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Chapter 343: The Manor


Gu Qingsan was so angry that he wanted to strike again.

“Thats enough.”

Gu Qingyi stopped them in time.

He could no longer watch from the sidelines.

His original intention was only to test the limits of Xu Xiaoshous skills.

If they were to continue, the inn would not allow that.

Once they drew out their swords in battle, it would be hard to stop.

The two sides were just involved in a verbal quarrel, so it was not necessary to let events develop to this degree.

Moreover, the passive defenses that Xu Xiaoshou had displayed were even more self-explanatory.

The fact that it could send Gu Qingsans Supreme Sword Body flying said plenty.

The person before him was a strong physique cultivator.

His rippling muscles were a dead giveaway.

Logically speaking, he could not possibly have anything to do with swordsmen.

Sword cognition

Naturally, it was even more inconceivable.

“I apologize for disturbing you today.

This is a little token from our senior brother.

I hope you can forgive us.”

As Gu Qingyi spoke, he took out a spatial ring and handed it over.

Xu Xiaoshou did not move.

After some thought, he did not refute further and accepted the spatial ring.

“Okay, I forgive you.”


Gu Qingsans temper rose again, but his second senior brother hurriedly held him back.

The elder senior had every intention of settling the dispute, so how could he let his junior brother continue to make a scene

At the outset, he already felt that this fight was very unnecessary.


Gu Qingyi nodded and left with his two junior brothers.

Xu Xiaoshou touched the spatial ring on his hand and got lost in thought as he stared at their backs.

Based on his original intention, they would not break into a fight today.

He had also not expected this senior brother to behave so politely and was surprised by how he reacted.

His motives were similar to Gu Qingyis, and he wanted to test the waters to get an idea of their abilities.

He took advantage of them when they were in search of the sword cognition.

He intended to test the strength of these three people by making a scene and behaving unreasonably.

Why did these guys with famed swords come, and what were they after Xu Xiaoshou had an inkling in his heart.

“White Cave”

He frowned and returned to his room.

As time went by, it seemed that all kinds of news about White Cave were progressively emerging.

He also guessed that Jiao Tangtang and Xin Gugu were also after the White Cave, but their purpose was to search for a ghost beast host body like Mo Mo.

On the other hand, these three swordsmen were clearly after the Fourth Sword.

No matter what they were after, it was clear to him that this was just the beginning.

There was still some time before White Cave was unsealed.

He figured that there would be similar occurrences like this to encounter in the future.

‘This gives me a headache…

Xu Xiaoshou touched his head and laid on his bed in deep thought.

He had the opportunity to see his opponents and witness their abilities even before White Cave unsealed itself.

Master swordsmen, famed swords…

‘No, I must not let Xin Gugu go! he secretly promised himself.

Tiansang City, Nantian Street…

This was a prosperous area in the city.

The people who lived on this street were rich or of noble lineage.

They were all the notable figures in Tiansang City.

At the end of Nantian Street was the famous City Lord Mansion.

Xu Xiaoshou had never seen it before, but the number of black-armored City Guards he had seen along the way had already blown him away.

“The security level is really something.” He sighed with a tsk.

Xin Gugu led the way and asked, “Isnt this what you said Since it must be concealed but also capable of preventing assassinations, it can only be here.”

“This place is too close to the City Lord Mansion.

If anything goes amiss, the City Guards will be able to arrive in time.”

“If a Sovereign Stage attacks, it is likely that someone from the City Lord Mansion will catch them before they can even make a move.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded in satisfaction.

“Only, it costs plenty of spirit crystals…” Xin Gugu looked up and stole a glance at the young man beside him.

“Its nothing.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand generously.

Even if he ran out of money, he was not afraid.

As long as Xin Gugu could stay with him, he was happy to let him set the terms.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what exactly did you buy” Mu Zixi asked curiously from his side.

Along the way, the number of passersby reduced significantly, but the class of these people had improved by more than one grade.

Everyone they met along the way had bulging bellies, and they looked like they were very well-to-do.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled cheerfully without explaining.

“We are here.”

Very quickly, the three of them stopped.

Before their eyes was a magnificent small manor, complete with shady and lush spirit trees.

One could feel the exquisite charm of this place even before setting foot inside.

“From now on, this will be our new home!”

Xu Xiaoshous spirited laughter reverberated in the air.

He slapped his palm on the girls head and lifted his other hand, wanting to slap it too.

It quickly occurred to him that Xin Gugu was a Sovereign Stage, and this action would be rather abrupt.

He ended up patting Xin Gugus shoulder lightly.


Mu Zixis eyes glittered with meaning.

Her face darkened as if she was stirred by emotions unbeknownst to others.

She shook her head quickly and asked in surprise, “Xu Xiaoshou, are you crazy We are only staying here for a few days, and we will have to return to the Spirit Palace soon.

You bought a manor”

“How much did it cost…”

The little girls lips parted slightly in disbelief.

“What do you know”

Xu Xiaoshou flicked her forehead.

“This is a necessity for cultivation.

Every time I cultivate, I must compensate the inn so much.

Can any normal person tolerate this”

The thought of the money he had spent on compensation still pained him.

That event during the day cost him more than 100,000 spirit crystals.

If that occurred each time he was cultivating, would he end up having to pay millions if he stayed in this city for more than ten days

That amount was enough to buy a small manor.

Xin Gugu ignored the squabbling pair.

He could not help feeling a little emotional.

After all, he had completed the transaction of this new home himself.

He was eager to launch the protective barrier with the command token in his hand.

As he walked to the gate, the stupor and disbelief that struck him gradually abated.

Although he had completed this transaction himself, the money came from Xu Xiaoshous pockets.

It would be more appropriate for the owner to complete the opening ceremony by himself.

“Go on!”

Xu Xiaoshou urged him with an encouraging smile.

Half of the reason behind his purchase of this manor was because of Xin Gugu.

This guy needed to do the honors and conduct the opening ceremony himself to develop a stronger sense of belonging.

Xin Gugu raised a brow, but he did not object.

As soon as he imprinted the command token, the Array Guarding Barrier flickered and the door opened wide.

The three of them could barely contain their excitement as they stepped into the compounds.

The manor was vast and expansive.

It was as different as day and night when contrasted against the crude facilities in the Spirit Palace.

Spiritual flowers and plants filled the courtyard, each of them teeming with spiritual energy.

The species in the garden were extraordinary and rare.

Yet, the most eye-catching ones were the sporadic spirit trees.

It seemed that the planting orientation of the spirit trees followed a particular array principle, which harnessed plenty of spiritual strength.

Although not as good as the Inner Yard, the concentration of spiritual energy of the heavens and earth here was much stronger than that in the Outer Yard.

In the blink of an eye, the little girl ran out happily.

A moment before, she had complained about Xu Xiaoshou squandering his wealth away.

In the next second, she fell in love with this stately manor.

Xin Gugu glanced at his surroundings with contentment.

Previously, he had only seen the beautiful scenery of the manor in the jade scroll before he bought it without a second thought.

Now that he was here in person, the lush environment indeed met his liking.

“So, this is a home…”

Xu Xiaoshou also had a broad smile on his face, but his thoughts were elsewhere.

He retrieved a gold gilded invitation card and glanced at the date.

The event would partake tomorrow night.

“Xin Gugu.”

“Hmm” Xin Gugu turned to look at him.

Xu Xiaoshou waved the invitation card in his hand and asked, “Do you want to enter the City Lord Mansion for fun If everything goes well, it should be entertaining.”


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