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Zhang Zhongmou suddenly looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

He realized that the key to the final problem still had to be discussed with this person.


“Your Excellency, I really dont want to start a fight with you.

I also have no intention of calling reinforcements…”


It had indeed crossed his mind to retaliate.

However, after seeing how powerful Aje was, he no longer doubted Xu Xiaoshous combat power.


This person must be Cutting Path.


Otherwise, it would be impossible that a guy could cultivate a Sovereign Stage Physique at such a tender age.


The one who was trapped in an inferior situation had to be humble.


Zhang Zhongmou gravely said, “Instruct your subordinate to return the Tianyuan Mist Mountain to me, and you may leave now.

I can assume that nothing happened.”


“This includes the explosion just now,” he added.


Xu Xiaoshou raised his brows.


Realizing the might of Ajes combat power enhanced his confidence.


If Aje alone could stop the old man, what about Xin Gugu, who was in Yuan Mansion He had claimed he could hold off any number of Sovereign Stages.


“Tianyuan Mist Mountain” Xu Xiaoshou curled the corners of his mouth.

“Is that its name”


“Thats right!”


Zhang Zhongmou nodded.

It pained his heart to look at the red and swollen purple shield.


He could feel that his heart was dripping blood even with a fleeting glance.




Xu Xiaoshou nodded solemnly.

“Aje, stop!”


The rumbling sound in the void suddenly stopped.

Aje turned around apprehensively and called out, “Ma Ma…”


“Show me that shield.”


Xu Xiaoshou crooked his finger.


With a swish, Aje tossed the shield without a second thought.

It fell cleanly into Xu Xiaoshous hands.


Zhang Zhongmous heart stirred at this moment.

Now that Tianyuan Mist Mountain was out of Ajes control, he might be able to summon it back.


He activated his spiritual senses.


The purple shield once again communicated a thought of its helpless pain.

In this thought, its weakness was far more grievous compared to earlier.


Zhang Zhongmous heart sank with a thump.


Was he unable to get it back


He fixed his eyes on Xu Xiaoshou, who was giving the purple shield the once over nonchalantly.

He suddenly wondered how a guy who could train a Sovereign Stage Physique could be a simple character.


Was this the true face of this kid


Was this a person who seemed to have only Innate Stage cultivation level, but, in fact, possessed a Sovereign Stage body


Zhang Zhongmou was overwhelmed with shock in his heart.


The entire continent was aware of how difficult it was to cultivate a Sovereign Stage Physique.

Tonight at Zhang Mansion, had two of them appeared


‘What kind of person is Xu Xiaoshou


He felt himself going a little crazy.


While he was still recovering from the shock, Zhang Zhongmou discovered that his contact with the divine senses of Tianyuan Mist Mountain had suddenly disappeared.




He snapped out of his stupor just in time to see a faint flash of light on Xu Xiaoshous hand.


Was Tianyuan Mist Mountain seized


Zhang Zhongmou was speechless.


Suspected, Passive Point 1.


Cursed, Passive Point 1


“Your Excellency, this is…”


Zhang Zhongmou stretched out his hand and stammered, “Didnt we agree that you would return it to me”


Xu Xiaoshou stored the purple shield in Yuan Mansion and flung the sleeves of his robes.


“When did I say that I would give it to you”


“I was just taking a look, thats all!”


As he raised his chin, Xu Xiaoshou said, “Since you dared to secretly summon reinforcements, its not unreasonable for me to take an item from you.”


Pfft… Cough, cough!


Zhang Zhongmou almost spitted out a mouthful of blood.

He was flustered and coughed violently in the void.


He clutched his chest and tried to calm down his breathing.

He was fuming at the mouth.

His spiritual source rose and was on the verge of explosion.

However, he still maintained an appeasing tone.


“This old man did not summon anyone!”






Two figures flew from the sky.


One was a massive one-armed man, and the other a beautiful woman.


It was two Sovereign Stages.


Xu Xiaoshou retracted his gaze and smiled cheekily.

“So, was this what you said when you claimed that you did not summon backup”


Zhang Zhongmou was shocked.


When he turned his head, he saw two figures appearing behind him.


How could the people of Zhang Mansion not hear the ear-splitting rumbles there


The commotion was so loud that the only way one would totally miss the attack of the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion was if they were deaf.


Naturally, Zhang Duoyu and Zhang Taiying had to come to support.


“You both…”


When the old man saw people heading over, he did not feel any joy in his heart.

On the contrary, he was chilled to the bone.

Towering despair crushed his heart.


They should not have come.


‘Even I am not sure that I can take down these two guys… Uh, run! How can you come here seeking death


Zhang Duoyu was somewhat surprised to see the disheveled appearance of Chief Elder.


How did these two young guys cause Chief Elder to…


Be beaten up like this


Two Sovereign Stages


Zhang Taiying was also astounded.

He never hid his dislike toward Zhang Zhongmou, but he recognized the old mans capabilities.


First, he was well-accomplished at the peak of the Sovereign Stage.

He had also accumulated a lifetime of rare treasures.

As long as it was not Cutting Path, who could gain the upper hand over this old man and beat him up


Now that he looked at this situation…


Had Zhang Zhongmou been suppressed


“Who are you”


He demanded in a buzzing voice.

His gaze flickered over Xu Xiaoshou and fell on Aje.


The extra one was just an Innate Stage and was of no concern to him.


However, this little boy in a straw hat had no breath or sense of life.

He was strange and unnatural.


“Are we going on about this again”


Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

When he looked over, he instantly recognized the man, who had similar facial features to Zhang Xinxiong.


It went without saying that this must have been the mastermind behind his assassination, Zhang Taiying.


“It does not matter who I am.

You only need to know that tonight, the Zhang family will be in a difficult position,” he said softly.


Even when facing three Sovereign Stages, Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid.


Zhang Taiying retracted his gaze and glanced at the young man.

A frown spread across his face.


‘This junior…


‘How did he dare speak like this in front of three major Sovereign Stages


“Be careful!”


Zhang Zhongmou suggested helpfully, “Dont underestimate this person.

Though he looks young, he probably has hidden talents.”




Zhang Duoyu was a little surprised.


She could not tell what was different about this young man.


He was just an ordinary Innate Stage, so what secret talents could he possess


Zhang Zhongmou took a deep breath and slowly said, “He seized my Tianyuan Mist Mountain!”




Zhang Duoyus face changed after hearing that.


The defensive spiritual weapon of the Sovereign Stage was seized by an Innate Stage.


How was that possible


Zhang Taiying was bewildered too.


However, the two who had just arrived had an immediate realization.


Perhaps this was not an Innate Stage but a boss who could still maintain in front of these two Sovereign Stages.


It was disguised cultivation level.




Suspected, Passive Points 2.


Zhang Zhongmou sighed lightly.

He shook his head and said, “You are both wrong.”


“This guy… I guess its like what you see.

Hes an Innate Stage.”


“Huh” Zhang Duoyu was surprised.

“Then why…”


Zhang Zhongmou continued, “But he has a Sovereign Stage Physique!”


There was a bang.

Both Zhang Taiying and Zhang Duoyus heads were buzzing.

They only felt that they went blank for a moment.


Zhang Zhongmou observed their reaction, and despair flooded his heart.


Did they think that this was over


No, things were not that simple.


He closed his eyes and desperately spoke.


“Not only him, but the kid beside him is also Sovereign Stage Physique!”


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