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Chapter 349: The Night Attack Plan

The night was somewhat chilly.

The fleeting master swordsman conception level in Tiansang City made everyone sigh with frustration.

After all, during the breakthrough, many people received backlash from the sword and died.

This insignificant episode only caused a slight disturbance among the high levels of Tiansang City.

It was obviously impossible to stir the crowds with a spectacle of this scale.

In the small manor that was Xu Xiaoshous new home…

Xin Gugu stood up abruptly in surprise.

After listening to Xu Xiaoshous plans, he looked as though as he had swallowed explosives.

He was excited and frenzied at the same time.

“Are you crazy to be attacking the Zhang family at night”

“Is the time tonight”

Who was the ghost beast host body This kid must have been the real-life ghost beast.

Was confronting the Zhang family face-to-face in Tiansang City something that Origin Court Stage cultivators could even dream of

By just thinking about it, was it not blasphemy against the strict order of this land

An Innate Stage

Planning a night attack on the Zhang family

“Heh.” Xin Gugu sneered coldly.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at him fixedly.

“You are right.

Not only will it be tonight, but it is also almost time based on the sky.”

“If you have no objections, we can leave now.”

“I…” For a moment, Xin Gugu was at a loss for words.

“Are you kidding”

Doubted, Passive Point 1.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded and glanced at him.

“You have also seen Yuan Mansion.

There is no problem with it.

Even Cutting Path or Higher Void Stage may not be able to grasp the order within.”

“At most, they would only feel a sense of strangeness.”

“So, what is there to worry about”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly raised his tone, and he asked uncertainly, “Are you afraid”


Xin Gugu puffed his chest out.

There was no doubt he was exasperated now.

“Since when have I ever been afraid”

“Hehe, thats fine.

Lets go.”

Xu Xiaoshou spoke and walked away in the next instant, leaving the house first.


“Did he just leave”

Xin Gugu spoke aloud, but he still felt a strong shock.

Was this kid treating critical decisions so casually

He said he wanted to buy a house and proceeded to buy it.

Now, he was saying that he wanted to destroy the Zhang family, but could he destroy it like that

It would be impossible to destroy.

Could it be just as he said and he only wanted to light up some fireworks and cause them to jump around in a frenzy

What was the point of this

‘Why would anyone want to do such a thankless thing

Xin Gugu frowned, but he thought of that scruffy-looking man and his promise to him.

Even if this young man was unruly, he would do his best to protect him.

For the first time, he did not need someone else to clean up his mess.

Nonetheless, Xin Gugu felt a strange feeling in his heart at the thought of being responsible for protecting someone.

To be honest, this feeling made him very uneasy.

‘I hope everything goes fine.

He strode forward to keep up with the pace of the young man who had a head start.

“Oh, right!”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stopped to take Aje from his arms and morphed him casually.

“Get to know this guy here.

He is called Aje and is very powerful.

You will probably have to work together later.”

“As for me, I might just be a wallflower.”

Xin Gugu was taken aback.

He looked at what appeared to be a little boy wearing a hat before him.

A look of hesitation crossed his face.

‘Does this guy have any cultivation level

Aje was also judging him at the same time.

It could observe the people around it by following Xu Xiaoshou.

Although it had never seen the other in person, this was not the first time it had met Xin Gugu.

“Ma Ma…”

Under the instruction of Xu Xiaoshou, it had stopped its habit of attacking people at random.

Or rather, it had learned that the way to greet others was not to shove their heads into the floor.

“Cough, Ma Ma

Xin Gugu looked at Xu Xiaoshou with a look of confusion.

One could almost see question marks on his face.

What was all of this about

“Its fine.

Just get acquainted.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand casually.

He did not expect Xin Gugu to communicate with Aje.

He only intended for them to meet in advance.

This was so they would not scare each other when the time came.

If they were mentally prepared, it could only benefit each other when the time came to fight.

“Thats all for the time being.

For this operation, there will be only the three of us.

You just need to follow my orders.”

“Theres no need to think twice!”

This statement only caused Xin Gugu to panic further.

It was as if the blind were leading the blind.

Following this person and his puppet seemed like an absurd idea.

Did this formation look fit to attack the Zhang family, the head of the four giants in Tiansang City

‘Sister, come and save me!

The sound of footsteps went away, and the shadows faded.

Under the full moon, Mu Zixi was sitting on the roof.

She clutched her twin ponytails and watched the two leave.

Her hands gradually slipped off.

Perplexity arose from her eyes.

The little girl looked up at the moon.

Under the clear night sky, the moonlight reflected on her delicate face and outlined her petite and youthful features.

“Its the second time… Its the second time you watched him leave like this.”

“Actually, you have realized that you cant keep up with him anymore.”

“Arent you planning to accept me now”

A cool-sounding voice rang in her mind.

The little girl closed her doe-like eyes instantly, and her elegant nose wrinkled.

“Get lost!”

She admonished softly.

The irritating voice finally disappeared without saying anything else.

“Why did things turn out like this”

The bewilderment in Mu Zixis eyes grew.

She saw herself trailing far behind Xu Xiaoshou in the morning again, watching him suddenly disappear.

When he appeared again, only a bloodied mess remained.

Even if she wanted to come to his rescue, Sovereign Stage cultivators were everywhere.

It was difficult for her to make any progress.

Until the battle was over, and that man left, only then did she dare step forward and rescue Xu Xiaoshou with Xin Gugu.

A sense of helplessness reverberated in her heart.

Mu Zixi had always considered herself a prodigy.

She had only been in the Outer Yard for less than a year and was even likened to the gifted Su Qianqian.

Despite her aptitude, she still felt that she could not keep up with Xu Xiaoshou.

Without any warning, his enemy was already at the Sovereign Stage.

“My memories…”

Mu Zixi muttered.

She felt that all of this was as dreamy as her memory.

From the very beginning, the memories she could recall began at the door of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

It had skipped over her childhood entirely.

Mu Zixi did not even know how old she was this year.

She had always been in search of her lost memories.

The first time a possibility occurred was at the Tianxuan Gate when she faced the grey mist figure.

It was the first time she felt that the memory sealed in her mind was loosening.

Inexplicably, she called out the words, “Holy Emperor Fengtian.”

The second time her memory loosened was a violent affair.

She recalled the appearance of the blind man, the sudden headache, the stare of Ye Xiaotian releasing his control… It had instantly caused a flood of information in her mind.

From that moment on, there would occasionally be a strange and indifferent voice in her mind.

“What nonsense!”

The more the little girl thought about it, the more irritable she got.

In the end, she yanked out the roof tiles with her hands and flung them away.

“I dont want to follow Xu Xiaoshou! Why does it keep saying that”

She was silent for a long time before she softly spoke.

“Hmph, Im left behind while he goes out to play…”


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