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Chapter 361: A Disagreement Turned Into a Brawl

“Damn it!”

Although Xu Xiaoshou had overestimated Ajes combat power, he still could not help crying out in surprise in his heart after seeing this kick.

Ajes combat power really seemed to be a mystery.

When it faced himself for the first time, it had only slapped his Master Physique until his head bled.

It had once again displayed his power when it turned into a monks knife and killed Zhang Xinxiong with a single slash.

In the face of Zhang Zhongmous Tianyuan Mist Mountain, it also rained down multiple punches.

It had almost blown up that shield after its unrelenting strikes.


It was to face Zhang Taiying…

Even Xu Xiaoshou could not guarantee that he would not meet his end with a punch if he stepped forward, given the terrifying muscle strength of the other party.

However, with a kick, Aje sent its instantly opponent flying.

What was this guy made of

Was everything before just child play for it

In other words, was it merely saying hello

Xu Xiaoshou was horrified.

He suddenly thought of Ye Xiaotians loss of self-control when he learned that he took Aje out of Tianxuan Gate.

Perhaps, this guy had a scary origin that he did not know of.

Otherwise, why was such freakish combat power forced to be suppressed in Tianxuan Gate and restrained with a double seal

If it were set free, it was no doubt that in the face of the pelting attacks from the masked man, it would be able to display its combat power.

It could even perhaps kick the masked man and send him flying.

Everyone was startled by Ajes kick.

Xin Gugu was no exception.

After discovering that Aje had snatched his opponent away, he was a little unhappy in his heart.

Under the force of this kick, that slight bit of displeasure in his heart disappeared at this moment.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the two shocked people from Zhang Mansion and seized the moment to chuckle softly.

“Do you still want to attack”

He drew his hands behind his back.

An indifferent expression was played across his face.

It was as if all this were within his expectations.

He stepped forward again.

Xu Xiaoshou directly crossed Xin Gugu this time.

He stood behind Aje.

Yes, he felt very safe.

Zhang Duoyu only felt dryness in her throat.

Who were these people It was too scary.

Even people like Zhang Taiying, a pure Physique Cultivator of the same level, could be sent flying into the air with a single kick.

Was it even necessary to continue the fight

Just as she was about to speak, a sturdy figure high in the sky fell back down.


“Very strong!”

“You are very strong.

I like it!”

Zhang Taiyings expression had thoroughly changed in the face of such a strong opponent.

It had stirred the long-lost tension and oppression in his heart that he yearned.

He was different from his two comrades.

When it came to Ajes combat power, not only did he experience palpitations but also excitement.

The excitement had bred a desire to fight against a powerful opponent.

Xu Xiaoshou saw his expression and felt something wrong in his heart.

Was this another one who lusted after battle

He had severely miscalculated.

This battle could not be allowed to commence.

No matter how strong Aje was, it could only deal with one opponent at a time.

It would require Aje to be held back by Zhang Taiying, and the other two people to obstruct Xin Gugu.

Xu Xiaoshou could not withstand it if the Zhang family summoned external aid.

What was more, he was aware that the Sovereign Stage could not simply attack others.

If the commotion drew strong cultivators from the City Lord Mansion, he was afraid that they could not escape freely today.

Xu Xiaoshous original intention was to come and cause an explosion.

He hoped this would hold back the strong cultivators in the Zhang family so they would not attend the banquet dinner the next night.

It was that simple.

When Zhang Taiying was left alone, his moment would come.

“How many”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted at the restless Zhang Taiying.

When everyones eyes were on him, he slowly said, “I have already explained why I came here today.

I only want an item from the Hidden Scriptures Pavilion and dont want to harm the innocent.”


Zhang Taiying snorted coldly, “Even if you want to harm us, you also have to be able to cause harm!”

“If we fight today, it is inevitable that the Sovereign Stage will come.

At that time, even you will not be able to escape.

Is that why you cower and dare not fight”

Xu Xiaoshou thought in his heart that he hit the nail on the head.

On the surface, he plastered a disdainful smile on his face and nonchalantly spoke.

“Escaping is not an issue.

If I attack, Im afraid you wont live to see the daylight.”

“How arrogant!”

Zhang Taiying did not believe it.

This was his territory.

How could he tolerate other people to trigger random explosions and come and go as they pleased

With a wave of his hand, he turned on the Zhang Mansions array.

He planned to cover everyone with the array and prevent Xu Xiaoshou from leaving.

Xu Xiaoshou shivered inwardly.

It was no wonder that this guy was the master of the Zhang family.

He was not as foolish as the old man.

If they were going to be covered or pulled into the bounded domain, the outcome would be difficult to predict.

“That is such a pity.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed regretfully and commanded, “Attack!”

At that moment, these people needed to experience suffering if they wanted an opportunity to leave the grounds.

Aje and Xu Xiaoshou were connected spiritually.

The instant he gave his order, it pounced on Zhang Taiying again.

Since Zhang Taiying had suffered at its hands before, he did not dare to delay any longer.

With a sweep of his hand, he was clad in heavy armor.

He pinched a Midnight Black Pestle in his hand.

With a loud bang, he met Ajes fist.

The void exploded with airwaves.

Under the influence of the spiritual weapon, Zhang Taiying resisted Ajes attack solely.

There were repeated explosions.

This time, not only the people at Zhang Mansion moved, but the people nearby were also alerted of the commotion.

A crowd of spectators quickly formed.

Although the two in the void said they would fight and retreat, Zhang Taiying was still crushed and beaten.

It still was close to Xu Xiaoshous prediction.

Aje was delayed.

Zhang Zhongmous eyes glinted with certainty.

When he did not want to fight, he really could not summon up his fighting spirit.

However, Zhang Taiying had already started.

As a member of Zhang Mansion, he had to contribute his part too.


With a low bellow, he pounced directly on Xin Gugu.

Zhang Duoyu, however, turned her beautiful eyes toward the direction of Xu Xiaoshou.

“Damn it!”

Xu Xiaoshou almost wanted to retreat into Yuan Mansion.

He had suffered immensely from his encounter with Red Dog, so he had absolutely no desire to fight a Sovereign Stage right now.

“Dont worry.”

Xin Gugu suddenly looked back and smiled at him comfortingly.

He ignored the old man who was flying toward him.

He loosened the grip of his staff and touched his palms together.


Blood energy rose from the top of his head and turned into a Blood Knife.

The Blood Knife slashed his head and cut Xin Gugu in half.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

Everyone was shocked at this sight.

Was it normal to slash oneself before a fight

In the next second, everyone doubted their earlier thoughts.

Xin Gugu, who had split in half, had turned into two pools of blood.

The blood solidified and turned into two Xin Gugus.

“Two Sovereign Stages”

A horrified look spread across Zhang Zhongmous wrinkled face.

Could this person be divided into two and used

The problem was that he cut himself in this manner.

In theory, it could only reduce his strength.

From his breath alone, he could not tell the difference between these two Xin Gugus.

It was unidentifiable which one was the main body.

Both were equally powerful.

“Ha-ha! Come on, fight me!”

Xin Gugu laughed gleefully.

One of his bodies pounced on Zhang Zhongmou, and the other pounced on Zhang Duoyu.

With a roar, this convenient pair formed the prelude to the battle.

As ribbons of blood and spiritual source danced in the air, the night sky roared of the battle taking place.

Everyone underneath raised their heads to look toward the sky, and they were all shocked.

“Six… Six Sovereign Stages”


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