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Chapter 344: The Man Targeted by Xu Xiaoshou

“City Lord Mansion”

Xin Gugu was taken aback.

These official ruling forces terrified him.

The City Lord Mansion was under the jurisdiction of Divine Hall.

If a ghost beast host body like him went there, would he not be walking to his deathbed

“Thats right, were going to the City Lord Mansion.” Xu Xiaoshou had his mind made up.

“Not only are we going, but you may have to create a scene too.”

“Are you kidding me”

Xin Gugu looked horrified.

Even if he was courting death, was it necessary to jump around and goad others before his death Was he afraid that his death would not be tragic enough

“Its like this…”

Xu Xiaoshou attempted to calm his agitated emotions and said earnestly, “I have an enemy.

If he does not die, I will have trouble sleeping and eating.”

“You have also seen it yourself.

Last time, there was a strong Sovereign Stage cultivator who wanted to kill me, and he was only a killer.”

“If the mastermind behind the scenes is not dead, this type of killer will only continue coming after me in the future.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him and waited for a response.

Now that Xin Gugu was by his side, he wanted to see to what extent he would go for him.

Xin Gugu was silent for a while and asked, “Who is your enemy”

“The head of the Zhang family, Zhang Taiying.”

“How did you get involved with this guy” Xin Gugu was aghast.

Xu Xiaoshou sighed bleakly and waved his hand.

“Its not worth discussing.”


Xin Gugu was reticent.

If it were Zhang Taiying alone, he had nothing to fear of.

He had reservations about the Zhang family that Zhang Taiying belonged to.

As far as he knew, there must be over one Sovereign Stage.

If it were outside the city, it would still be all right.

No matter how many strong Sovereign Stage cultivators charged at him, he had nothing to be afraid of.

But this was within the city.

He only had to be held back, and his opponent could gather reinforcements quickly.

He would be in the center of the barrage of attacks.

“Cant you do it” Xu Xiaoshou asked hopefully.

“Its not inconceivable, but mainly…” Xin Gugu considered it and said after a long time.

“Its troublesome.”

“If there is not an excellent opportunity to kill with one blow, I will certainly not attack.”

“But if the commotion provokes those important figures, even I may not escape.”

“With you being closely implicated…” Xin Gugu glanced at Xu Xiaoshou.

“It is even more futile to flee!”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled optimistically.

Based on what Xin Gugu said, it meant that he could make a move.

In that instance, what was he afraid of

It did not matter if the opportunity failed to arise, but at least he had to create it.

By just waiting, how could there be a chance to kill the Sovereign Stage

Did he really think that he was the Child of Destiny and the world revolved around him

Xu Xiaoshou never thought that he would be the child of destiny.

After all, he had been at the mercy of the big bosses in this world for so long.

The child of destiny

He was more likely to be the child of destinys grandson.

The kind who had led a tragic life.

“Since you can take action, things would be much easier.”

He clapped his hands and said nonchalantly, “You dont have to worry about anything else.

All you need to do is attend a banquet dinner with me, and perhaps an opportunity will arise.”

“Must I go” Xin Gugu hesitated.


Xu Xiaoshou said confidently, “Dont be afraid.

You can conceal your breath so well that even I cant feel it.

As long as you dont mess around, no one will discover you.”

He thought of Mo Mo.

The girl wandered around under the eyelids of Ye Xiaotian and Qiao Qianzhi so many times, but no one had discovered her.

Xin Gugu was at the Sovereign Stage already.

As long as he did not behave indiscriminately, there would be no issues at all.

Ghost beast host body… If there was nothing to it, how could it even become a ghost beast host body in the first place

Xin Gugu hesitated for a while and finally nodded and agreed.

Although he had his concerns, he dared not disobey the scruffy-looking mans words.

Since he had decided to stay with Xu Xiaoshou for a while, he would try to keep him satisfied.

As for being discovered…

To tell the truth, he was just wary of the minuscule possibility.

