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Chapter 357: Big Bragger Xu Has Made His Comeback

“Small fry”

Zhang Zhongmous eyes squinted subconsciously.

He was already advanced in age, yet this young was calling him a small fry.

‘This rascal…

‘This is really suspicious!

‘Could it be that even this tender and young face was intentionally faked

‘Looking at the age of his bones, he should be only in his twenties!

Zhang Zhongmou panicked a little.

‘If this guy can even fake his bone age, how strong must he be to be able to fool me

‘Since when did the Zhang family provoke such a strong enemy

‘As for whether this guy here is really as ordinary as he looks…

‘What kind of a joke would that be!

‘Which person of the young generation would dare to act like this in front of me

‘Perhaps he doesnt want to live!

Zhang Zhongmou suppressed his suspicions, swallowed his saliva, and struggled to reply, “You, who are you”

Xu Xiaoshou casually strolled in the air.

If it was before, he would have felt a little worried about acting like someone else.

Even though he had a low level of cultivation, having witnessed the masked mans strength, he understood that there were people in this world who did not cultivate their spiritual source.

Coincidentally, his way of the sword, including sword cognition, seemed to be able to copy that of the masked man.

He remained silent again for a dozen breaths and spoke while mimicking the masked mans voice and tone.

“Who am I”

“Heh, I will give you three chances to guess.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

“If you cannot get it right, then I will take something from within your Hidden Scriptures Pavilion.”

This contemptuous tone caused Zhang Zhongmous anger to rise.

He really wanted to attack.

Once he thought about what had happened to the Su Family, Zhang Zhongmou calmly restricted his impulse.

In these sensitive times, he knew that Tiansang City was highly unstable.

Some strong existences might have had weird and strange behaviors.

If his slight irrationality were to cause the downfall of the Zhang family, Zhang Zhongmou would be the first one to not be able to forgive himself.

Thinking about this, Zhang Zhongmou took a deep breath.

“I have thought hard.

I really do not have any grievances or problems with you.”

“Why did you first blast the eastern wing of Zhang Mansion, and then now try to come after our treasure in the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion”

Xu Xiaoshou did not respond to him.

When he was talking, how could he let someone else take the lead

He looked over casually and said, “You have three chances.

Are you ready to start guessing”

Zhang Zhongmou paused for a moment.

The flames of anger in his eyes started to burn again.

This guy was asking for a beating.

Did he really think that the three big Sovereigns of Zhang Mansion were so easily bullied

“I have never met you before, so how would I know” he replied coldly.

“Never met before”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a laugh and decided to play along.

“If that is the case, do you really not know my reason for coming”

Upon hearing this, Zhang Zhongmou paused.

Could it be that the Zhang family had unknowingly offended someone, and he was now here for payback

His expressions tightened as he said solemnly, “I do not know all the trivial matters of the family.

Please get straight to the point.”

Xu Xiaoshou opened his mouth.

Coupled with his scarred face, he looked frightening.

“Trivial matter”

“It seems like the Zhang Family is all high and almighty.

Is a Sovereign assassin also considered a trivial matter”

Lightning flashed across Zhang Zhongmous mind.

He instantly understood.

‘Its him!

He had always found the fact that Xu Xiaoshou could manage to kill a Sovereign Stage assassin to be weird.

As expected, there were bodyguards around this guy.

Now, since the assassin did not complete the job, his bodyguards had come.

In just a short while, Zhang Zhongmous forehead was dripping with sweat.

This was a person who could kill a Sovereign.

He was someone who could escape under the eyes of the City Lord Mansion even after killing a Sovereign.

He was also someone who could escape in the day only to intrude at night to directly cause the entire eastern wing to explode.

Even though Zhang Zhongmou was a Sovereign, would he be this guys match even if he was at his best state

It was widely known that once someone entered the Sovereign Stage, they were not like ordinary cultivators who could be killed whenever and however.

Under the same stage of cultivation, the battles could last for a dozen days without any winner or loser, as well as possibly no deaths.

The fact that this guy could kill a Sovereign Stage assassin from The Three Incense meant that his abilities were definitely top class.

At this point, Zhang Zhongmou had already forgotten why this strong cultivator had to disguise himself as a door guard to enter.

He was filled with anxiety and almost ready to ask for help.

“Do you want to call for help”

Xu Xiaoshou called him out just in time.

This tone of suspicion almost caused Zhang Zhongmous heart to jump out of his throat.

“No, no such thing.

Those are such… heavy words.” Zhang Zhongmous lips were dry.

He restrained his impulsive hand.

Even if he called for help, he was suddenly unsure whether they would be able to defeat this strange guy in front of him.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoshou could not remain calm anymore.

Seeing that the old man was overly anxious shocked him as well.

How much did this guy overthink

His original intention was to just act like the masked man to scare him.

Who would have thought that this old man would be frightened to this extent

‘Could it be that he is faking as well

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

He suddenly realized that because of the difference in cultivation levels between them, even if this old man were to secretly call for help, he would not even know it.

“Are you lying to me”

He said coldly, replacing the smile on his face with a serious look.

Zhang Zhongmou panicked a little.

He really did not move at all, so how would he have called for help

This enemy was someone who could kill a Sovereign and seemed to be of the Cutting Path Level.

Even if there were three sovereigns here, wouldnt the result still be the same

At most, there would only be a delay of two more seconds.


“Dont mister me!”

Xu Xiaoshou was annoyed and cut him off.

No matter whether this old man called for help or not, he could not wait anymore.

If he waited any longer, and he would be exposed.

If he were to really leave just like that, wouldnt that just prove that he was indeed just a fake

Earlier, he still said that he wanted to take one item from the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion.

If he were to flee due to the other partys suspicious actions…

Even if he wanted to die, this was not the way.

He bit down on his teeth.

Without speaking any further, he waved his hand and grabbed his Yuan Mansion.

Light flashed as a short boy wearing a straw hat appeared.

“Ma Ma…”

The soft call caused Zhang Zhongmou to pause.

‘Another fella with no cultivation

He glanced at the young man in front of him.

To be honest, an Innate Stage cultivator, in his eyes, was no different from this guy who just appeared with no cultivation at all.

Moreover, their age…

The idea that had been abandoned earlier by him was instantly revived.

Were these two young men faking it

Zhang Zhongmou was instantly furious.

If this young man had been faking it all along, then he would be ashamed for the rest of his life.

A top-class Sovereign cultivator being afraid of an Innate Stage cultivator…

‘If word of this gets out… How can this f*cking get out


Xu Xiaoshou did not care at all and immediately gave the order to kill.

He did not know whether this old man secretly called for help or not, but under the current circumstances, the only way to take control was to get the first advantage.

“Do you still dare to attack”

Zhang Zhongmou had already realized something was amiss.

He gritted his teeth, and his eyes were red.

He suddenly saw that the boy wearing the straw hat had disappeared.

‘This speed…

‘This fella wasnt faking it.

Is he really a Sovereign

Zhang Zhongmou was terrified.

The world that he had built in his mind had been overthrown again, causing him to feel as if he had lost his ability to think properly.

‘Is this f*cking true or not

‘These two guys… What exactly is their background

With no time to think, he felt a breeze at the back of his head in the next second.

Zhang Zhongmou had barely turned around and put both his hands in front of him as a defense.


One punch.

Aje stayed in the same spot while Zhang Zhongmous hands were fractured.

He flew away like a cannonball due to the impact.

Blood spurted as he flew.

Zhang Zhongmou could not even feel the pain anymore.

He was stunned.

Suspected, Passive Points 1.


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