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Chapter 352: Lets Move His Spirit Pond

“Is this the alchemy you were talking about”

Xin Gugu was shocked beyond words.

He eyed the 18 alchemy cauldrons, which bared a strange resemblance to him.

Xin Gugu took a closer look at the big pot and the furnace hood.

He realized these were the low-grade defensive spiritual weapon that he had purchased.

Xu Xiaoshou was using these materials to practice alchemy.

He must have been out of his mind.


“You were not planning to practice alchemy, right”

As nonsensical as Xu Xiaoshou often seemed at times, it suddenly struck Xin Gugu that he was not mad enough to run to the house of his mortal enemy and cook up a few pots of alchemy in their backyard.

Judging from how the dozen of cauldrons looked as if they were on the edge of an explosion…

“Is it possible that you are using them as explosives”

“Clever!” Xu Xiaoshou snapped his fingers and said with a smile, “Youve finally realized.”

Xin Gugu was silent.

He was unable to keep up with Xu Xiaoshous thoughts.

Xin Gugu wondered if this was the cognitive difference between a human and a ghost beast host.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.

“Would these cauldron explosions leave a lot of damage” Though he finally understood the actions of Xu Xiaoshou, Xin Gugu decided to ask anyway.

In his mind, he doubted the damage that a cauldron explosion would deal, particularly if a cauldron explosion, would even be of any threat to the Zhang Mansion.

He wondered what kind of potential the alchemy practice would have in terms of impact.

However, Xu Xiaoshou ignored Xin Gugu.

He had been preparing these cauldrons of alchemy within the Yuan Mansion for the last few hours just for this particular moment.

All he had to do was to wait for the condensing method of infernal heavens, and he would be able to turn this into the next Pill Pagoda.

A Pill Pagoda explosion would have 18 times the power of a normal cauldron explosion.

He wondered if its explosive power would go beyond that level as well.

However, in this instance, Xu Xiaoshou was not producing the Red Gold Pill or Spiritual Cultivation Pill.

He was attempting the Eight Ingredient Innate Pill that he had only recently learned.

To be truthful, he did not have the guarantee that he would successfully execute the alchemy technique for all of these pills.

Fortunately for him, the unstable success rate of the alchemy was coincidentally beneficial for the current situation.

“Be careful.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked up at the sky and observed the weather.

He used his Perception to watch the crowds that were streaming from afar.

The door guard was certainly not lying when he talked about those lower levels who were denied entry.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou had been in the Zhang Mansion for a long while, yet he had not seen or encountered any servants.

“An explosion here would leave a terrifying sound.

The Sovereign would move fast and come to this place first.”

“Once I explode one of the cauldrons, I have to rush into Yuan Mansion immediately.”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he took out a cobblestone from his clothes.

“You guys should head inside first!”

With a wave of his hand, Aje was taken into Yuan Mansion.

However, Xin Gugu was rather reluctant.

It was his mission to protect Xu Xiaoshou, so he could not simply leave Xu Xiaoshou outside alone.

“Dont worry.” Xu Xiaoshou explained, “Theres no danger in there.”

Xin Gugu remained silent.

He was worried about the dangers that would be present outside.


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Are you sure you can evade the spiritual senses of the Sovereign” Xin Gugu asked for confirmation.

“Are you going in or not” Xu Xiaoshou was getting annoyed.

“If not, Ill leave you out here on your own!”


Xin Gugu was speechless.

He held back his anger.

With reddened eyes, he entered Yuan Palace without a word.

“Alright, now that everything is in place…”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded affirmatively.

He returned to gaze at his 18 beloved cauldron explosives.

Bubbling noises were emerging from the cauldrons.

Before he moved his hand to begin the pill compression in the Zhang Mansion, his gaze was immediately locked on a spirit pond that was at the side.

‘This is a shame.

‘I wonder if I could bring this into Yuan Mansion as well

Xu Xiaoshous heart shook.

The spirit pond seemed cherished, and it was definitely not obtained at a cheap price.

Even a spirit fish from this pond would fetch a high price in the market.

To blow a pond like this up would truly be a shame in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

Yuan Mansion was not equivalent to the spatial ring, so there was a possibility that he could fulfill his personal wish and move the pond into it.