After all, he remained hidden even under the scrutiny of Yuan Sandao and the other four people that day.

He was not afraid of this banquet dinner.

The only possibility left was…

“The banquet wouldnt have any men from the Red Coat or others in attendance, right” Xin Gugu asked.

“It should be rather unlikely.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that this City Lord Mansions banquet dinner was not such a huge affair.

He was confident the man would not attend.

The mans presence that day was presumably just to search for him.

As for Red Coat…

Which Red Coat would be so bored to attend a banquet dinner at the City Lord Mansion

The theme of this banquet was not to catch ghost beasts but to allocate places for the White Cave mission.

From his point of view, the strongest person in this banquet dinner could only be the City Lord.

“Thats right.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought for a bit and suddenly recalled something.

“If I am caught in the bounded domain of a Sovereign Stage, will I be under its control to the extent that I cannot even take out my belongings in the spatial ring”

Xin Gugu returned to his senses, nodded, and asked, “Yes, but why do you ask this question”

“So, thats how it is…”

Xu Xiaoshou had a sudden realization.

On the day Red Dog controlled him, his first instinct was to call upon Aje.

However, Aje did not react at all.

In other words, unless the other party relinquished control while he was in the Sovereign Stage bounded domain, he would be forcibly separated from his spatial ring.

Therefore, he had to equip himself better before going against the Sovereign Stage in the future.

He must have the things he needed ready on hand before the battle.

For the first time, Xu Xiaoshou realized that a spatial ring was not omnipotent.

It was this kind of minor oversight that could cause grave consequences.

If Aje could come out on that day, he would have one more combat power.

Though his abilities alone were insufficient, he could collaborate with Aje to finish the fight.

“If the spatial ring can be controlled…” Xu Xiaoshou inclined his head as he considered his options.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed.

“What about Yuan Mansion”

“Can Yuan Mansion also be forcibly controlled”

Xin Gugu was taken aback.

Though he had heard of Yuan Mansion, he did not have this item.

How could Xu Xiaoshou have it

“If it were Yuan Mansion, it cannot be controlled.”

“You must know that the predecessor of this is an extradimensional space.

Even if it were the weakest extradimensional space, it still commands the power of the Order of the Great Path in it.

That power is far more superior compared to what any ordinary Sovereign Stage can comprehend.”

“Unless that Sovereign Stage is an unparalleled prodigy who can defy all the rules of your Yuan Mansion space, he cant possibly control Yuan Mansion.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes flashed suddenly.

‘What a shame!

He had missed out on the greatest treasure he possessed.

He had to abandon the spatial ring and use Yuan Mansion instead.

He slapped Xin Gugu on the shoulder gleefully and said, “Thats it.

Its all settled now.

Go take a good rest!”

Following that, he chose a room at random and entered it.

“How unfathomable.”

Xin Gugu frowned and paused for a long time before he picked up his Golden Staff.

There was a flash of excitement in his eyes.

Since no one was around, he hurriedly rushed to the private room that belonged to him.

The room was enormous.

The design of this manor was top-notch.

It was worthy of its price tag of several million spirit crystals.

Xu Xiaoshou entered the door and opened the protective barrier immediately.

“The quality seems fine.”

He nodded to himself with satisfaction.

He took out Yuan Mansion from the spatial ring in front of his chest without any problem.

After obtaining this from Elder Qiao, he had only entered it once.

He placed some idle things into it and promptly forgot about its existence.

As for why he did not use Yuan Mansion but continued to use the spatial ring…

He was ashamed to say it, but the value of these two gadgets was about the same.

Xu Xiaoshou did not need too much space then, and he did not even know that Sovereign Stage could control spaces.

After all, the spatial ring in front of his chest was the first spatial ring reward he had earned from the group match in the Windcloud Competition.

It held great significance to him, so Xu Xiaoshou did not change it.

Now, it would no longer do to keep it.


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