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Chapter 332: Eighth Sword Deity



The two halves of the corpse hit the ground with a loud impact.

The onlooking masses erupted into cheers during the punch by Xu Xiaoshou that cleared a 10-mile void.

Now, they were dead silent as they witnessed the swing of the blade by the scruffy-looking man.

Everyone present was stunned.

They were in disbelief over the godly powers of the sword.

The sword must have been crafted by the God of Pottery Kun Wu, equipped with the power to cut through the nine heavens, slice through the clouds, and sever the rivers and lakes.

Chong Dong was not the only victim of the sword.

The long black line of vacuum that had sliced through Chong Dong extended to the edge of the sky.

It seemed to extend endlessly into space.

“A sword that has cut into eternity… There is nothing more powerful than this!”

As a voice was finally heard in the masses, the onlooking people began to explode with excitement and noise.

The swordsman in the crowd watched as their own swords flew away from their hands.

It was as if they were returning to their rightful owner.

All of them headed straight for the scruffy-looking man in the center of the battlefield.

A legend that was recalled in the hearts of the onlookers.

Many gripped their fists tight as they remembered.

Their faces were red as they did.

The legend said that in the Northern Region, located within the place of convergence for swordsmen, there was a god.

The powers of the said god were one in a million.

There were thousands of legends and myths on Shengshen Continent.

However, the legend of this particular god left a deep mark on the continent.

“A sword from the North, the sword of the god, drunkard of the yellow springs and walker of the sky…”

A voice from the masses subconsciously recited this sentence from the legend.

The swordsmen in the crowd turned toward the voice angrily.

“Are you joking”

“Eighth Sword Deity cannot be compared to this one move!”

“But he struck down a Sovereign!”

“Its just Commander Chong! Its nothing impressive!”

“How is this anyway related to the Eighth Sword Deity”

“First of all, the Deity has already fallen.

How dare you relate this weak move to Bazhunan!”

“This is absurd!”


“What a clown!”


The poor owner of the voice had become the target of public humiliation.

The Eighth Sword Deity was a household legend in the Northern Region.

The Deity was a religion for the swordsman and had been worshipped as a god.

Therefore, a god couldnt descend into the world so suddenly and deliver such a weak attack with the blade.

Chong Dong was only a Sovereign.

In ordinary times, he would have been a great figure among the people, but he remained unrivaled to the image of the divine in the minds of the people.

The assertion was simply absurd.

The owner of the voice felt wronged.

He knew that he would become a target if he spoke out, but he was not able to hold back the comment.

He was a fan of the Eighth Sword Deity, and he had a good knowledge of the famous techniques of the Deity.

“Say whatever you want, but if you look at that sword closely, does it not resemble the great buddha chop of the Eighth Sword Deity”

The comment silenced the crowd.

It was only a while later that another voice chimed in.

“It does resemble it…”

“No, it does not!”

Another angry voice rang through the crowd.

“You talk as if you have the right to.

All your superficial knowledge of the great buddha chop is from hearsay!”

“Is it accurate to compare it to what youve read in the transcript of spiritual techniques”

“Can the great buddha chop be so weak

“Also, how many times have there been others who copied spiritual techniques”

“At least a few hundred thousand.

Not everything is related to the Eighth Sword Deity you fool!”

“Wait, where is the buddha in this technique Where is the illusion of the great buddha”

“Theres no doubt this is a stolen and copied spiritual technique!”

The atmosphere was tense.

It seemed as though they were about to start a fight.

Fortunately, there were a few in the City Guards who did not train with swords and maintained their composure.

They were the ones who held back their aggressive comrades and prevented any fights between the City Guards and civilians ending in bloodshed.

Yuan Sandao fell silent as well.

It was true that there were many transcripts of the giant buddha chop, and one did not have to be Bazhunan to be able to execute the actual technique.

To Yuan Sandaos knowledge, the spiritual technique was passed down within the bloodlines of the Fringe Moon Immortal City.

Hence, those who were capable of even executing a half-form of the great buddha chop did not require any personal connections with the Bazhunan.

However, this would have been enough evidence to prove that the man who stood before him might have been from the Fringe Moon Immortal City.

At the very least, he had a strong connection to the bloodline in Fringe Moon Immortal City.

However, this had brought up the question of why he had answered “wrong” to his initial question.

Truthfully speaking, Yuan Sandao had not expected an honest reply from the beginning.


Suddenly, a purple box fell out of Chong Dongs halved body.

As the box fell, it opened with another slam.

A ray of light illusion manifested in the form of Chong Dong.

Yuan Sandao strode forward and blocked the path of the scruffy-looking man.

