on why I did it”

Qiu Xuan and Liu Qing, who stood next to Chong Dong, straightened their bodies in alertness.

Trash talk was rarely effective for people on the same level as them.

If Chong Dong could successfully provoke the bizarre person and spur a fight between them, they could resolve the awkward situation at hand.

It was an opening that they could use.

Yuan Sandao was awaiting an opening such as this as well.

However, the scruffy-looking man laughed.

He completely ignored the tension between the four men and did not seem affected or doomed by Chong Dongs words in the slightest.

He truly resembled a vagabond who carelessly traveled worlds.

Even as he stepped into the pit and smoke of the battlefield, he had retained the carelessness of a vagabond.

“Bloke” The scruffy-looking man repeated the word.

The smile on his face froze.

He turned his attention to Chong Dong.

“Its been a while since anyone dared to call me that in front of my face.”

“This is a chaotic world.

Everyone is moving at a fast pace as if they cannot wait for their next life.”

“There are many ways to die too, so why choose this one fast path”

Though his voice was calm, there was a hint of rage in his tone.

The scruffy man was someone who lived by the motto of “Dont do unto others what you dont want to be done unto you,” and he was not responsible for the consequences if anyone were to cross his path.

Although Chong Dog was unable to pick up any trace of hatred from the mans eyes, he found himself overcome with an unexplainable fear as the man finished his words.


His heart was in shock.

He could not believe a man like this could strike that amount of fear into his heart despite his Sovereign status.

“Youre joking.”

He tried to abandon his panic and laughed mockingly.

“It must be a joke.

How dare you attack us after you left Tiansang City in the state it is”

“Tiansang City…” The uncle shook his head.

“This isnt my doing.”

Chong Dong laughed and pointed at the sack.

“If it wasnt you, then was it the brat inside that bag”

“Thats a corpse!”

Chong Dong pointed to the corpse of Red Dog.

His voice was arrogant.

“Did that brat kill him too”

The scruffy-looking man sighed.

“If you put it like that, Im part of it.

I made the last cut that ended it.”

“So, yeah I killed him, I wont dispute that.”

“I always try to be fair in the things I do…”

Suddenly, his voice paused.

“Put your finger down!”

Even though Chong Dongs finger was pointing at the corpse of Red Dog, since the man was close to Red Dog, it looked as if Chong Dong was pointing at him.

The atmosphere stood still after the man yelled.

The masses outside the situation had picked up a change on the battlefield.

The air was on the verge of something big happening.

Chong Dong fixed his stare and boldly pointed his finger at the man.

“Are you too proud to let me move my fingers Must I listen to you” he asked with a sneer.

The scruffy-looking man moved his sleeves slightly.

Something hidden within it almost emerged, but he stopped suddenly.

Looking ahead at Yuan Sandao, he suppressed the urge to attack and turned back to Chong Dong.

“You know, I really admire you, young fella.

I was as hot-tempered when I was your age, but you have to know–”

“The more stubborn one is, the easier it is to take one down.”

“Talking to others like this is a sure way to get into trouble.”

“Young fella” Chong Dong laughed heartily.

He stroked the unshaven beard below his chin.

He looked at the man carefully.

He had more beard than him, but that was because he was a disheveled mess.

The man did not look like he had lived many years himself, yet he dared to refer to Chong Dong as “young fella”

He replied mockingly, “You really like to talk carelessly.

How old are you Still breastfeeding”

“How can you not know how old I am”

“What crazed words are saying What level are you at Acquired”

“When I was traveling the Eastern Region, you were still drinking milk somewhere!” Chong Dong added.

Before saying anything else, Chong Dong let out a yelp of pain.

A finger flew cleanly across his face.

Fresh blood was shooting out from the wound.

A Sword Aura appeared out of the blue and cut close to his scalp.

If he had not reacted in time, he would have lost his head.

Cold sweat was pooling on Chong Dongs back.

However, he couldnt retreat now.

He caught the broken finger that drifted into the void.

Fortunately, through this attack, he deduced a vague conception of the mans level.

“Sovereigns! Attack!”


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