Xu Xiaoshou was someone who acted on his thoughts fast.

He walked toward the spiritual pond and covered the larger area with his spiritual senses.

The spirit pond was huge.

It was almost the size of half of the current Yuan Mansion.

Even so, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly feel that if he wanted this, and it was not opposed from the other side, he could move the spirit pond into Yuan Mansion with certainty.

The discovery was shocking to him.

He had finally learned that the biggest benefit of Yuan Mansion was its ability to serve as a house mover.

He looked up and gazed at Zhang Mansion, which was filled with magnificence and grandeur.


Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head.

His eyes were shining with greed.

‘Its too small!

‘Too bad Yuan Mansion is too small!

‘If not, I would definitely move everything in this mansion!

Xu Xiaoshou thought with worry in his heart.

He could not wait any longer and sent the order to Aje.

The scene returned to the interior of Yuan Mansion

Xin Gugu observed the surrounding chaotic grey mist with great curiously.

As he reached out to touch the fog, he was met with the sound of burning.


He swung around the fingertip that had been badly burned and walked back to the center point speechlessly.

“So, this is Yuan Mansion!”

Xin Gugu was surprised.

Though he had been inside once for an experiment with Xu Xiaoshou, he did not have the opportunity to observe the place in detail.

Now that he was finally able to have a full experience of the place, he realized there were many laws of the Great Path here to be comprehended.

It had also occurred to him that the place shared similarities with the extradimensional space where he formed his ghost beast host body.

It was just smaller in size in comparison.


Remerging from his thoughts, he noticed the quiet and obedient Aje suddenly raised its fist.

He approached it quickly and asked with gentle urgency, “Whats wrong”

Aje was silent.

It slammed its raised fist down into the earth.


A wave of crashing sounds echoed through the space.

The center ground of Yuan Mansion exploded into a huge chunk of emptiness.

Xin Gugu was caught in the unexpected punch as well and fell into the deep pit.

Xin Gugu was stunned by the mile-tall pit walls that surrounded him.

If he had not interpreted the move incorrectly, Aje had not used any spiritual energy in that punch.

“Ill be damned.

Thats incredible.

Were you a physique cultivator all this time”

Xin Gugu could not believe his eyes.

He climbed up from the deep pit still deep in his disbelief.

“No wonder Xu Xiaoshou said we could be partners.

With this punch alone, I recognize the power.”

He spoke with utter seriousness, but Aje jumped away silently after the punch and stood by the side of the deep pit.

“Ma Ma…”

It seemed to be mumbling something.

Its face seemed to be inviting something.

However, Xin Gugu was at a loss.

He thought,Is that all you know how to say What did it call me for

Before he could finish the line of thought, a huge splash of water emerged from the sky like a heavy storm and drenched Xin Gugu from head to toe.

Xin Gugu was more confused than ever.

He did not have time to react as a few spirit fishes fell and hit his face with a slapping sound.

Xin Gugu cursed under his breath, “Damn!”

He looked up in surprise.

He witnessed all the colorful and diverse fishes of the spirit pond flap helplessly in a panicked fashion as they fell from the sky.

The scene was a true definition of fish out of water.

If Xin Gugu had not known what they meant before, he fully understood that metaphor now.

Moreover, the massive amount of fish that fell through the sky would have left his face swollen with the slaps.

Xin Gugu hurriedly flew out of the deep pit.

The deep pit could no longer be labeled as a deep pit.

It now resembled something that Xin Gugu had seen on the outside.

“Spirit pond”

Xin Gugus face changed in surprise and disbelief.

He was shocked that Xu Xiaoshou was able to bring the spirit pond into Yuan Mansion.


This was definitely the doing of Xu Xiaoshou.

Regardless, Xin Gugu looked at his clothes, which were drenched by the downpour of pond water.

He wanted to cry.

He turned to Aje.

“You couldve given me a heads-up!” He cried and turned away in silence.

“Ma Ma…”

Aje looked at him innocently from the side.

The words seemed to speak along the lines of, “I warned you, but you didnt come up.” It sighed in resignation.


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