The man only lifted his eyebrow slightly and remained where he was.

His gaze was fixed calmly on the purple box.

Following the light illusion was a wave of sparkles.

A purple wormhole appeared and absorbed the corpse of Chong Dong, which was scattered to its sides.

In a split second, there was a loud hum as if there was a law in the Way of the Heavens that had been forcefully changed.

The stray clouds gathered, and the sky turned pitch black.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck.

It was followed by roaring thunder, however, the lightning failed to find its target.

As the dark clouds finally retreated, the wormhole reappeared.

It dropped a new Chong Dong.

His body had been fully recovered.

Even the finger that had been cut off was fixed up with a new one.

The laws of time and space had been redefined.

The box had retrieved a new and shiny Chong Dong from a different time in the past to replace the current one.

However, his memories remained with him.

The newly rebirthed Chong Dong was pale as a ghost.

His hands and legs lacked the strength to hold him up.

He had collapsed upon his appearance.

Yuan Sandao retracted his sword and caught Chong Dong with his arms.

“The jewel of Beta Ursae”

The eyes of the scruffy-looking man widened in surprise as he asked, “How did you get your hands on Dao Qiongcangs tianji box, little fella

Yuan Sandao felt his pupils shake.

The very mention of Dao Qiongcang sent chills into his heart.

Dao Qiongcang was notorious.

Not even Kui Leihan or Bazhunan or even spirits were on the same level as Dao Qiongcang.

He was one of the three spearheads of The Ten High Nobles of The Central Region, the current Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace and the first tianji warlock of Shengshen Continent.

The name of the Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace was not to be uttered in vain or by ordinary men.

Even for Spiritual Cultivators, they would refer to Dao Qiongcang as the Hallmaster and not his full name, yet the man before him had casually said it without much thought.

The mystery of the man had only grown.

There were many questions in Yuan Sandaos mind.

‘Was he from the same era as Dao Qiongcang Have they fought Do they have any unknown special relationship

Yuan Sandao inhaled deeply.

His heart was heavy.

He knew that with the present circumstances, they may have to leave with a bad exit.

Despite the situation, he still had to perform his duties.

He reluctantly prepared to ask his third question.

“You should know that under the legal code of the continent, the Sovereigns are not to fight normally.

They must enter a bounded domain or a half void.”

“Your reckless action here today have caused countless damage to the innocent civilians in Tiansang City, and you cannot be forgiven.”

“If the Holy Divine Palace were to launch an inquiry, even if you exceed the stage of a Sovereign, you would still face the punishment of death.”

Yuan Sandao twisted his blade and posed himself in a guarded position.

His next words were calm.

“So, my third question is, why did you do it”

In his mind, there was no reason for someone of his caliber to sabotage himself by fighting within Tiansang City.

It was simply foolish.

Therefore, there had to be a secret he was guarding.

The scruffy man smiled.

He respected Chong Dong for surviving because of his capabilities, and this event was already wrapped up for him.

He had the moral code that he would only kill once.

Letting the issue with Chong Dong go, the man replied to Yuan Sandaos question.

“First, Im not a Sovereign.

You saw it yourself.

I am just a person at the Acquired Stage, therefore I am not bound by the laws of the continent.”

Yuan Sandao felt his lips twitch.

The uncle continued.

“Second, Ill explain it again.

The damage done to Tiansang City was not my doing.”

“If not you, then who” Yuan Sandao sneered.

He thought,Are you going to say it was the torn-up corpse next to you

“It was him.”

The uncle kicked the sack on the floor.

“It was his fault.

I had nothing to do with it.”

Yuan Sandao felt his chest give in.

He had already surveyed the bag.

There was nothing in there but a dying person at the Innate Stage.

It was otherworldly to imagine that he was able to knock out the earth of Tiansang City.

‘Are you playing with me Hm Yuan Sandao thought.

He could not believe the man would shift the blame to those who were unable to speak for themselves.

It was utterly ridiculous.

“Then, why are you here” Yuan Sandao coldly asked.

He was not willing to pick any more battles with the man.

At the very least Yuan Sandao, needed to know the reason for the attack in the city.

He doubted the man would make up any excuse to be in Tiansang City, especially one along the lines of being there to rescue the person in the sack.

Otherwise, he would be killed by the corpse that laid beside him.

‘Ha-ha! He laughed to himself.

Yuan Sandao was amused by his own line of thinking.

If that was the case, this man must believe Yuan Sandao was as illogical and unhinged as he was.

Unexpectedly, the scruffy-looking man kicked the sack and said, “Truth to be told, I am here to save this fella.”


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